Miley Cyrus: No More 'Hannah' Movies

Miley Cyrus: No More 'Hannah' Movies

Miley Cyrus had a busy weekend — from attending and winning at the 2009 Kids’ Choice Awards to promoting her upcoming flick, Hannah Montana: The Movie.

The 16-year-old starlet shared with the press that Hannah is a one-time only movie. She said, “We got really lucky with having the material to make one movie. I don’t know if I would do another (Hannah Montana) film, but I would love to do another season. That would be what we would all agree on.”

Miley is also looking forward to expanding her own acting wings, beyond Hannah. She shared, “This time around I am working on a movie that [author] Nicolas Sparks wrote for me. You never really hear a movie is written before the book. It’s kind of a weird way of doing it. But he actually wrote the movie before he wrote the book and he did it with me in mind. I’ve been lucky to play parts that relate to me. This doesn’t at all because this girl, I have my issues ” but not as bad as this chick. It’s out there and now I can see if I am actually a good actress or if I’m good with playing myself. So we will see how that goes.”

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  • amy

    good for her, i loved the brenda/miley kca pics when they hugged eachother

  • HsM_GiU


    I Love Nicholas Sparks!! ( L )

    And i Think that miley is not a good actress for that film..Cause all nicholas’ books are very drammatici.


    Good luck

  • http://jjj miley

    i love miley and i wish her all the luck with her career!go miley!

  • dundies

    good. this will be the moment of truth, and will show is she can ACT or not. because good ol “hannah montana” IS NOT ACTING

  • Amyy

    Whooop!! I can’t wait :)
    She’s a amazing actress and I can’t wait to see her expand!
    Although I love hannah she can’t play hannah forever ;)
    She needs to ‘breakout’ ;)
    Good luck Milez.
    Love you ;)

  • Izabella

    omg, I’m so excited to see her do something outside of Disney!!
    I think she’s going to be great!! ♥

  • billythekid

    To Dundies (#3)

    Sorry, but you are wrong. People shouldn’t dismiss comedic acting as if it’s something so simple that anyone can do it. At least I know I couldn’t do it well. Anyhow, whether she can actually act on the big screen will come with that Hannah film. It is a real movie and it’s not a sitcom. If she totally sucks at acting it will come out in this film; you won’t have to wait and see with that next film. Personally, I would prefer her to do her 4th season (if Disney is smart enough to go for it), and then let this acting stuff go and just concentrate on what she does best: make some music.

    By the way – and this is to anyone out there that may know- whatever happened to that supposed remake of “Adventures in Babysitting” with her and Raven?

  • Macarenaa’

    i love u mile ♥’

  • dundies

    well in my opinion her “comedic acting” is rather overdramatic.

    all im saying, is that this project will be her chance to prove herself.

  • katelyn

    she’s amazing! :D

  • Simona^

    where’s the challenge in playing oneself???


    I can’t wait til “The Last Song”, that’s the name of the new movie!

  • jakcon

    i agree #11. when she’s on like hannah montana it’s not taking on a complex character, but just joking around and not really creating something. i know it’s just disney though and you kids don’t care if theres any kind of deep insight as long as miley’s face is in it.

  • jimmy

    Yeah, hannah montana deeply represents Miley. You can hardly see difference between Miley Cyrus & Miley Stewart; goofy and funny. But that’s what makes us love her right?

  • arantxa

    i reallllllllllly want to see the hanna montana movie :(
    i dont want hanna montana to end : s
    Hana montana is way better than iCarly ! why did icarly won :|
    its good but not as good as HM

  • (:

    I know! When HM ends hopefully I will be over it.. which I probably won’t ever! hahha I will totally still love Miley though! gahh that’s scary.. I’d be nervous to go out and do a movie and not play myself, I understand what that’s like. Playing yourself and playing a diff character is so different and way more challenging! Goood luck girl<3

  • miley

    No hustý je to ale já sem Ceška takže tomu nerozumím ale vi mě taky ne že?Asi ne ale mám web o Miley Cyrus a jestli se tento komentář přemění na Anglický tak nejsem ráda já nerozumím vám a vz nerozumíte mě.tak já vám napíšu ten web je tady: to úže web odo mě tak se na něk plies koukněte yes?Asi yes.Tak se mějte hezky a budte Happy.

  • miley

    tak jo happy miley

  • jb fanaticc

    great! now the world will know what a great actress she is..
    and maybe nicholas sparks will make more books and get her to starre in a movie about the books and then it will become a series!!!!
    haha lol..great for mileyyy

  • lidia

    @miley: wooh! exactly what i was gonna say hehe :) ily mileyyyyy!!!!!!

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