The Jonas Brothers Are Slime Gods

The Jonas Brothers Are Slime Gods

The Jonas Brothers Go Green!

Nick, Joe and Kevin get slimed on stage at the 2009 Kids’ Choice Awards on Saturday night (March 28) in Los Angeles.

After the award show, where they picked up the orange blimp for Fave Music Group, the JoBros joined good pals Honor Society on stage at the House of Blues.

JJJ reader Claire wrote to us, “It was extremely crowded! But the boys looked beautiful and the energy was very high. I looked up at the balcony throughout the show and Kevin, Joe and Demi a couple people down the row were dancing and singing along. They looked like they were having lots of fun. Great show!”

Jonas Brothers – “S.O.S.” and “Burnin’ Up”, 2009 KCA Awards, 03/28

Jonas Brothers Get Slimed

Jonas Brothers & Honor Society – “Don’t Close The Book”, House of Blues, 03/28

Jonas Brothers Wave Goodbye
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Credit: Anthony Monterotti; Photos: Jason DeCrow/AP Images for Nickelodeon, PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • Miley & The JoBros ROCK!

    OMJ they are soooooo
    cute! I love them
    sooooo much.

  • Anonymous

    do the guys from honor society REALLY dress like that everywhere…?

  • tara

    THIRD :-) hahha even covered in slime my boys are hot :)
    <3 <3 <3 u :)

  • Yassy

    aww, how cute!
    i love them lots <3

  • tara

    OMJ ;) i lvoe the jonas brothers. tehy are such holsome, amazing, ppl :) i love them :) i cant believe ( thank god ) im goign to get a chance to see htem this sumemr :) i lvoe them so much
    and ic ant waittt :)

  • tara

    so….wuts up ppl? i love jonas brother s :) dont u??? yea.. i know u do :P at the KCA’s joe’s hair was wavy… i idnt liek it…but he;s still cool :P)
    i wouldnt wanna get slimes….no matter how famlosue i was :P hahah
    lol… many showers do u think it took them?!
    i love those boys :P they are my liffeee

  • Karina

    Joe is perfect !

    Even covered of slime !

  • tara

    they rock :) down to earth :) i love my boys :)
    nick + t = <3
    we r sooo meant to be..
    its a match made it heaven :) i know it :P
    i love them so much
    i wish we could meet..
    JOE NICK AND KEV <3 <3 <333

  • tara

    i cant control my love, or my comments :P
    hahah :P
    ill stop now….even tho i dont wann :P

  • Katie

    They are HOT! I loveeeee Joe’s hair. They look sexy even with slime! (:

  • Katie

    I loveeeee them!

  • Kaar

    i loveeeee joe’s new haircut

  • Sam

    they wish they were slime gods. -.-

  • elizabeth

    post the zac, vanessa and stella interview!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • diane


    luv dem

    the kcas were rigged 4 icarly and selena gomez to win

  • jenny jonas


  • miley#1fan4life

    is dat the first time kevin has actually been in the middle lol?

  • steph

    lol….im glad they won an award..yay

  • reginna

    OMJ, they look so damn hot!
    i loved the KCA! so fun!

  • Sahar

    omg joe gotta such a cute hair cute awwwww

  • Billie

    nick got slimed the worst!!
    haha <3

  • scarlette

    i loove them! haha theyre so cute.
    bahhh i love them.

  • brooke

    lol Nick is completely encased in slime lol! He got it bad! They r awesome!

  • layla

    wow i’m kind of surprised at how hot nick is turning out to be. :) he used to be the little dinky baby brother now he’s turing into…a steamy hunk of man! :D

  • arantxa

    since i was little i always wanted to bered with slime :(

  • arantxa


  • Shirley

    they’re so 2006

  • Laura

    they are so hot <3

  • harmonygrace

    #24 layla – “a steamy hunk of man” rotfl i totally agree!!

  • yo mama

    nick is ugly and fat.
    who agrees?

  • Yvonne

    Kevin is just gorgeous and even more so when he is wet ;)

  • jessie

    LOL so funny! they seem enjoy it lmao
    poor jonas my babys LOL
    they rock at the KCA! they’re just soooooooo good!
    re: yo mama
    grow up kid. nick is damn adorable. believe it! oh and maybe you’re just jealous of him huh? go and have a look at his or jonas pics they’re just damn hot! and have a look at all comments. grow up

  • lola

    i noticed that kevin was singing love bug before they got slimed!!! can someone tell em if i’m right

  • Jerseygirl

    @yo mama:

    You either need glasses or medication.

    All three of the those boys look super-delicious. Only the Jonas Brothers could make green slime look so sexy!

  • NOHS

    Honor Society = NO,never, not even if you dangle a naked Jonas in front of me,mmmkay?

    Jonas only,kthanks.

  • (Lexi) Alexandra Woodruff

    JB preforms so Beautiflly and So Well thay always do their Best
    and Iam So exstreamlly proud of them Iam especially pourd of Nick

    JB you Rule I Love all. I Love Nicky Darling

  • JB fan 4 LIFE!!!

    OMJ they are sooooooooo CUTE!! and ofcourse they were going to win at the KCA but even if i knew that i still cried and the slim thing was awsome lol you could see through joe’s white shirt…hot:)
    And they are such great friends because they came to support honor society.

  • kristin

    omj!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cracked up when they got slimed! I cant wait till this summer im gonna go see them!

  • mrskelseyjonas

    grrrr ur mean nick is so not ugly and fat hes hott n perfect

  • roxy

    that’s my niece in the pink shirt! hahah so funny! all 3 signed her cd, she was so excited to see them!

  • http://google mandy

    Omj I love the jobros so much and I had so much fun whatching them get slimed ahahahah so funny and cute :)

  • dorrah

    hi joe hi nick hi kiven alove you gayes saw mach am from kuwait would come to kuwait to my party in kuwai plies aweel gave you any thing aweel gave you 1000.1000 dolar and think you alove you gayes saw mach