Demi Lovato: Brilliant in Black

Demi Lovato: Brilliant in Black

Demi Lovato steps out on the red carpet premiere of Hannah Montana The Movie held at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood on Thursday night (April 2).

The 16-year-old Sonny starlet accessorized her red carpet look with earrings and and ring by Jewelry by Rosalinda earrings and ring. Doesn’t she look great?

Demi just released her Don’t Forget Deluxe CD on Tuesday, which is packed with bonus features! Did you order yours yet?

10+ pics inside…

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Photos: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images, Juan Rico/Fame Pictures
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  • nessa

    she is gorgeous!!
    the dress is unique and fabulous!!

    dont start hating people!!!

    thats pathetic

  • jacqueline

    she looks amazing.
    just not really liking the tan
    i think she looks better without the tan :)

  • roxana

    love the dress n the shoes

  • Amy

    I LOVE HER DRESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she looks AMAZING!!!!!! Demi your gorgeous

  • Lyss

    Gorgeous!! i lover her

  • nessa

    that dress is uniqueee and fabbulouss!

    she looks amazzinggggg!

    don’t start hating either, you losers

  • Farrah

    Hmm. Not a fan of this look.

  • Bella

    I don’t really like the end of the dress, but she looks gorgeous (as always). Love Demi, Miley, and Taylor! Gorgeous gals!

  • ashleytfan

    She looks stunning :)

  • nessa

    anddd yayyy i finally posted the first comment!

    demi is talent

  • penelope

    she looks gorgeous, love the tan

  • joanne

    itch is tryin to look like VHUD. lmao

  • dundies

    i love the tan!!!! its not the least bit overdone

  • jo

    I do like her makeup, but the dress- NOOOO. It looks a bit too costumey for my taste. Love her, though!

  • Kevin


  • erin!

    very burlesque.. she’s sixteen and dressed like she’s part of a punk pussycat dolls, it’s all so dark from her makeup to her dress and shoes =P. Definitely too old and not young, fresh, or talented? It’s MILEY’s day!

  • Mili

    #11 you’r RIGHT!!! if you look at the pic on the left right of the page you can see that the way that her curls are made, are sooo similar :P Even when I saw the pic, I just saw the curls and it was soooo V, but at the same time so different… BTW I don’t like her dress but I like her earrings :p

  • mileysupporta4eva

    awww…all three of them are so beautiful and amazing and talented..

    i love miley+taylor+demi (:

  • francesca

    demi, you are fabulous and i love your outfit and hair!
    next time tone down the make up..your so naturally pretty!

  • ariana

    i HATE her new look :(

  • lizzie

    I promise I’m not trying to hate but seriously what happened to miley and demi tonight they just looked a HOT MESS.if you think they were stunning than mann people have really lowered the bar.I mean this,a pedophile being so called hot,and everything thing else

  • Semi

    Damn Demi is starting to look really effing hot!!!!:) Love the tan and the hair! She’s number 2 on my list of most gorgeous disney stars!

  • kittykat

    Is she trying to copy VHud because the hair, the killer heels, and the make-up all scream VHud-copycat on the Red Carpet.

    I guess I’m not really a fan of this look on a 16 year old. It’s too dark, too adult, too obvious that she’s going for a sexy, adult look.

  • a2z0

    ” she is gorgeous!! the dress is unique and fabulous!! ”

    give me a break ……she looks like shes wearing a ripped garbage bag

    and the make up …….can you spell ewwww

  • TV

    Her head looks huge. she looks awful. Miley looks okay. but Taylor looks the best. Too bad Selena’s not here. She usually looks the best on a red carpet.

  • aw

    The dress is nice waist up.

  • hane

    oh my god. vhud isn’t the first one to have curls. plus get the heck over it. i think it’s cool that shes experimenting with different looks.

  • azzo

    ” she is gorgeous!!the dress is unique and fabulous”

    give me a break her dress looks like a ripped garbage bag

    and her make up can you spell ewww

  • ina

    she loooks AMAZING!
    i love her tan!shes soo prettty!

  • LJ

    Even if her outfit isn’t the best she still ends up looking gorgeous, as always : )

  • brooke

    She looks pretty, but I still prefer her old look. She just seems like she is trying to hard, but she doesn’t need too. She’s naturally pretty and she should tone down the make-up and tan. It makes her look fake. I still love her and she looks amazing without all that stuff going on.

    She is staring to look like V Hud lol. I didn’t notice it before ,but she is a lil. I still love her tho, I just miss the natural rock and roll Demi =D

  • Meagan

    WHERE’s SELENA???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • Jon

    She looks dirty. disgusting

    @Meagan: Idk but that chic is Hoooot :D hahahaha

  • x)

    I love Demi!! :D

    and her look! xD

  • x)

    and i just noticed Demi had light green nail polish on! cute and unique!


  • Andy

    Looking mighty good!!

  • amber tantog

    She likes to expirement with her style A LOT.
    i can totally tell.

  • Just Jono

    Very pretty tonight,
    Good choice Demi =]

  • Ian

    Is Selena there?
    Or is she filming WOWP movie?

  • Nat

    why does madison have a different last name then demi?

  • diane.

    i miss the old demi. i don’t like this hollywood-glammed up version of her. she’s not the same, and everyone including HER knows it. i’m beginning to lose all my respect for her. she tries so hard to be different and unique, when she was already before. whatever, demi.

  • Nadya

    I Love her Look. Edgy and Chic.
    Just because she is 16, dosen’t mean she can’t look pretty.
    Love you Demi!!

  • anna


  • Angelica

    LOve her shoes!!

    She looks Gorgeous!

  • Amanda

    She looks gorgeous.

  • Guguie!

    am i not the kind of person that insult someone who i’m not fan of…but seriously dont’ you see people that she is all fake!??
    She is copying (i’m not sure if it is the right word) VHud look! Hair, make-up, dress, shoes! aLL of that accesories she is wearing are copy of Vanessa style!
    it’s so obvious that she is making an incredibly effort to look sexy “adult” as the others girls…and she is being unfaithful to her own style! btw her “old style” was so much better for a sixteen year old than this one…
    i don’t know…i can’t stand people who try to change something of their own to be “accepted” or something……..

  • saudia

    ohh please shes not trying to be Vanessa .. she’s doing her own thing, people cant have waves in their hair now ?? you people are really ridiculous sometimes .. Demi looks fabulous .. she’s really grown up and is a gorgeous girl ..

  • Lauren

    im not feeling it…everythings great except the tan…but i do actually like the dress; with the bits on the end, its different and unique..other than that shes great but the tan!!

    oh and miley looked great, her hair was gorgeous

  • anon

    i think she looks sexxi sultry…really grown up! not that sluty…demi is hot! and she’s a great girl and talented!

  • Grace

    i hate her new look.. she was so pretty before!