David Archuleta - 2009 Kids’ Choice Awards

David Archuleta - 2009 Kids’ Choice Awards

David Archuleta and American Idol judge Paula Abdul strike a pose at the 2009 Kids’ Choice Awards held at UCLA’s Pauley Pavilion in Los Angeles on Saturday afternoon (March 28).

The 18-year-old “Crush” crooner and Paula accepted the award for Fave Reality Show for American Idol during the ceremony.

David recently performed to a sold-out crowd in his hometown of West Valley, Utah. He yelled to the crowd before performing, “It feels so good to be home, you guys! This is amazing! This is awesome! I can’t believe how unbelievably crazy this is, my first hometown show.”

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Photos: Jason Merritt/Kevin Winter/Getty Images
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  • olivia


  • elizabeth

    PLEASE POST THE ZAC, VANESSA AND STELLA INTERVIEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Stacy

    David put on a SPECTACULAR show in Salt Lake City on Friday night… it’s amazing that he looks so gorgeous and well put together after not getting any real rest from the close of the concert till the KCA appearance… he’s a class act all the way, and made a FINE representative for American Idol on this night. You’re forever our AMERICAN IDOL David – keep knocking them dead in your solo career!!

  • Soy

    Aww go Archie!! Absolutely LOVE him and his music. :)

  • JR

    He just sang to 5000 people the night before in Utah, without any sleep in between. How does he look so good? Great job David!

  • qwerty

    LOL did anyone else notice that he was totally interrupting Paula the entire acceptance speech?? I mean I LOVE me some Archie but come on Davie, she’s the one who is actually on the show right now.

  • sandra

    David looks so good in green. He is awesome

  • allie

    omg, I saw him! He’s sooo cute.

  • sam

    You could tell he was nervous, so I think he just kept on talking/babbling on. A lot of people do that when they are nervous.

  • Becca

    David! you were looking good up there! great job on accepting the AI award!! smart kid, kept Paula from speaking!! lol

  • Kerri

    I am sure they rehearsed the acceptance speech and evidently he was suppose to say all of it…..I think Paula thought he wasn’t going to say the last part so she started saying it and David jumped in to finish what he was suppose to say. David would never interrupt anyone. He just was doing what he was suppose to say. I guess he was nervous too…I know I would be. He did a good job though and looked so sexy and adorable and cute doing it. I love that guy.

  • No Qwerty

    Qwerty, he was not interrupting Paula, she was interrupting him. He asked her at the start who should say something, and she told him to go ahead, so he did, and then SHE interrupted him. They basically finished that last thank you together.

  • pascalee

    Lol, David is an admitted rambler!! That was too funny. Paula did not seem too upset about it!! Nice that American Idol asked David to take part in picking up an award on its behalf!

  • Maria Seattle

    David was awesome there!!!

    Very handsome!!!

  • Katilina

    haha he is too cute :) anyone that knows David’s personality knows he wasn’t trying to steal the spotlight when he accepted the award. He was obviously caught off guard and was rambling on. Besides, he did a great job!! :) He thanked all the producers and everyone else. And who wants to hear paula speak? Bravo Archie!

  • dbs

    David Archuleta looked awesome at the KCA! I love his outfit. He did a great job accepting the award on behalf of American Idol. David was not interrupting Paula. If you see the video again, he asked her who was going to talk, Paula let him talk. Besides, he was invited to go with her to that show to represent American Idol, so he had the right to talk : ) Way to go David!!! You are the best!

  • go David

    if american idol won was because of David, kids and teens love him and he was the star of season 7 after all..love u David and you looked really cute!! you stole the show baby!!!

  • Kait

    It was fun to see David on the KCA — and I saw some ‘orange carpet’ footage that was good, too, of him talking to Jennette McCurdy from iCarly. It seems like he had fun, even if he was tired form his concert the night before.

  • Emily

    Most amazing outfit goes to David. David did awesome considering he didn’t sleep the night before which was because he had just performed for his hometown (may I say I was there and it was so amazing); the last show of his first solo concert tour. Love you David!

  • celeste

    He is really cute… and the videos of the UTAH E Center show are amazing…

  • serena

    David was so cute!!! It didn’t look like he was interrupting Paula. He kept looking at her like he was checking with her. lol ! Paula didn’t seem to mind, she was hugging him the entire time. Lucky thing!!!!!
    He did a great job.. they looked cute together!!

  • addy

    yay!! he’s too cute!

  • njfenner

    David Archuleta is coming to Malaysia next month!! yeay
    But I dont think I could meet him..aww:(

  • Ingrid

    Awwww so cute Omg i was in his show and he was amazing <3HE is the best singer in the world
    He is a supestardom

  • Lindy

    He is the cutest thing everr, He looked so good that night.
    I hope he comes to Canada soon !

  • Lola

    I went to one of his concert and it was simply amazing to see him performing live !
    Yaaay david :D

  • hick


    paula’s gesture was obvious, she was telling david to go ahead and make the speech. And it’s appropriate since David is the KID between them.

  • Jeneva

    Gahh Davidddd <333 Keep it up with the David news Jared!

  • Fan4life

    David is a STAR from head to toe…. He just has that “it” thing that makes your eye just wanna focus on him at all times…. and being one of the best pop vocalists in the business doesn’t hurt either! I don’t think you can give him enough Kudos or Atta Boys for all he’s accomplished in just one year’s time. Sorry, not trying to rehash the past, but yes, America got it wrong in not selecting him as the official American Idol for 2008, but he is testament that success is not predicated on having a title – he’s gone beyond Idol, and the sky is now the limit for him. Keep up the great work David – you are the epitome of STYLE and SUBSTANCE.

  • kelsye

    oh la la david is looking freaking HOT lately!! love him so much! his out-fit was awesome! but what the hell is paula wearing?

  • gloria

    david is so awesome i love him so much!! he rule my world :)

  • archie fan

    guys, who is this girl that David is hugging so tight?
    i’m scared and jealous..

  • Jenny

    He looked so GORGEOUS and I thought the acceptance speech was funny

  • me

    that’s odd, because his hometown is murray…

    anyway, paula was definitely interrupting him (like she constantly does to simon on idol). david doesn’t interrupt people.

  • gloria

    #33 lol me too i love how he was like “should i go up”?

  • tina

    There will not be anyone like DAVID ARCHULETA. No matter
    what the A/I people try to do to get someone to emulate him in this new season’s A/I show. Yes, they are are scramblling around trying to make adam lambert have the same person as David and even the looks. The dark hair which looks dyed and the fake humbleness. Sorry Idol people you blew it. It’s only once in a life time to have someone like Archuleta bring up your ratings. You knew and still know today that he was always the American Idol and now you all regret it. Too late to apologize. Is this why you asked him to represent you people. You continue to take advantage of him. Shame on you all.