Sabrina Bryan & Kiely Williams Say What?

Sabrina Bryan & Kiely Williams Say What?

BFFs Sabrina Bryan and Kiely Williams are now holding online auditions for their new talk show, Say What?

The two former Cheetah girls are looking for men and women over the age of 18 to star on their new venture together: Say What — A Better Type of Talk Show.

Visit the for all the official rules. Here are the basics: Men must have a strong will and good heart and must love sports. Women must have an opinion on fashion, music and, art. Send an email to with and photo and a short paragraph about yourself. Videos are appreciated and all ethnicities are welcomed.

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  • miley

    This so cool I can’t wait to see this go Sabrina Bryan and Kiley WIllams.

  • jessica

    I love Sabrina Bryan good idea from both of them.

  • taylor

    Awesome I hope I can make the cut. Your my idol Sabrina :)

  • krissy

    Great concept by my favorite two Cheetah girls Sabrina Bryan and Keily Willams.

  • Melissa

    I am so excited about this Sabrina is amazing and teamed with Kiely it should an amazing and fun show. They are both so comical

  • demi

    good news and a cute picture by them. Thanks Just Jared Jr on more information on Sabrina Bryan.

  • victoria

    OMG this the best news today. I <3 Sabrina.

  • Donna c

    Can’t wait to see what these two multi-talented girls come up with! It will be a joy I’m sure!! Love Sabrina, and by extension, her BFF Kiely.

  • clay

    Hot girls esp. the blonde one :P

  • selena

    Que savoy, I will try out and hope I can meet Sabrina Bryan.

  • ava

    Yay more of Sabrina Bryan I like it.

  • annie

    This sounds like such a great idea. So glad Sabrina and Kiely are going to work together again! They’re great!!!

  • vanessa


  • gina

    Will check out the website after I get out of my classes.

  • cheryl

    I’ve been waiting to see Sabrina get a show. This is neato.

  • sarah

    Yes, Do when know when this will air and on what channel? Thanks JJR. Sabrina rox

  • nicoles

    Awesome love u girls

  • Cindy

    This fantasitc idea , love the fact that Sabrina and Kiely are doing a talk show together. Should be fun :)

  • Brenda

    This is Kewl. About time Sabirna you get a show and it’s with Kiely

  • grace

    alright for Sabrina and Kiely

  • Kelly

    This is will be a great show and I can’t wait to tune in when it airs. Yay Bri Bri :)

  • Ivette

    OMG, this is so cool!!!! Love Sabrina and Keily!!!

  • Polvopaw

    This is such a cool idea, its going to be great to see them together and having fun!!! Cant wait to see the show!!!!!! SABRINA ROCKS!!!!

  • emily

    Sabrina Bryan having show, Yes!!

  • daisy

    thanks Just Jared on more Sabrina. Hope there is more to come from her she’s my favorite star.

  • isabel

    thanks for link and will be watching when it comes out Bri Bri and Kiki you both are amazing ladies.

  • ellen

    I can’t to see what the show will bring. Sabrina please do more dancing you are the best.

  • Esther

    This is so cool, cant wait to see what the show is about. Its so cool that they are still such good friends, love them both but Sabrina is my favorite, LOL, Love her!!! :D

  • Sussy

    love, love, love this idea, cant wait to see the show!!! :D

  • tih-ago

    cool! Kiely is really fun! this will be really nice!

  • Jair

    Love Sabrina, she is so beautiful and funny, this show is going to Rock!!!!!

  • Michele

    These two are hilarious together, so this should be lots of fun! Can’t wait to see what they come up with!

  • cynthia

    wow, love the concept and yay for seeing more of Sabrina Bryan. thanx jared :)

  • jerilynn

    Great to see Sabrina and Kiely doing something together other than the Cheetah girl stuff.

  • becky

    Wonderful idea, it’s going to be so much fun seeing more of Sabrina on TV.

  • kristal

    Absolutely can’t wait to watch Sabrina and Kiely. I think they both have such great attitudes and it should be fun to watch them on Tv.Go Sabrina.

  • vera

    Sabrina is hillarious and I can’t wait for it!

  • dahillia

    I think Sabrina and Kiely will have a great show They just keep moving on up. Go girls. Sabrina my daughter loves Byou 2 and Princess of Gossip

  • lacey

    <333 Sabrina :) :)

  • jamie

    Good idea, will spread the word Sabrina and Kiley. Sabrina you rock :)

  • anibel

    I’ve been waiting for talk show with Sabrina in it. Good to know tha she will be doing this project with another Cheetah girl.

  • hailey

    Sabrina and Kiely you both rock

  • norma

    Sabrina your show is going to be good. Will you be doing more E corresponding it’s just not the same withhout you on there. Team Sabrina :)

  • johanna

    Great suprise to hear that you two will be doing a show. Sabrina <3

  • Chuy

    Sabrina is so HOOOOOT!!!

  • B_L_B

    Its going to be a cool show, with Sabrina and Keily, it sure is going to be funny, they are both very funny and cute!!! Good Luck Girls!!!

  • kati

    Sabrina come to london soon.

  • paola

    Que linda que Sabrina va esta in a show.

  • rebecca

    Team Sabrina

  • lucy

    Sabrina you keep suprises us with your ventures can’t wait to see what you and Kiely have up the sleeve with this new show.

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