Jennifer Stone is a Bookworm

Jennifer Stone is a Bookworm

Jennifer Stone recently chatted with Pixie magazine about her love for literature, Johnny Depp and her fantasy grim reaper job. Check out what the 16-year-old actress had to say:

On her love for books: “I don’t have a favorite book because I read so much. I love books. When I go into Barnes & Noble, I’ll spend like $100. I love reading Jane Austen and Charlotte and Emily Bronte. I like a lot of the classic English literature. I also like informational books. I love to read a lot of psychology stuff. I’ve read a lot of Sigmund Freud. I think he’s really interesting.”

On her dream job, if she weren’t an actress: “I’d really like to work in the field of forensic pathology. Everyone says it’s gross that I want to, but it’s so fascinating to figure out someone’s cause of death. You may be able to help them after they died so they didn’t die in vain. Maybe in their loss they can help someone else.”

On who’d she pass up the JoBros for: “I’d love to meet Tim Burton and Johnny Depp. If I met them I’d be like most girls are about the Jonas Brothers!”

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  • Cathy

    1st???? I think she is right with the last question!!!! id so love to meet the jobros!!!!

  • Celine

    I really like her. She’s very smart and mature for a 16 year old. I mean, with all the kids out there nowadays who just go crazy over teen stars like the Jonas Brothers, I’m very happy that there are still teens who can go “forget the JoBros, give me Johnny Depp!”. That’s awesome. And she reads on such an intellectual scale–Sigmund Freud, Jane Austin, etc. And “in the field of forensic pathology”..!! Hahah, awesome! I don’t know if there are many 16 year olds who even know what that means..!!

    With this one interview, she totally showed me how smart she is. Love her.

  • Vicci

    she’s pretty and seems down to earth. not a bimbo fake like so many disney girls.

  • aw

    She’s sweet.

  • bookworm

    Bookworms are cool :P

  • Mike

    She’s sounds really smart

  • julia

    I don’t like her!
    she is not pretty

  • Mari V.

    You dont like her, cause she is not.. pretty?? come on, you better.

  • sammiejd

    i wanna b a forensic pathologist

>>>>>>> staging1