Sabrina Bryan Sings For St. Patrick

Sabrina Bryan Sings For St. Patrick

Sabrina Bryan proudly wears her green as she and good friend Rye sing a little tune on St. Patrick’s Day (March 17).

The 24-year-old singer/actress wrote in her MySpace, “I promised I would keep the the love coming and I have something for you!!! My friend Rye and I love to goof around. I hung out with his family for the St. Patty’s Day weekend and had soooo much fun. He and his mom were showing me around and I stumbled on this piano and instantly had an idea for a video!!! Hope you guys like it. I have lots more so keep checking in! Check out my piano skills…my mom always told me I could be great if I just practiced.”

Sabrina Bryan Sings on St. Patrick’s Day
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  • kayla

    thats cute, hahah

  • secret


    i full thought she was playing at first.

  • Holly

    She is so funny love her ;)

  • ashley


  • brenda

    This why I love her so much she knows how to have fun. Love her and her youtube Channel. Your so kewl Sabrina :)

  • bintk
  • daisy

    Sabrina Sabrina your my idol love you

  • lacey

    So funny and cute

  • tiffany

    Yay more Sabrina Bryan news!! Thanks JJR

  • cheryl

    LOL is all I gotta say to this video. Sabrina <3 her

  • demi

    haha she’s so funny

  • mary

    This is hillarious she knows how to have fun and share it with her fan’s love it!

  • emily

    She keeps sharing more stuff with us love her and thank you Jared

  • victoria


  • isabel

    Sabrina Bryan rox

  • amy

    Wish I could play like Sabrina with the piano.LOL

  • Kitty

    Sabrina Bryan I so want to hang out with her someday she is just so fun and full of energy.

  • mychelle

    JJR you did it again thanks for bringing more of Sabrina

  • Linda

    This video is so funny. She is just so kewl

  • isis

    lol 2 funny

  • jennifer

    <333 her Sabrina you need to have a comedy show your amazing :)

  • liz

    Good to see her having fun on St. Patty’s day. Sabrina you are so pretty and funny.

  • justin

    She’s my type of girl. Blonde and beautiful :P

  • terrell

    She’s hot and has a sense of humor.

  • hanna

    All I can see she is always funny in her video blogs on youtube. This one is so funny hope you keep showing more on my favorite idol Sabrina. :) thanz Just Jared

  • allison

    I love her more and more everytime I see her. Sabrina keep being you and I’m excited for more and on your solo projects.

  • annie

    So cute. She just brings such joy to everything she does and to all she’s around. Someone would have to be crazy not to want to share that laughter with her! And I’m sure they’d miss it when it wasn’t in their life anymore. :P

  • amber

    This is a hoot,Sabrina you just made my Monday and it’s just the start of it.You rock !

  • jessica

    omg this is the best.

  • Diane

    I just love this girl so much. I hope she meets Mr. Right someday soon and he will be one lucky man to have her in his life. Sabrina keep shinning and chanigng the world for the good. Great video. Just Jared thanks for posting this on Sabrina.

  • kelly

    u are just 2 funny and that’s why I love you and I look up 2 you Sabrina.

  • jeannie

    Sabrina this is soooooooooooo funny

  • rosalinda

    Que linda es Sabrina Bryan

  • leslie

    She just put’s a smile on your face with these videos. Thanks Jj

  • maxine


  • carroll

    This is why I love her so much. Sabrina your A-M-A-Z-I-N-G

  • Kerry

    This video had me laughing throughout the video. So funny go Sabrina

  • Michele

    Sabrina is so hilarious! She and her friends must have such a blast and she is wonderful to always share with her fans!

  • glenna

    hahaha!!!! i love it!!
    Love your youtube channel Sabrina

  • shannon

    hahahahaha that looks like so much fun i wish i was there

  • Cecilia

    this hurts my tummy i cant stop laughing Sabrina keep bringing some more videos our way and jared keep posting them :)

  • asia

    lol! that’s all i gotta say!

  • grace

    aww i love this chick. nothing brings her down. and she is always smiling and having so much fun in life

  • chase

    hahah she’s so hilarious

  • johanna

    like her. She’s always in good spirit. Never dull moment with Sabrina

  • mark

    she is cute.

  • molly

    grrr… love her! love Team Sabrina :)

  • terra

    Sabrina you rock love you

  • christina

    what a lovely girl. haha. she’s hilarious, gorgeous and smart.

  • william

    she is amazing, really.

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