Alyson Stoner: I'm Not Looking For A Boyfriend!

Alyson Stoner: I'm Not Looking For A Boyfriend!

Alyson Stoner reunites with her on-screen mom Bonnie Hunt as she appears on The Bonnie Hunt Show on Monday afternoon (March 30).

The 16-year-old triple threat and pal Kevin Schmidt (he also starred in the Cheaper By The Dozen movies) sat down with the host to chat about Disney, dating and what The Alyson Stoner Project is all about. Check it:

On working with Disney: “Sure, I work for Disney and they’ve been beyond amazing for me. I’ve been able to be on series with them and outside of them. I have that privilege. It’s an image to uphold but I don’t feel any pressure, because I naturally want to help people and make an impact. They help facilitate that.”

On potential boyfriends: “This is like talking to my mom. I would never tell you this. (laughs) Dating…Cole [Sprouse] and I were very close. I don’t plan to have a boyfriend. I agree with your mother…kids these days. We need to be careful. I don’t feel like I should be dating someone unless I see something long-term or I see a potential marriage situation. Therefore, I’m not looking for a boyfriend or expecting one.”

On the Alyson Stoner Project: “What [Kevin] said, it was a collaborative effort. In order to convey the message that you can do anything and you have unlimited potential, you have to live it yourself. I think he and I try our best to do that. We incorporated that message with celebrity guest appearances, that are somewhat hidden.”

Alyson Stoner & Kevin Schmidt – “The Bonnie Hunt Show”, 03/30
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  • cc27

    Did she Date Cole Sprouse? :) lol…

  • Stephie

    WOW!!she is so mature!!i can’t wait to see her on Step up 3D.YOu rock!! definetly a great role model (something hard to find this days)

  • ariana

    thats ridiculous why wouldnt she want a bf? thats part of life wether you plan on marrying them or not people go through tons of bfs and loves in their life till they find the right one. how can she predict like “oh if i see marriage potential” ill have a bf …. thats kinda rushing it

    anyone get what im saying?

  • becky

    kevin looks sooo hot now

  • tara


    i think ur wrong about that…sorry. Alyson may choose to have a bf or not. its her desision. if she doesnt want one right now, then let her choose that. i think its good for her to take a break from the guys. she should foccus on work, and acting and stuff, and make bf’s her second life. if she chooses to or not. i think boys will just bring you down, yes i would liek a bf, but im sure so does Alyson. she just doesnt want one right now. maybe she whent through something tuff…u dont no. dont judge ppl.


  • D

    Nice post.
    But isn’t she 15?, not 16

  • Eric

    I want 2 see her in a dance contest against Demi lovato and Selena Gomez!!

  • jo

    Il like her and all but shes too… I dont know the word? Squicky clean? Or just like WAYYY too proper. It’s not always a good thing to be too “good” you know what i mean?
    Hope I make some sense..

  • ivanka

    i didnt know she and cole were dating… they are just kids haha dating at that age doesnt count=)

  • camz

    aaw love kevin and alyson!! =]

  • sabrina

    i 95% agree with #5.
    its her choice. whether she wants one or not. not everyone HAS to have a boyfriend, or get married. its a matter of when its the right time, and who you want to be with <3

  • Kassandra

    kevin’s like sooo hot!!

  • tiff

    i agree more with #3

  • kaylee

    she’s such a breath of fresh air compared to some other celeb teens. she’s so mature, and seems to really know how to stay out of trouble. good for her :)

  • zanessa/jashley/ashnessa

    She’s so cute. She’s a definite good role model to follow. She is such an awesome dancer.

    @ tara, #5, really well said. For me, right now, boys are just a waste of my time. ..No offense to anyone.

    Oh and btw, JJJ, Alyson’s not 16. She’s 15. She’ll be turning 16 on August 11th. Just a month before mine !! :D

  • tara


    OMJ! wow, i didnt think so many pplwould agree with me…but thnaks :)
    Yea. for me now too boys are a waste of time aswell, and they will only brign you down. in the words of Hilary Duff “Dont need a man to make things fair, cuz more then likely he wont be there” –inner strength

    any ways,
    glad to be of assistance :P

  • ariana

    tara you were of no assistance so idk what your talking about

  • kay

    smart girl.


    alyson is cool! cole sprouse is hOTT! :)


    YES! Aly is back on Step Up! I reckon she should have been on Step Up 2 cos she is a natural hip hop dancer but anyways, I am so happy she’s in part 3! GO GIRL!!

  • http://... Muffel

    Yeah, she dated Cole xD
    Hate her for this :b

  • michelle


    for real I get you…WTF. Seriously, she needs to date before she can think about marriage. She’s like 16 anyway; which means she wont date ANYONE b.c I doubt she’s gonna wanna get married this young…ugh…celebs…

  • Micky williams

    Actually shes suppose to be dating a filmmaker in hawaii be the name of Jesse Kageler.

  • Skylar


>>>>>>> staging1