'Hannah Montana The Movie' Premiere Tonight!

'Hannah Montana The Movie' Premiere Tonight!

Miley Cyrus gives Ernie D a hug behind-the-scenes of Radio Disney.

Radio Disney will be broadcasting from the Hannah Montana The Movie premiere TONIGHT starting @ 4PM PT/7PM ET. Be sure to tune in!

This upcoming Tuesday, Miley and her costars Emily Osment and Lucas Till will be at the JJJ screening of Hannah Montana The Movie.

Check back later of premiere pictures straight from the red carpet!!!

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Photos: Adam Larkey/Disney Channel
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  • miley#1fan4life

    cool 1st

    luv miley

    nt out in UK till 1st may:(

  • natalie

    i want to see the movie! but really i dont know why i hate miley

  • Elsa

    in portugal, it only comes out in july … GOOOOOD , i guess i’ll so jealous of all of you (x


  • aleeyah


  • http://Mtv.com RYAN

    Why don’t Miley & Emily hang out together often? It seems like they don’t have much in common. What do U guys think????

  • Victoria


  • hane

    its amazing what a pound of make up can do for a person.

  • jo


    They actually hang out more than u think, and are really good friends.

    But at the same time, each have thier own groups of friends that are seperate from one another. Also, Emily seems to be focused alot on school…and Miley is super busy!

  • savannah

    Doesn’t her face look a lot less round than usual? Like her chin, I don’t know. Lol.

  • jackie

    her smile looks like a RAT FACE
    good luck with that in the premiere!!!

  • a.m./p.m.

    This movie better do good. I’m not gonna watch it though. But Disney has really been in trouble lately. The Hannah Montana Movie soundtrack only reached #2 on the charts with 137,000 copies sold. This is low compared to her other albums. With the Jonas Brothers 3D movie a failure and now this, Disney better get ready because they are about to fizzle.

  • brooke

    what channel is the premire on???
    i want to watch it.

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/Billythekidny billythekid

    Only 11 comments but lots to comment on!

    To Natalie (#2)

    You should see the movie, but I don’t know why some people hate Miley for reasons even themselves can’t fathom.

    To Ryan (#5)

    They hang out alot on set and (according to Jason Earles) they eat lunch together everyday on set. These two are busy with their off hours.

    To Hane (#7)

    You are so full of manure I think it’s probably coming out of your ears right about now! Miley does not wear alot of makeup in public.

    To Jackie (#10)

    Blah blah blah blah

    To A.M/P.M (#11)

    Any album debuting at #2 on the charts is NOT a failure, especially a movie soundtrack that will continue to generate sales as the movie gets going in theaters. I would point to what Mama Mia did in sales rather than to the recent abysmal Jonas Brother failure as a gauge to what the Hannah soundtrack will do. I am not exactly sure but I think the Jonas’ debut had around 40,000 in sales? and immediately dwindled in sales to almost nothing. That isn’t likely here because there is actually new music involved, and some of it actually good!

    I also don’t agree with the comparison between the Jonas movie and the Hannah movie. The one is a real movie and the other was just a concert film. People made a big deal out of the Jonas film failing, but that was really only when compared to Miley’s concert film. Take away Miley’s example and the Jonas film does OK, for a concert film.

    Your final assessment that Disney had better get ready because they are about to fizzle is pretty laughable. Disney has plenty of products and they continue to make plenty of money. Even if the Hannah film only made 100 million in the US (it will make at least as much worldwide as it does stateside), it will still be a marketing success. It just won’t be the huge commercial success they had hoped for. remember this film only cost 35 million to produce. Compared to what Bolt and Wall-e cost, it’s a bargain.

  • a.m./p.m.

    @billythekid: Well I’m just saying that Miley has done much better with her albums, even the Hannah CD’s. And I still stand by my theory that Disney’s success streak is about to be over, mainly dealing with Disney Channel. HSM was their biggest creation and the 3rd movie wasn’t as big of a success as the first two movies. And this MIGHT be the same case for the Hannah Montana franchise. Disney has milked Hannah to the last penny and I’m not sure the franchise will be able to support Disney any longer.

  • Matt

    The premier was really fun. @ the end miley and billy ray preformed for the audience. The movie was just

  • laura

    has anyone here seen the movie yet? tell me was it good lol i mean like did anyone go to an early screening or watever

  • http://justjaredjr.com kidanimationlover

    yeah man tell me was it good????

  • alex

    the movie was really good but where ever she goes she needs to start dress more age appropriate

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