Jemma McKenzie-Brown: No HSM4

Jemma McKenzie-Brown: No HSM4
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  • katie

    disney is pretty much shooting themsevles in the foot by not keeping ANYONE from the last movie. atleast if they had kept the new wildcats to star in the 4th film, it had a chance of being good, but now that it seems like there will be no former cast members, its pretty much a guaranteed flop.

  • Rosa

    oh yes ..
    coz that jemma girl was the most annoying character in HSM3 ..
    she doesn’t even know how to act ..
    and now as she and matt are not in HSM4 ..
    wonder what will HSM4 be for other than a famous name ..
    if disney insists on a forth movie ..
    it will really be a shame !!
    HSM is OVER ..
    keep the good memories and don’t destroy them disney ..
    for god’s sake !!

  • Anna

    WTF? i love her!

  • Annabel

    The who the hell is gonna be in HSM4?
    No zac, vanessa, ashley, corbin, monique, lucas, matt or jemma!
    No HSM4 is just gonn ruin everyting…
    Why can’t they end it while being on the topp?

  • listen to mayday parade

    Im glad that broad isnt in HSM4 because she was annoying

    but the series is gonna bomb anyways.

  • Sar

    Hopefully this will go in the direction and they won’t make the 4th one. It ended at a high point and another one will ruin the franchise.

  • HsM_GiU


  • Sarah

    She looks older then 14 years!
    Or is that just me???

  • aida

    Jemma is awesome i dont know whats your problem, you are all jealous!!!

  • zanessa/jashley/ashnessa

    …Omg, if their not getting all the new kids from the last HSM, then what’s the point of even making HSM4 !? …Their ruining everything. …Screw it.

  • listen to mayday parade


    Jealousy has to be the reason we all dont like her eh.. it cant be because shes ugly, annoying and a half ass acrtess? Hmm

  • maddy_loves_zanessa

    there is like no cast from HSM3 in it:(.

    i would rather they didn’t make 1 at all if none of them were in it.
    the hole point of having new people was to lead into HSM4.

  • vgirl94

    Veronica Mars movie!? The Veronica Mars movie, for now at least, isn’t happening. This is an article about a cable TV show, not a movie. The show has the same creator and several of the same actors as Veronica Mars, but in no other way is it related to VM. Also, this cable show is not appropriate for kids! You might want to fix this blurb, or remove it.

  • Quintana(hearts) Aj, melendez

    The movie should be canceled.
    No joke, seriously though.
    I don’t like Jemma because she isn’t a good actress, in my opinion, not because I’m jealous of her. I don’t have to be.

  • troy

    I find it funny that Disney was pushing Matt Prokop (Rocket), Jemma Mackenzie-Brown and Rocket’s friend Donny (I believe his name was. I’m sorry I can’t remember the actor’s name) as the future of the “High School Musical” francise and now they are using them for the fourth movie.

    Apparently none of the new characters caught on like Disney anticipated and I hope they are reconsidering even doing a fourth movie. As others have said the movies ended on a high note and they are going to be raking in big bucks off the merchendising for years to come. It’s really time to lay “High School Musical” to rest at least as far as more movies are concerned.

  • Vicci

    she sucked, but rocketman should be in it. he was so cuteeeeeeeeeee

  • Jenn

    jemma said “When I’m 16 and have left school”
    future role model in the making ahahahahah high school dropout

  • pixie


    High school ends when your 16 in the Uk so she wouldn’t be dropping out

  • melissa. *

    omg. this 4th movie, is gonna be like a bombshell for disney.
    seriously? no zac, vanessa, ashley, lucas, corbin? WTF. i’m not wasting my money on some trash like this. why can’t disney just deal with the fact HSM, it was a success, & move on to bigger & better projects. this is ridicious, & beside the fact NONE of the new characters are in it, what’s the point of making it? i’d rather watch the old charcters going off in like “college musical” xD but still that’s awful, disney if you are serious about making a 4th HSM, good luck, you’ll need it…

  • athena

    Maybe Disney should just leave it alone. Wait for 5 years, and then bring everyone back with a mature story line. I don’t blame Jemma if she doesn’t do HSM4…That’s a lot of weight to place on the new breed that’s come in. Remakes, or sequels usually aren’t a success without the original energy from the original actors…I’m surprised that Directors and Producers don’t realize this.

  • BabiiVfanforeva

    i agree with athena #20 ..i think they should just leave it alone..its really famous and at a great point..u dont want to spoil it with a crappy one..i love hsm..but i wouldnt watch a 4th if zanessa arent in it..if they want they should wait a couple of yrs and then bring the ppl back for a mature storyline such as athena suggested…just keep it at hsm3!!

  • Steff

    Too be honest, I didnt really like her or rocketman’s friend (my bad , didnt catch his name), they weren’t so good in the movie.. But I really enjoyed watching matt. I’m really bummed that he is not going to be in it. I loved his scene in HSM3 with Ashley, it was hilarious :).

  • Shirley

    Whatever, u guys love HSM because of those actors.

    I love HSM because of the interesting plot line and Kenny Ortega. I’m not a young girl. I’m watching because I love Kenny Ortega since he first started working.

    HSM rocks. And you guys don’t have to deny that you’re not going to see it.

    I hated Cheetah Girl movie but I still watch it to criticize. In the end, I closed the tv. lol

    But I love Kenny Ortega and I won’t be closing this time!

    So beat it you fake fans!

  • Englander

    I wish Jemma, Matt and Justin all the luck in the world. It’s a pitty they didn’t build on their caracters more in HSM3 . If you look at their other work they are good actors and if you didn’t like their acting in this movie, they were only following the director. As Shirley says, Kenny is awsome and I too like some of his previous work and the creation behind the SLC Games. These actors are only young, and their talents will mature with age and be honed as they get greater experience. They have done very well to get this far, but don’t slate them. With regards Jemma leaving school at 16, she has to. Her school ( Sylvia Young Theatre School ) only teaches up to the age of 16, she will then have to go to college to continue her studies.

    Englander x

  • kristie

    hey i love love zzac so somuch its to bad his not gonnA BE IN HSM4
    i wish i could do somethink


  • alyssa

    who cares if she’s on HSM4? can’t you just shut your mouth because on HSM mag, they say that HSM4 is going to happen! And the only one they would get back is money’s on Ashley Tisdale!! i think it’s true,, :D

  • Eve

    I am so disopointed she isent in HSM3 i love her!

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