Selena Gomez: 'This Made My Whole Year!'

Selena Gomez: 'This Made My Whole Year!'

Selena Gomez gets a hug from costar Maria Canals-Barrera‘s daughter as she celebrates winning the Kids’ Choice Award for Fave TV Actress on Saturday (March 28) in Puerto Rico.

The 16-year-old actress was at dinner with her Wizards family and friends when she heard of the win. Selena wrote in the video, “OH.MY.GOODNESS!!!!!! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! to all of you guys!! This made my whole year!! As my first KCA, I dedicate it to you guys…Thank you for even considering me a choice!”

Selena also writes on her Twitter, “Just wanted to thank you, the KCA is the first kids award I’ve been nominated for! I’m so excited to even be nominated! THANK YOU!!”

Selena Gomez – KCA Award Reaction, 03/28
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  • t

    it was rigged, dUUUUH

  • Karina

    Selenaa, you deserve itt !!!

    For all !!

  • Karina

    FIRStt !!

  • laura

    Though I am not a huge fan of Miley, I think MILEY should have won.
    Not Selena.

  • laura

    Though KCA did say that the fans basically elimate one person and whoever wins is up to Nick.

    And I think she looked a little fake in that video.

  • Patsy



  • violinbug1410

    i think her and miley both deserved it…but im really happy that selena won. bridget is soo cute!

  • Stella

    In your face, you stupid Selena haters! Selena totally deserved the award! Congrats, I’m so glad that she won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • trish.

    Miley? She cant act for crap.
    be serious.

    atleast Selena has potential.

  • nicklovesemily:]

    congrats selenaaaaa:)!
    you sooo deserve it! i voted for you! your such a good role model and i love everything you do!
    dont listen to rude annoying ppl with negative comments on here..know that there are sooo many fans like me who love you!
    obviously..or else you wouldnt have won haha:)
    cant wait for the movie! and princess protection program!

  • Katie

    Aww, Maria’s girl is so funny!
    Congrats to Sel! She deserved it!

  • lizzie

    she deserved it the most

  • lizzie

    miley fans are so FAKE..just becuz selena won its riggedSTFUB..yall petty

  • tara

    aww omg those kids are adorable :P they look like kids i know…:P haha
    but omg, im so ahppy for sleena :)

  • diane

    miley should have won

    the show was rigged cause icarly won jst cause its on nick

  • Loren

    Yeyyyyyyyyyyy! CONGRATS SELENA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Marie

    So happy for you Selena! u deserve it

  • Miley & The JoBros ROCK!

    Wow I didnt even
    know that was Selena.


    yaaay SELENA!!

    EVERYONE is saying the votes were fixed but seriously if they were so called “fixed” why would they fix the award to go to selena?????

    hahaha I mean seriously…. what’s so special about her to the NICK people???

    if anyone would have won for it being fixed wouldn’t it had been miranda cosgrove since she a NICK girl


  • chuchi

    selena seriuosly can act!!! im happy she won instead of miley… but at least miley won an award so pls stop hating! i love u selena !

  • Britney

    Could someone please tell me if Twitter isn’t working for them also? :/ Ever since the Miley chat yesterday, I think the site crashed.

  • shannz

    @laura: r u kidding me miley show is fun but her acting isnt good its ok i think i could do better selena deserved it

  • jasmine

    Yay for Serena!! That was my choice!

  • shannz

    @trish.: thank u someone with sense her singing my be a little better but sel is def a better actress

  • haha

    Im glad she won she deserved it. #23 yea im not sure but I was thinking the same thing.

  • Miley & The JoBros ROCK!

    Can everyone please
    grow up!?!
    Its like everything
    Selena and Miley do
    is a competion its
    really pathetic. Miley
    got one award and
    Selena got one award
    for what they’re
    good at. Honestly
    Miley had a chance at winning
    best tv actress as well as
    Selena. So it really dont
    matter guys geez grow up

  • haha

    @haha: lol I meant #21 anyways it was NOT rigged! and little girl and Selena are cute.

  • Anonymous

    lol. “They’re announcing my award right now”
    They only spent like 2 seconds talking about it..



    Personally, I am extremely happy that Selena won. I think she really deserved it. Miley won Best Singer, so maybe we should celebrate BOTH their wins? Congratulations to BOTH Miley and Selena! :]

  • dot

    isnt this the only award she has ever been nominated for? lmao

  • Miley & The JoBros ROCK!

    Yes it is dot.

  • Anonymous

    i voted for her, she totally desevred it, she a really good actress, i love you selena congrates yay!!!!!!!!(:


    yaay its the first and only award she’s been nominated for ……. and SHE WON IT! haa

    more to come I guess

  • mileyfan

    miley deserved to win look at whos more popular cmon so many ppl don kno who selena is

  • WTF

    @dot: No why dont you do some research before yourself look like a DUMB A$$

  • cb92

    i’m so glad she won. i mean, i love miley and all, but selena is a way better actress. mileys cool, but i just luuuurv selena.

  • TV

    I know she won’t win Best Singer next year BUT she may be nominated for Best Music Group. If the Jonas Brothers die down by next year, who knows… Demi will probably win Best Female Singer next year. As much as I LOVE Selena, I’m really scared for Miley next year when Selena and Demi become more famous.

    Best wishes to all three girls.

  • ana tere

    im really happy that selena won. i voted 4 herrrr
    she’s amaaaazing! and she totally deserves it..
    she can act, and…… i mean she is just awesomeee

  • Zekemaster

    She looks so young and fresh! She can be cute and hot at the same time. THIS IS HOW A 16 YR OLD GIRL SHOULD LOOK LIKE! Selena should give some advice to her BFF Demi, who, at the KCAs, looked like she just time traveled and came back as a 25 year old prostitute…


    Selena rocks congrats “”"”"”" i am celebrating her award >>> really “i love her “

  • megan

    if the whole thing was rigged.
    then miley’s award was rigged too (:
    selena deserved to win.
    miley won
    jb won (:
    we should all be happy!

  • vannie

    Aww she’s so cute, i love her and im glad she won. It’s ok cause Miley won best singer so they both won!

  • ATwilightKiss

    J, you are doing a wonderfully awesome job covering the KCA!!! Congrats!!! Mwah!

  • Lucy

    Just to let you know this is definitely not the first award she has been nominated for, here’s a list of all the awards she has been nominated so far:

    * Nominated to ALMA Award for Outstanding Female Performance in a Comedy Television Series for: “Wizards of Waverly Place” (2007)

    * Nominated to Image Award Outstanding Performance in a Youth/Children’s Program – Series or Special for: “Wizards of Waverly Place” (2007)

    * 2008 Nominated for Imagen Award Best Actress – Television
    for: “Wizards of Waverly Place” (2007)

    * 2008 Nominated for Young Artist Award Best Young Ensemble Performance in a TV Series for: “Wizards of Waverly Place” (2007)
    Shared with: David Henrie, Jennifer Stone, Jake T. Austin

    * 2009 Kids Choice Awards for Best TV Actress

    * 2009 Nominated for BEST PERFORMANCE IN A TV SERIES (Comedy or Drama) Leading Young Actress for Wizards of Waverly Place

    * 2009 Nominated for Best Performance on a TV movie or special, leading young actress for Another Cinderella Story

  • whattttt??

    one of nick’s rules for KCAs is that a person can only win ONE award and that’s why miley only won one =)

  • Zekemaster

    @whattttt??: LMAO. You should do some research before you comment! Miley won 2 KCAs last year and Nick didn’t do anything about it. Miley fans are so dim-witted. rofl

    @Lucy: Well, this was her first KCA and she won, which is pretty cool.

    Wow, Selena’s defeat over Miley is really hard for Miley fans to swallow. Like #41 said, she won one, Miley won ONE, and J Bros won one. It’s all good.

  • a.m./p.m.

    @SALMA KARINA: Haha I celebrated her award too! :) My friends and I went to celebrate at a fast food joint (that was the best we could do lol).

    Man, Selena’s KCA win has been the best thing to happen in voting since Obama’s election. :) Haha jk, but it is still a close second.

  • Joyce

    her laugh actually sounds the exact same as Miley cyrus.

  • Taylor

    Uh…….Selena, don’t be stupid. This did NOT make your whole year. You have waaaaay more accomplishments coming your way this year:

    *A new album
    *A nation-wide tour
    *New Wizards of Waverly Place merchandise
    *Princess Protection Program
    *Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie
    *Beezus and Romona

    This KCA will be nothing by the end of 2009.

  • Rosa

    Awww ..
    maria’s girls are so cute and adorable .. ^^

>>>>>>> staging1