Miley Cyrus: Dwayne Johnson Could Be My Dad

Miley Cyrus: Dwayne Johnson Could Be My Dad

Miley Cyrus and dad Billy Ray sat down with ET about her big screen adventure on Sunday afternoon (March 29).

The 16-year-old starlet dished on kissing, dads and ice-cold water. Check it:

On her first on-screen kiss with Lucas Till: “I wasn’t nervous. I don’t know, maybe it’s because he’s cute.”

On shooting the waterfall scene: “It was the most freezing ice water ever. When we came out [of the water], there were all these heaters for us. It was so cold. It was fun though, because once you did it…It was a challenge. We had to rock climb down there and then do the jump.”

On who else could play her dad in Hannah Montana: “Dwayne Johnson. I said that because we’re both known for being so muscular and all. McDreamy too…that’s weird that you (dad Billy Ray Cyrus) call him McDreamy.”

Miley Cyrus talks “Hannah Montana: The Movie”
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  • Victoria

    love herrrrrrrrrr!
    enough said

  • Chinasa-Tiffany

    lol soo cute # 2? :]

  • Chinasa-Tiffany

    lol soo cute # 2? :]!

  • swe3t23


    she got robbed at the KCA… NICKELODEON ADMITTED TO rigging the awards.


  • James

    Miley did not call her dad mcdreamy. Get the story right JJJ. Her dad was asked who else could have played her dad and he said mcdreamy and Miley commented that that was weird. She liked the Rock better.

  • Bruno

    I will NEVER get why some many people her on this girl. Seriously, she’s the meaning of cuteness.

  • lol

    lucas isnt cute

  • Cara

    i like how the Jonas Brothers are playing in the background haha
    & i love Miley :)

  • :)

    Miley is so nice
    I can’t wait for the movie!!!


  • Bella

    Miley’s so cute and sweet! Love her and can’t wait for the movie.

  • Taylor swift :)

    I have to be honest. Hannah Montana is probably the best disney show ever other than Thats So Raven. Those are my gulity habits. Like you can’t say JONAS because it hasn’t aired yet. Wizards is ok but like come on you have HANNAH MONTANA like that is the best. Also Raven is the best! No one can beat those two

  • melissa. *

    lol. (: she seems so down to earth & friendy here.
    just being who she is, & congrats on the award miles.

  • ivanka

    miley muscular as dwayne? i dont get it


    I love her can’t wait for the movie plz i have a question where can i watch the rest of the interview ??? i live in morocco so.. I can’t watch it on TV ! ! :(

  • Miley

    @ivanka.: She was kidding around. She knows she’s not muscular so she’s making fun of herself.


    OMG give it a REST! GAWD! stop talking about the DARN KCA AWARDS MAAAAAAAAN its over! she’s happy! there all happy about getting an award and grateful …… so just drop it

  • JennyfromLAlaland

    Miley is cool and very pretty. She deserved best singer for sure. WTF is up with that ICarly stuff. Odd that it won…boring. Yawn

  • kidanimationlover

    oh man, some of you american miley fans are so exicited to watch the movie which you guys are lucky. it’s in what april 4 or 7, mine is the same but it won’t show.

  • kidanimationlover

    i don’t know how SELENA got an award for favorite tv actress!?!?!?!
    i think is a ripoff. plus when i watch WOWP it is really lame and boring.
    all i see is bunch of reruns of S1 and some from S2….
    YAWN…. LAME!!!!!

  • billythekid

    I don’t think the voting was rigged. Miley fans just didn’t do enough voting. I managed to vote once, and then gave up because it forced me to vote in categories I couldn’t care less about. Either way it was just an awards show that was really more about kids having fun. If she could ever manage a real award – like a Grammy etc – then it would be something to get excited about. She could toss the blimps into her ball pit whenever she gets around to having one of those built :).

  • arantxa

    (L) :)

  • Jono

    did anyone see that the jb unscripted interview was playing behind them?

  • jimmy

    Start looking at Miley twitter…

  • http://jjj miley

    she looks really friendly! i liked the interview! can’t wait for the movie!

  • Lucy

    Luv Miley!!! Cant wait for this movie!!! x

  • Joyce

    girl you are not even close to being muscular.

  • haha

    @kidanimationlover: It wasn’t rigged and Selane DESERVED that award

  • ubog

    If you look up ‘cute’ in the dictionary there is a photo of Miley….she is by far the cutest girl ever. And she is too sweet and funny, too. Can’t wait for her movie…it will be number one!!

  • jONASbROTHERSandemma #1 fan

    miley cyrus is my idol !
    She is the best of the best’s !

    I wanna be like you , one day :D

>>>>>>> staging1