Vanessa Hudgens: Zac's Cover Was Sexy!

Vanessa Hudgens: Zac's Cover Was Sexy!

JJJ caught up with KCA winner Vanessa Hudgens before the 2009 Kids’ Choice Awards on Saturday (March 28).

We asked her all about her new house, guilty pleasures and what she really thought about boyfriend Zac Efron‘s Interview mag cover. Check out what the 20-year-old had to say:

On her own guilty pleasure: “Anything chocolate!”

On what she had for breakfast: “I had my whole grain waffles that I made and scrambled eggs.”

On showing off her cooking skills: “I love cooking and I got a new waffle maker. It’s my new favorite thing to make waffles every morning. I’m kind of the worst [at entertaining]. I kinda don’t put out food. I should start though cause I think they get hungry!”

On decorating her new home with designer Kenneth Brown: “I just heard about him, he’s really great. I haven’t gotten everything in yet, but it’s so fun cause it’s so much and it’s very bohemian and I love it.”

On what she thought about Zac Efron’s Interview cover: “It was sexy! It was so hot! I saw it, and I was like, damn!”

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  • rae

    lmao she soo funny

    <33 herrr

  • rae

    ooh forgot to say
    shes soooooooo gorgeous ;]

  • pop86

    I said the same thing when I picked up Interview Magazine.

  • Vfan

    Love her !!!!!!!!!! I’m glad nothing brings her down she is such a great person and somebody I would love to be friends with!!

  • V…4ever


  • Shirley

    Not in love with her but i respect her.:P that’s a good thing.

  • !!!!!!

    awww yay!!!! ive been aiting for this interviewwww =)
    love her i was soo happy when she wonnn

  • krystal

    On what she thought about Zac Efron’s Interview cover: “It was sexy! It was so hot! I saw it, and I was like, damn!”

    hahah she’s so hilarious.

  • Stephie

    aww!she is so down to earth and very pretty! i’m soo glad she won =)

  • meeee

    haha i love vanessa. so cute. haha btw… u two look good together!! ;) hahahha whoooo so glad she wonnn!

  • IHeartzacefron/my name is lexi

    shes always truthful and never lies

  • anonymous

    u 2 look good together! ;)

  • Katty

    And everyone thought she would be pissed, she loved it. haha, love you Vanessa, I hope you get cast in Sucker Punch and Dead@17! You’re awesome.

  • buggaboo

    aww i love this chick. nothing brings her down.

  • daniyah

    OMG Jared You met her! omg you met her AGAIN!!! You are sooooooooooooooooo lucky i LOVE her soooo much! shes so pretty! and i love ZANESSA! <3 AND omg omg she all like he was sexy! damn and stuff! LOL shes so funny! i wish theres was a video of her saying that!! but wow i love zanessa soooo MUCH!!! SO ADORABLE and cute! i love them! Vanessa Hudgens is the best! and zanessa forever! <3

  • ayen

    hahaha!! That’s the way to work it Vanessa!! Love you~~ and I agree, the photos were hot and sexy and daaaamn~~ lol.

    Thanks JJ!!

  • zane

    I like her. She’s always in good spirit. Never dull moment with her interview.

  • p

    hhahahaaa.. true that…

  • Bradley


    I agree

  • zanessa4everr

    haha at least shes telling the truth. lol
    i LOVE her she’s so down-to-earth!

  • anon

    aw Jared, i wished you asked her about her upcoming projects!

    but this interview was cute hahah

  • suzy

    she is cute.

  • Becky

    Vanessa thinks her boyfriend is sexy. aww that is so cute,

  • lovebug :]

    i haven’t kept up with his magaizne ads and cover’s he’s on. i’m going to buy them tomorrow…

    they’re ELLE and Interview right…?

  • vancrazed

    Aw…that is the maturity that is Vanessa. Solid, confident, quiet maturity. Way to show your haters girl. She just has this quiet reserve and is consistently true to herself. I love that about her and can I just say, that it gets noticed by many.

  • kalai_roswell

    grrr… love her! love zanessa

  • suzy
  • aw

    You should have interviewed them together lol. But cute, of course she liked the pictures and her being excited about waffles is funny.

  • jo

    oh yay, you got my question. Thanks Jared. Vanessa is awesome

  • Marie

    Vanessa was ok with Zac’s Pic. she is a sweetheart.

  • Marie

    Vanessa you rock love you

  • gracemarie

    Damn was my reaction too and artistic. Being raised a NY girl Interview Mag was just part of the scenery so as I have said before I wasn’t shocked or offended.

    I see it more and more in LA now though too.

  • Kirsten

    I love Vanessa’s personality. She’s such a sweet person and edgy at the same time w/ a wild side like most girls (why boys find girls so mysterious they will never get us) and it probably has to do with filipino/roman catholic upbringing, she’s always positive and grounded. I hope hope she remembers to stay humble despite of the fame and not let it get to her head. b/c that is the downfall of many celebrities. And wow she’s learning how to cook and be independent since she started living on her own, way to go Baby V! Omg lol I love whole wheat Waffles! Sounds like a healthy breakfast but then again I hear she hates vegetables, THATS BAD! She needs to eat healthy, hopefully she eats fruits at least??? Nice questions, Jared! Different and casual! I like her reaction to Zac’s picture, hahahaha! :D

  • Kevin

    Vanessa is amazing.

  • starryeyed

    Vanessa is exotic. I like her bohemian style and all but I do miss seeing her in simpler ensembles such as simple summery tops with regular jeans/flares. Or cute forever 21 clothes. Or those cute jumpsuits they have out. She’d be sooo cute in them. There’s a lot of less expensive cute clothes too, rather than spending $$$$$$ on those pieces she wears at times. But I love her style, not always though. I don’t like tan or brown and black together, it reminds me of an animal? Thats just me. But I love Vanessaaaaaaaaa and this interview!!!

  • meeee

    wat a lovely girl. haha. she’s hilarious, gorgeous and smart. no wonder zac loves her.

  • dani

    VANESSA ARE YOU OK????????????????????????

  • megan

    way to think vanessa! I wouldn’t have liked it if my bf did that too me but that just shows vanessa is mature and a really cool girl! Congrats on the awards! And thx jared :)

  • Jazmin

    Very mature thinking and just like I said before they respect, trust and support each other.

    Thanks for the great interview JJ.

  • ivanka

    she is very mature and open minded

    ilove her :)

  • mymom_saysbe_nice


  • maria

    No surprise there….she always has his back. He’s a lucky guy.

  • Lorena

    she is amazing, really.

  • Lorena

    seriously, she is so mature.

  • http://zanessa nathalia

    vanessa shows much maturity in their relationship
    zac and vanessa have great confidence in one another
    zac, congratulations you have a great girlfriend
    vanessa, increasingly I admire you more
    love you

  • zanessa/jashley/ashnessa

    Lol, @ katty, #12, I thought the exact same thing. ..It’s like, “OMG, Vanessa’s going to be so pissed !!” ..Instead, Vanessa’s like “It was sexy! It was so hot! I saw it, and I was like, damn!” Lol, gotta love Vanessa. I love her, and her style, and her personality :D

    I honestly don’t get how haters see Vanessa as “she thinks she’s all that and s hit” …right…well just so you know to all the haters out there…she IS all THAT.

  • dani

    i was very disappointed of zac cuz he knew that vanessa was going to see that . Well that’s past
    BUT I admit she is quite mature for his age

  • Jennica garcia

    I’m glad Zanessa knows how to handle jealousy in the right amounts!
    jealousy and insecurity always eff up a relationship, so itsamazing that Nessa is a respectful and understanding WIFEYmaterial type of girlfriend to Zac, which is what Zac deserves! xoxoxooxox

  • Lilly

    one of zac’s pic is with a naked girl but i am sure Vanessa is fine with it… VANESSA’S THE BEST!!!

  • Rosa

    she’s adorable ^_^