Miley Cyrus & Taylor Swift: P.F. Chang's Party

Miley Cyrus & Taylor Swift: P.F. Chang's Party

Cause it’s a girl’s night

Miley Cyrus hangs onto BFFs Emily Osment, Taylor Swift and Demi Lovato as they make their way into P.F. Chang’s for the Hannah Montana The Movie premiere after party in Los Angeles on Thursday night (April 2).

Taylor, 19, tweeted before the girls left the premiere, “Dinner with Demi, Miley, Emily, Brandi, Trace.”

On the way back from dinner, Miley and boyfriend Justin Gaston stopped for gas.

15+ pics of Miley Cyrus‘s girl’s night out…

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miley cyrus girls night out 02
miley cyrus girls night out 03
miley cyrus girls night out 04
miley cyrus girls night out 05
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miley cyrus girls night out 07
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Credit: Karl/Tony, Greg Tidwell; Photos: INFdaily, PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • secret

    i love this.
    what do you mean minus miley?
    i love how they all hang out/

  • Anoymnous

    why is everyone dressed up apart from miley?

  • Wisher

    Why is miley wearing that :|

    And poor taylor swift doesnt have much freinds eh ? has to hang out with a bunch of 16 yr olds. !

    But i love her music! She should just get friends of her own age u know .

  • dani


    Shut up and don’t speak on things you know nothing about! Taylor does have friends her own age!

  • Annie..!

    Love theeeeeeeeeeeeemmm!!!!
    i love how miley’s dressed :D
    Even tho she looks exausted :S
    P.S…. Miley looks taller, don’t ya think?!

  • Amanda

    i think it’s adorable how they all hangout.
    Ahah i am happy Miley finally admitted Justin and her are dating.

  • Annette

    lol miley would be the most laid back one :)
    she loves being comfy! but not gonna lie, her facial expressions in some of these pics are terrible =/ lol but love her!

  • Vanessa

    these 4 ladies.. MY FAV!!

  • kayla

    i want miley’s uggs lol

  • Wisher


    and like you know taylor swift . Besides i did say i like her and her music .! It was my opinion . !

  • gEEZ

    miley you shouldnt wear such low cut tops and why are you pushing them up in that one some modesty

  • mileyfan

    miley is the greatest and most grounded celeb eva

  • Lauren

    seriously, why is miley wearing that???

  • dundies

    miley is the greatest and most grounded celeb eva

    the most grounded…really? shes in the ranks of sophia bush?

  • shell


    You my friend are an idiot. Three years? That’s the age difference…I have plenty of friends who are 18 and plenty of friends who are 24…is that a problem?

    Not to mention Miley is DATING a 20 year old…isn’t that what you’re supposed to be worried about?

    And Taylor does hang out with people her age…she best friends with Kellie Pickler

  • Guguie!

    love that miley has changed her outfitt lol and the rest of the girls !
    she is so unique!!!! :)
    also love taylor’s dress! looks amazing on her! :)

  • Jaytee. (:

    I love how Miley was the only smart one that brought extra clothes to change into. Lol. I think it’s really cool how they all hang out and they’re all really good friends. For some reason, I never really think about them being friends. I guess, since I go to public school, I’m just use to hanging out with kids from school and church. I guess, when you are with the same people at every ‘company party’ or premeire, you do become friends. That’s cool. Idk why, it just is. Lol.

  • **********ABBY*****

    what hair colour does miley have???
    It looks like Blonde ,what do u think??

  • billythekid

    To Geez (#13)

    She has got her arms crossed for comfort as she is walking without a care in the world for the sort of things you are trying to look for. Please, do yourself a favor and grow up already.

  • http://jjj miley

    the best gang ever! all of them just rock!

  • Erica from California

    Cute. 4 of my favorite celebs together. That’s awesome!

    & Taylor has friends of all ages. She can hang with whomever she likes.

    & so does miley, demi & emily. So back off Taylor, please.!

  • alala

    they all look gorgeus, love all of them <3333333333

  • alala

    they all look gorgeous, love all of them <3333333333

  • haydee


    but they all look nice

  • haydee


    but they all look GORGEOUS

  • jo

    I love love when they all hang together, and I think most fans would agree!

    I think miley was just sleepy and wanted to feel comfortable after a long day.. So what?

  • saudia

    why did miley change? everyone is still in their premiere outfits ALL GORGEOUS BY THE WAY .. hott :)

  • tweetyjobro

    demi looks the best she is super pretty

  • *jonascyruslovatolove*

    I like how everyone’s so dressed up except for Mileeyy xD

  • melissa. *

    lol, everyone looks great! & miley looks like she just, casual. xD something, i would wear at homee. (: anyways, they looks great.
    DAMN, demi got tannn. she looks kind of orange…but still looking hot.

  • http://. Vic2763

    Miles is lookin comfy cool w/ BFFFFFs’. Havnt seen that many Fs since Jackson’s last report card. I crack me up. rofl, hahahahah =]

  • nini_cyrus_jonas_lovato

    wow miley is so but so so so so beautiful…
    yeah girls night out..!!
    team miley, taylor, emily and demi..!!!
    miley. taylor, emily, demi bffs..!!!

  • ivanka

    i agree with wisher #5 and im a taylor swift fan

  • a.m./p.m.

    @haydee: Selena’s still in Puerto Rico. She’s coming back this weekend I think.

    Did you guys know Miley follows Selena’s Twitter? The weird thing is that Selena doesn’t follow Miley’s. I’m pretty sure they are good friends

  • Victoria

    obsessed with them all! they are definitely my favorites <3

  • dance_Stars

    All the girls look beautiful. But wow Demi looks really nice here.

  • Billie

    I love how tall taylor is! lol

    Tall ppl unite!!!!!!! :D

  • Melisa

    3 of my favorite celebs together
    Demi, Miley and Taylor :)
    Demi looks beautiful
    I love her outfit!!

  • Cindy

    Miley got dressed up later at the day.
    and Taylor could hangout with whoever she feels.
    Love it :]

  • arantxa


  • erika

    ok i love miley, taylor, and emily but demi has been bugging me a ;ot now. i dont like her anymore.

  • Maryssa Jonas

    my dad owns a p.f. changs out here in michigan

  • jennifer

    uhm cool. that is definitely me in the last picture taking a picture with taylor. awesome!


    yes selena does follow miley on twitter , you have to click on her full list of people she follows

  • hmmclvr

    This is awesome that all of the girls can go out after a long day.

  • nickj0nas

    why is everyone all dressed up and miley decided to wear that ugly thing even at the premire she didn’t really dress up nice its not just her movie she kept saying over and over this is my movie and its the first movie that is actually just mine in interviews thats pretty rude to everyone else in the movie
    i’m so glad this show is being cancelled this year i’m sick of it and stuck-up miley

  • iluvrobpattz

    they all look great, especially miley. LOVE the “laid back” look. where’s selena? :-(

  • iluvrobpattz

    emily is 18………. and THERE!!!!!! so she does have friends aroound her age (take or gain a year)