Miley Cyrus: Doritos For Breakfast!

Miley Cyrus: Doritos For Breakfast!

Miley Cyrus, BFF Emily Osment and dad Billy Ray get up close and personal as they ask each other questions that were submitted by fans on Moviefone’s Unscripted.

Emily, 17, asked Miley, 16, what exactly she had for breakfast. Miley shared, “I had Doritos, Sun Chips, pretzels and Cheetos…breakfast is the one time where you can have something really gross.” Yummy!

Emily jumped in, “Because you have the rest of the day to burn it off.”

TELL JJJ: What did you have for breakfast?

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  • http://iasrg jay

    I think she ate Munchies…. They come with all those things together in a bag :)

  • Megan

    first????awesome!! CANT WAIT 4 THE MOVIEE!! <3

  • G

    carne asada fries. om nom nom.

  • Isabellina


  • scarlette

    emilys kind of boring, mileys kind of obnoxious, and billy ray is billy ray haha

  • daniyah

    haha thats funny! mileys laff was funny hehe ANUS! lol love them!

  • jgjg

    they are sooo wrong breakfast is the part of the day that u have to eat the healthiest what are they trying to do promote unhealthy eating?

  • ashley

    miley is so obnoxious .
    emily is classy and normal.

  • dani
  • Bella

    LOL Billy Ray “famous anus”. Whoa, Miley’s laugh when he said that.

  • joanne

    she had the mix bags of chips

  • jo

    Relax people. So she ate that one morning.. I’m a healthy eater and I’ve eaten pizza for breakfast before! Big whoop. Mileys funny.

  • mileyfan

    miley is awesome

  • violinbug1410

    soo funny!

  • Kris

    miley bugs me..
    emily is the only one i like..
    she seems so much more mature than miley.

  • m

    shes not weird, ive had cold pasta in the morning
    especially when you wake up late, its awsome

  • alexx

    miley’s funny she makes me smile haha



  • amber

    sounds a little like my breakfast
    i had a yogurt, hersheys kisses, and water :)

  • dundies

    pizza isnt even that bad for breakfast. but those doritos will go right to her ass

  • jessica

    love miley the most…
    Billy Ray seems like a swell dad, some people question his parenting a lot.

  • sean84

    well dat was pretty funny interviews nd well am relly happy billy ray likes zz tops lol theyre 1 off my fav bands lol

  • ivanka

    i was about to say that.. gosh this girl contradicts herself alot

  • Jim

    This world sucks(gun pointed to the head), BANG!!

  • http://jj myob

    if ur gonna diss miley and say shes obnoxious why are u watchin her vids

  • Vanessa

    miley made fun of her dad the whole time, so funny =D

  • billythekid

    To Ivanka (#23)

    How big is your head? You sound like one of those loser type chicks with a big head who does nothing more than talk trash. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t contradict themselves. The best people do it, but only the high and mighty stand around and criticize others for what they certainly do themselves! Grow up and stop being a hypocrite.

  • mcytnews

    i love miley and emily!! billy ray is cool too!!

    i’m a beatles fan too that’s so cool!! nirvana rules!!!


    c27 is a sad movie! but i like it it tells us everything about john lennon!! :)

  • crystal

    lol they are soo down to earth and my question was answered on the complete interview @ 6:39 i was sooo stoked!

  • Taylor

    I had doritos haha they are delicious!!!!!! they are the only thing me and my friends eat when we are together

  • bess

    i dont like boring ppl…..people like miley make me laugh i love loud ppl!

  • rochelline

    I think she had munchies for breakfast….I love those…they mixed doritos, sun chips, pretzels(rold gold), and cheetos in one bag….
    miley’s laugh is so funny…it made me laugh…and emily’s too….

  • blair archibald

    Johny Cash? never heard of him….

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