Jennette McCurdy: 'Cancer is a Terrible Thing'

Jennette McCurdy: 'Cancer is a Terrible Thing'

Jennette McCurdy gives a big thumbs up to JJJ readers at the 2009 Kids’ Choice Awards last weekend (March 28) in Los Angeles.

The 16-year-old iCarly cutie dished to JJJ about her upcoming album, standing up to cancer, and pal David Archuleta. Check it:

On possible album names: “We’re probably gonna go with So Close or just a self-titled. It will be released on June 30th so, I’m really excited. There are about 10-14 tracks on it.”

On her favorite track on the album: “This is going to be a weird analogy. It’s like having all these different kids and you can’t choose between them. They all spark from different ideas and each one means so much to you in a different way. I hope everyone can find at least one song that means something to them.”

On the most sentimental song: “There’s one that was written for my friend Cody, who passed away recently from brain cancer. It was very hard.”

On her fight against cancer: “I am. I’m trying to really help his charity. It’s called the Cody Waters Foundation. You can find out about it at Anything I can do to help cancer — my mom had cancer. Yea, it’s a terrible thing, so we have to get rid of it.”

On her favorite concert: “The David Archuleta concert. He’s a friend of mine, so I got to hang out backstage and it was great. His voice is like this flawness sheet of gorgeousness.”

On filming a music video for “So Close”: “I’m going to film one for ‘So Close’ coming up here soon. It should be in a couple of weeks and I get to help cast the guy. We’re brainstorming different concepts for it right now. We have like four storyboards. Trying to pick one is hard, a hard decision.”

On her favorite breakfast food: “I never have them, but I love brown cinnamon pop tarts or Special K cereal.”

On what show she’d love to guest star on: “Without a Trace. But I think it might be ending soon, or 10 Items or Less. If I could guest star on 10 Items or Less, I would freak out!”

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  • lindsay

    That’s horrible for her friend.

  • http://!!!!!!! Mileylover

    HOW SAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I JUST DID A PROJECT ABOUT BRAIN CANCER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  • miley#1fan4life


  • gloria

    aww love how she loves david!!!
    they should DATE :)

  • Lucille

    Who cares about her music video. The only reason people buy her song is because she begs them to on youtube.

  • nysro

    I’m so glad she clairfied the fact that cancer is terrible… damned i’ve been living a lie…

  • candy

    good for her! rock on jennette!!

  • candy

    @Lucille: her song = the best!!! :-)

  • krystal

    ya jennette!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jennettefann

    she is greaaaaaaat ;-D

  • Liz

    “Flawness”? What’s “flawness”? Someone’s making typos over here.

  • trisha

    Can’t wait for her album and it’s so sad cody already died. To her MOM “Be strong, don’t hold back”


    shes very pretty and has a good friend david she is preeeeeettty and what she said was good luv you jennette please see this and i cant wait until her album comes out bye jennette luv you.

  • http://jjj Ryan LaPlaca

    We have a problem JJJ says the album was released June 30th and its not. TELL US THE TRUE DATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • katiekz

    jennette is so pretty and has a beautiful voice!!! i hope she does pursue a career in singing!!!!

  • hopey

    isten lucille u r a liar and i will murder you. i am good friends with jennette and i will tell her now