Jennifer Stone Fears For Her Life

Jennifer Stone Fears For Her Life

Jennifer Stone is back in Puerto Rico finishing up with the Wizards of Waverly Place movie with BFF Selena Gomez — and she fears for her life!

The 16-year-old actress wrote on her Twitter, “Selena‘s PMSing. I fear for my life.” Run for your lives, people of Puerto Rico!!!

Jennifer, Selena and the rest of the cast will wrap the movie on Thursday.

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  • ivanka

    thats a disgusting comment to make…
    poor selenaa now we all know what she iis going trough haha

  • krissy

    love jenn! she’s so darn funny!
    ” selena’s PMSing! i fear for my life!
    run people ! run! in Pureto rico!!
    I’m glad she’s one of those stars, who’s not afraid to be herself and just living life as a normal teen, even tho she’s famous :)
    jenn is amazing! and people shouldn’t be making fun of her just cuz she’ looks different.
    people are beautiful, wither they come in all shapes and sizes
    pre- pressure is worse than it is.. & it’s better for someone to BE themselves, instead of being something there not..
    And let’s not forget, this girl has confidence to act LIKE someone on a show, who’s totally opposite than her own character and doesn’t care what HATERS have to say- she got guts!
    What a true role model ^_^

    i’m anxious for the new movie!
    i can’t wait to see how it ALL turns out :D
    - new spells
    - action and adventure
    - travel through time and change the future
    - the human interacting with wizards , in a battle duel for the earth
    OMG! all so exciting <3

    When does it come out ?
    i heard that it’s extended for next year?
    is this true?

  • listen to mayday parade

    is the movie going to theaters – or just going to be a “disney channel original” ??

  • Stephanie

    Jennifer, I don’t think that’s something you need to share with the whole world..

  • alysson anthony


  • jessie

    i think selena is pretty cute LOL

  • haha

    LMAO, I didn’t want to know this and i’m sure Selena didn’t want everyone to know. AND if she is “PMSing” and Jennifer told everyone, I hate to her when Selena sees that.

  • fdg

    i want to watch it whens it coming out

  • Val

    Well thats kind of personal but at the end its a natural thing not somenthing that we can hide or avoid. That is life…

  • hun98

    Still not very funny or nice or mature to post that all over the internet. to make a comment ina video is one thing but to make that they only thing you say on your twitter. embarrassing. seriously, she isn’t that mature.

  • alexis

    what is pmsing?

  • rileyyy

    @alexis: Its the moodiness you get before your period starts.

  • emmmmily

    I am extremely pumped for this moviee!!
    it’s gonna be insaneeee!

  • jcoop

    yeah right! selena couldn’t be pmsing cuz she probably has never had her period yet since she sooooooooooooooooo freaky skinny and flat

  • katie

    omg. why would u say that about ur best friend on the internet for the whole world to see?!?! i wuld be mortified!

  • dundies

    that is such a rude comment to make. o well.

  • dundies

    what is pmsing?

    every month or so…you may notice a change in your body…lol…and you may or may not have mood swings

  • Ashley

    umm thats nice to know…. lmfao.

  • maggie

    i’m pretty sure she meant for it to be funny and it is but i dunno maybe it’s just the way i read it but it kinda sounded alittle mean but like i said i’m pretty sure she was joking :P

  • julia

    I can’t even imagine that Selena’s just like the rest of us.. I mean, i REALLY can’t imagine her having her period, or pmsing.. it’s weird!

    Though i know it happens.

  • L.Ray

    I’m hate being at an in-between age. I’m 20, but I relate so much with these ‘disney stars’

    but im majoring in animation so I’ll kinda be young forever

  • TV

    She’s just doing this to cause some controversy. Just like that Courtney Love twitter thing where she got sued.

  • Zekemaster

    hey Selena just won another award, Young Artist Award. 2 different awards in in 4 days. Damn this girl is on a roll.

  • no name

    ooooooo. the pmsing comment, not something u would want to publisize (or however u spell that)

  • no name

    @alexis: if ur name is alexis aren’t u a a girl??? and seriously a girl should kno what pmsing is

  • Ashlee

    a movie?

  • Adam

    @listen to mayday parade: It’s going to be a Disney Channel Original Movie.

  • Sally.

    I would be so embarrassed if I was Selena! Thats kinda a private thing. . . .

  • Sumy

    what is jennig\fers twitter called

  • Lauren

    its kinda embarrassing for it to be all over the internet; but its just a normal thing what all girls go through…yet i’d still hate to be her lol!

    yeh, the films going to be a disney channel original movie..but would it still come out on dvd because camp rock did?

  • meh

    Yeah, like the whole world needs to know…
    but all girls have it, or will have it

  • Shannon

    I’m at that ‘time of the month’ right now too…
    I’m gonna be on my period same time as Selena :S
    Slightly odd.

  • Brianna

    I know! That is so embarrising… i would never say that! Poor Selena

  • Grace

    Did no one else catch that she posted it on April Fools Day???? It was clearly meant to be a joke. I dont understand why every twitter comment these teens make gets put on these gossip sites! Its insane.

  • claudia

    you guys reallllyy overreact! haha.
    im sure jenn didnt mean it that way, ur all so literal.
    me and my friends always say stuff like that. like if someone is pissed off we go “woahh.. uhh someones pmsing!” haha.
    get a grip people, no big lol


    yes i am so excited i can wait to see it > selena rocks love her

  • angelita

    hahah.. I`m just like selena!
    hahahahahaha that`s cool.. we do it at the same time lol!

  • Chelsea

    Lol Jenn is funny. She was probably just kidding around and I don’t think Selena would really care that she posted it. But it is kinda personal.

  • Chelsea

    @Shannon: Me too haha.

  • Becx

    it was probably just an expression
    jesus get over it!!

  • Denali567

    @alexis: basically everyone in the world knows go look it up

  • gina123

    @jcoop: uuuuummmmm im pretty sure she has bc shes almost an adult.

  • Audrey

    Ya well of course selina has started her period cuz she’s 17!!! I’m 12 and me and all my friends have it and yes i dont care if all u see it cuz I dont know u and it’s normal!!! Sel is prob only a little embarassed!

  • Audrey

    Ya what ever cuz of course Sel has her period! She’s 17!!! I’m 12 and me and most of my friends have it!!! I’m not embarrassed cuz it’s normal!!! Selina is probably only a little embarassed!

  • Audrey

    @julia: Same! I like just reloads that celebs have it too… But duh she’s a girl like me!

  • da penguin

    jen is so funny!!

  • maria

    thats quite funny

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