Kristen Stewart: 'Bella is Forced To Grow Up'

Kristen Stewart: 'Bella is Forced To Grow Up'

Kristen Stewart recently sat down with the L.A. Times and dished on how much different New Moon is going to be from the first movie, Twilight.

The 18-year-old actress shared, “It’s a different movie, a lot happens. She [Bella] loses him [vampire Edward Cullen], which is certainly a crazy concept for me to accept because that’s the basis for the entire first movie. She grows up, quite a bit. She’s forced to, and she’s got strength and inner determination. A lot of people in her situation would be like, ‘OK, done.’”

Kristen Stewart Talks “New Moon”
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  • listen to mayday parade

    I disagree with her, a lot of people would eventually move on.. and in the book it takes Bella, what, 5 months to accept that he left?

    Also maybe she shouldn’t of said he left.. what about all the people that haven’t read the book let lol.

    She is pretty though. Boring personality, but very very pretty.

  • asq

    love twilight

  • http://jjj miley

    the inteview was good! kristen looks great and i can’t wait for new moon to come out!!!!!

  • lolz

    LOL she’s making that stuff up. twilight shitaga is too stupid for that.

  • anna

    I love her She is amazing

  • Heyhey6

    Shes pretty!I tink her and rob would make a cute couple!Shes a good bella.All da cast suit der part especially taylor hes so gorgeous!!!!

  • bellamor

    Love KStew. She’s amazing. ‘Nuff said.

  • elow

    i think shes like in twilight :/
    she doesnt have to act haha :D

  • katie

    omg. i wuld HATE to have to interview her. she has zero personality. wow.

  • pan

    i love kristen! she’s always! :D

  • dundies

    “bellas got strength and inner determination”
    u mean enough inner strength to jump off a cliff???
    has she even read the books or does she make this up as she goes

  • http://justjaredjr Jordan

    Bellamor #7:

    Totally agree with you. She is awesome.

  • mon =

    interesting to see Bella’s suffering and closeness to Jacob… Kristen is such a good actress, love the movies that she’s in.

  • Ashley

    OMG She still hasn’t read the books? She doesn’t even have to read all four, but how is she going to act in New Moon if she thinks Bella has inner determination. Bella keeps engaging in suicidal behavior to hear Edward! Kristen is the worst actress in Twilight and I feel like she’s just going to bring the entire movie down.

  • babyh

    i think i’m going to love the movie more than the book =P …Kristen rocks and the whole cast does ^^ <3<3

  • Sar

    She HAS read New Moon. Lay off of her. She actually means at certain times in the book you see that Bella has a lot of inner determination. It’s true. Even I thought that. She was NOT the worst actress in Twilight. Believe me. If anything, she made the character of Bella waaay less irritating than she comes across in the books which is why I love what she did in the movie.

    And so what if she isn’t bubbly in interviews? She comes across as a lot more interesting and deep than any of those other Disney actresses. She is thinks about her answers more.

    Yeah. So rant over. :)

  • Sar

    Also, it doesn’t matter if she said that Edward leaves because he leaves really early on in the book. Also, the official Summit Entertainment synopsis of the movie also states that Edward leaves so she is deffinately allowed to say it.

  • janiece

    #15 im glad to see someone else sticking up for kristen.

    i think its dumb that people would even think that she hasnt read new moon. kristen is a serious actor who takes her work seriosly so reading the book was probably a priority for her. i wish people would stop trying to find anything to bash on her. yeah shes not bubbly or outgoing. correct me if im wrong but i dont think theres a law that says that all actors must be a certain way. obviously there is more to kristen then just pleasing other people. shes been actiong for a long ass time way before the twilight hype so she must be doing something right. if you dont like her thats fine but the rude comments are just childish.

  • Read it

    She has not read the books AT ALL. She is so wrong for Twilight. Stop trying to be so “deep”, you are a boring and horrible actress that got lucky because she knew the right people! Read the books and stop trying to make the character what you think she is supposed to be, when you haven’t red the books!!

  • Dani

    Yes!!! I love #15 and #16 (sar and janice). It is awesome seeing other people sticking up for Kristen Stewart and not bashing her!!

    Everyone, for some reason, always tries to find something wrong or bitchy or stupid about her. Its so annoying. She’s smart and sweet. (I’ve met her)

    She is awesome and sooo real. And she actually HAS a personality!! Thats just interviews!! Ive seen videos of her that aren’t interviews and she’s really funny and cool and laid back.

    She is an extremely good actress, too. Just see her other movies. Twilight wasn’t her best so don’t base her acting on only that.

    Okay, i’m done. Lol.

  • Sar

    @Read it:

    She HAS read the books. Remember when in interviews for Twilight when her and Rob said they hadn’t read the books until before they started filming? People were kind of like “woah, how can you do that?”. Yeah, well I am FOR SURE they have read the books this time. They won’t make the same mistake again.

    And if you think she’s such a horrible actress (and I’m assuming you’ve only seen her in Twilight? Correct me if I am wrong), I suggest you watch her in other movies such as The Cake Eaters which she was amazing in, Into the Wild and Speak. Trust me, she’s not a bad actress. She’s anything but. Twilight wasn’t her best movie but these other ones are.

    Lol, these Kstew haters get me worked up. Sorry for the ranting. ;)

  • Sar


    Lol sorry, one more thing. I totally agree with you! A lot of the time, people hate on her because they are hardcore Rob fans. They also believe all that crap that was written about her. She’s not as bitchy as she came across from all that bad press that was written about her. The media like to take her words and twist them around. They did that for Rob with that whole “he smells” thing and he had to straighten that out like she did.

  • Kate

    K WE’VE SEEN LIKE 1,000 OF THESE INTERVIEWS ABOUT NEW MOON. you can be done posting them.
    and btw, kristen is not a disney star please stop putting her on this website.

  • arantxa

    Okay , stop saying things about her !
    if she has read all the books its because
    she doesnt have time
    or she doesnt want to finish them
    oooor some other reason

    she made a good job

  • kamilah

    @Sar: i know righ!!. im a harsh judger when it comes to what i think good movies and acting is and i have to say kristen had a great performance in cake eaters and speak. those were both really good movies.

  • anna

    i loveeeee herrr<3

  • c

    ah fu@$ the hatersss!!!

    shes AWESOMEE..

    i loveE herr<33333333


  • naty

    Bella has inner determination??? What a joke!
    She spends almost the whole book getting in trouble so she can hear Edwards voice…she almost got eaten by Laurent, jumped from a cliff… I don’t think that’s inner determination!
    but anyways, I like Kristen, she’s pretty and a good actress.

  • Jaymee cullen

    i don’t blame her 4er missin edward!
    he rockks!!!

  • skippingsarah

    she’s gorgeous but she shutter at her words in interview. couldnt she speak fluently?

  • dasia

    I think she is pretty :D

  • Kjs22

    The only thing I want to say is that maybe in the next couple movies bella could look and act like the actually is in love with Edward. The books all give the description of bella being in complete awe of Edward and that bella doesn’t deserve him. In twilight she never smiles or acts like he’s much of anything to her.

  • Lilly

    Bella doesn’t grow up, she stays the same whiny and self-centered bi*ch she always was.

  • julia

    ok first: i really like kristen stewart, she is a really good actress! she did change the character bella a bit, i’ll give you kristen haters that much. but in a good way! she evened out the things i found irritating about bella in the books.

    second: i do disagree with her on the inner determination thing, though. i think bella shows strengt, thats true (at least sometimes.) but she has not got ‘inner determination’(whatever thats supposed to mean) . and thats not negativ! bella reacts totally normal to the whole situation, like everyone would. i don’t know how many of you (or if kristen has) have gone through such a situation (or at least a similar one ,the same one doestn really exis duh. lol) but i think its realistic ,the whole depression and kind of giving up first but then somehow going on thing.
    thats just logical!
    she doesnt have to be strong or have “inner determination” – why would she? her live is shattered.
    so i don’t think kristens right here. but i am psyched about seeing the leaving scene in the movie and the depression time afterwards – of course its gonna be sad but it will also require some AWESOME acting which we will be seeing in kristens case for sure!!!

  • jONASbROTHERSandemma #1 fan

    Kristen is a great actress .
    And she and robert patinson (who is very HOT) make a perfect cople .


    @Read it:

    Exactly. Thank you. It’s not always what you know but who you know, if you’ve got the connections and the rich daddy, you’re in.

  • alexis

    Pretty girl, but a C+ actress at best. People love her because she is different, but at any acting academy she would get laughed off the stage.

  • pratha

    i heard that rob has a hard time showing emotions in twilight its not even true, its the other way aroound. kristen can’t show facial emotions for shit. Rob is perfect and so his emotions … :P

>>>>>>> staging1