Miley Cyrus Not Getting Married to Justin Gaston

Miley Cyrus Not Getting Married to Justin Gaston

Miley Cyrus gives a big thumbs up at the KIIS FM studios during her interview with radio host Ryan Seacrest early Thursday morning (April 2).

The 16-year-old starlet was asked by Ryan about model boyfriend Justin Gaston and if she would possibly marry him one day. Miley joked, “If he gets a pretty ring.”

She continued, “I love him, he is a very good man. He’s older but he is so nice, he’s a gentlemen and he’s a good Christian boy.”

Miley even shot down rumors about an imminent marriage by tweeting, “I am NOT getting married! I’m 16 and super focused on my career and just livinnggg life! I was kidding on Seacrest!!!! Ha-ha! A joke!”

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  • http://!!!!!!! Mileylover


    SHE TOO YOUNG !!!!!!!!!


  • Karina

    Ohh, I didn’t know that had a gossip that they were getting married !!

    Yeaah, she is really young !

  • =]

    people are already mad about her and justin

    she should listen to people when they are mad. cause that’s when the truth comes out

  • cc27

    I didn’t even kno about this rumour hehee xD
    Love you Miley! <3

  • katelyn

    she doesn’t listen to her fans.
    justin is more important to her than her fans.
    She’s growing up so fast. its like every month is her birthday.
    she’s really not 16.

    Im getting tired of them as a fan.
    not only me. you can see a lot of people feel the same.

    Their relationship is just so creepy. like what Seacrest said.
    He’s telling the truth.

  • Mariana

    hahahaa of course shes not getting married i mean cmon shes just 16!!

  • reginna

    that was a really stupid question though

  • Marjorie

    #5 I’m sorry, but why would she listen to people who don’t even KNOW Justin? And if you think she’s the first girl to be going out with an older guy, then you REALLY need to get out more.

  • Sav

    I love you Jared, but get it straight!

    The “pretty ring” comment was to a CALLER and her boyfriend whose name is also Justin. And the good christian comment was made by Mammie.

  • a fan

    It is pretty bad when Miley can’t even joke around. She tweeted that she is not getting married she is 16. As far as her fans – most of us are happy she is happy. We don’t hate Justin. As far as who she should date or marry for that matter – that is not something that us fans should not have any say so in. It is NOT our business. I am a fan of Miley’s because she is a great actress, singer & person NOT because of who she dates or who she might marry some day. & for the record – I don’t think Nick is the guy for her – I think Justin treats Miley much much better & that is one of the MOST important things.

  • billythekid

    Rumors are always flying high and wide when it comes to Miley, but I don’t know why people are still having trouble accepting that this guy is her guy, so to speak. And if she is in love with him as much as she says, then there should be no question about her leaving him just to please some fans. I mean, come on, she can’t please her fans no matter how hard you try, and it would just be ridiculous for her to try to live her life based on some fan opinion poll. She supposedly doesn’t drink, do drugs, use excessive language or smoke. Those are the sort of things her fans can expect her NOT to do.

  • jimmy

    If you can have a child, you can get married. Age shouldn’t be an obstacle. But yeah I agreed with Ryan Seacrest, Justin is creepy. She should just married Ryan hahaha…

  • Victoria

    love her!

  • a fan


    People have no right to be mad about who Miley dates or who she might marry one day – that is ONLY her business. Justin makes Miley happy & treats her much much better than Nick ever did – get over it!

    Those of us who really are fans of Miley want her to be happy & we are not fans of hers based on who she dates.

  • jo


    She listens to her fans as much as she should listen to her fans. They can’t run her life. She has every right to live and grow and go through relationships on her own. It’s part of growing up!
    Yea, some people feel the same as you do, but at the same time she has ALOT OF supporters. And that’s what matters.

    She does her best to keeps us all happy and thats all she can do.

  • gEEZ

    you go miley hang on to justin hes a great guy,and you have been so happy,dont loose that.your both lucky to have each other.but you might want to let up on texting nick so much,some guys would be offended by that,just saying dont loose justin over something so stupid

  • ivanka

    gosh i got scared.. i can expect anything from her

  • jb fanaticc

    omg dats soo crazy about her getting married to justin…
    and i know this isnt my business but yea,nick jonas is the one for miley…justin is hot, but nick is the one for her..
    u no wat i fink, i fink nicks datin selena so that he gets his mind off miley and miley is dating justin so that she gets her mind off nick…

    i mean did u see the golden globes, did u see the way they looked at each otha so much…they still love each otha…miley admited it..

    go niley!

  • Shirley

    selena is last year’s news.

  • http://jjj miley

    risky jokes miley! but even though you’re awesome and i wish you luck with your career!

  • kidanimationlover

    omg you guys really believe that? LOL it was a only joke.



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