Demi Lovato & Kelly Blatz: DDR Dancers

Demi Lovato & Kelly Blatz: DDR Dancers

Demi Lovato hits the arcade for a little Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) with fellow a Disney star, Aaron Stone‘s Kelly Blatz, in this new episode from Sonny With A Chance, airing Sunday, April 12 @ 8PM ET/PT on Disney Channel.

In the ep, Sonny is asked on a date by suave MacKenzie Falls guest star James Conroy (Blatz), who also happens to be Tawni’s ex-boyfriend.

“James take Sonny to the local arcade/burger joint for a date,” Kelly, 21, shared with “We play a little Dance Dance Revolution and have a little bite and are very rudely interrupted by certain some ones.” (JJJ Note: Once James reveals his true colors, Sonny and Tawni enlist Chad to help turn the tables on James.)

Kelly also recalled a similar date he once took a girl. “I took my first date to a similar spot actually,” he told JJJ. “It was place called the Sherman Oaks castle park. The ideal place for a first date. Mini Golf, Go-Carts, batting cages, arcade games, pizza. I highly recommend it. I would have to say that my real life first date was much better than my date with Sonny. In my real life date I wasn’t showed up in every kind of arcade game (as Sonny did to me), and it didn’t end in disaster, (as it did with Sonny). My real life date was very sweet and romantic. A little awkward but sweet.”

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Photos: Randy Holmes/Disney Channel
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  • lola

    demi looks pretty and that guy looks cute….cute couple…maybe!!!! but i still like chad and sonny!!!! demi suits best with cody linley or joe jonas!!!!

  • Bruno

    Demi is lesbian guys, deal with it.

  • Marrie


  • Shirley

    Bruno, lolz.

    love her. xxx

  • lola

    @Bruno: thats genius!!! but…..u must have mistaken demi for miley!!!!!

  • GoslingTwilightlover

    He’s hot!!!!

  • TheREalAlyssaCarson

    Cool I can’t wait. =)

    When he’s not Aron stone he looks..odd? lol

    I Love Demi’s outfit!

  • V

    I don’t care about Demi and THAT guy! (No offense) Just joking, it’s great to see a new picture from the next episode of Sonny With a Chance, BUT I WANT TO SEE CHAD AND SONNY PICTURES!!!!!!!!!

  • tara

    I love demi :) she is so cool. i wish i could meet her!

  • Andrea

    Can´t wait till that episode, i heard that Sonny and Chad have their first kiss in this episode,, LOVE SWAC AND DEMI

  • madison!

    @Bruno: woah woah woah. where on earth did that come from!!

  • madison!

    @lola: miley isnt lesbian…

  • Amy

    On wikipedia it says Sonny and Chad Kiss in this episode!!!!!

  • you dont need to know my name

    sonny and chad make such a cute couple i hope they kiss in this episode!

  • maye

    when’s his birthday? cause on the post after this one it says he is 22, but on here it says 21.

  • Mary

    Let me just clear this up!

    Sonny goes on a real date with kelly blatz’ character, but then Chad and Tawny crash their date. Kelly’s character used to go out with Tawny, and then starts to like her again. He sends her flowers, but Sonny thinks they are for her, and when she reads the card, she is sad. Tawny and Sonny come up with the plan to dump him, but Sonny has to go on a fake date with someone in order to get him jealous. He gets a little jealous, considering the fact that the fake date is Chad. Chad and Sonny walk in holding hands, and kelly’s character sees them. Kelly’s character finds out that the date is a fake date, so Sonny proves tries to prove that it isn’t a fake date by kissing Chad. However, she puts her hand over his mouth first! So technically, I guessed they kissed. Then Chad starts to like her as more than a friend, even though they aren’t even a friend. There you go, a full synopsis of the episode!

  • tami

    AWSOME! Last night’s episode where sonny and chad kissed was AWSOME! Check out my youtube, DemiSongLyrics (its has sonny with a chance episodes) Sonny nd Chad are one of my favorite couples!!!!!!! ♥

  • tami

    AWSOME! Last night’s episode where sonny and chad kissed was AWSOME! Check out my youtube, DemiSongLyrics (its has sonny with a chance episodes) Sonny nd Chad are one of my favorite couples!!!!!!! ♥ :)

  • luh luh luh lucy


    Here is the sypnosis for episode 10.


    Sonny gives a tour to the set’s demanding daughter Dakoda. Sonny doesn’t want to give a tour. she gives her the tour but then the little girl asks for chad to come on the tour and sonny says no but then the girl makes her. sonny gets jelous because chad ignores her and only pays attention to the little girl and to please dakota at the end of the tour he kisses her on the cheek. sonny then leaves and chad goes over to the so random studio to see what is wrong. sonny says nothing but then chad tells sonny what his plan was about the making her jelous. she then calls him a jerk and runs away but then chad catches her and kisses her on the lips. the so random cast see it and get mad but tawni is really happy but she just pretends. the so random cast create an internet club and sonny and chad become bf and gf.

  • reyre

    to whoever does not know “that guy” , that guy is Kelly Blatz.
    Kelly Blatz is so HOT! I have a HUGE CRUSH ON HIM!!!!

  • None ov ur biz

    I luv kelly blatz cuz he is sooo FINE (normaly i wud h8 any1 hu likes da same guy as me but im actuali quite hapi cuz my m8s just fink hes ugly wif a big nose) but did u know he neva graduated 4rm(from) college coz he dropped out :O

  • K-ren


  • exooogenesis

    godness! try and look at kelly real good, then check out matthew bellamy’s photos…god! they look alike…and cute too! GOD! he’s gorgeous!

>>>>>>> staging1