Taylor Swift 'Belongs' on Jay Leno

Taylor Swift 'Belongs' on Jay Leno

Taylor Swift rocks out with guitarist and good pal Grant as they performs her hit song, “You Belong With Me,” on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Thursday night (April 2).

The 19-year-old “Fifteen” singer was actually running late to the Hannah Montana premiere before hitting the red carpet with pals Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato.

Taylor tweeted, “Leno, Access Hollywood, Hannah Montana movie premiere. That’s 5 dresses in one day. I love it.”

Check out her performance below!

Taylor Swift – “You Belong With Me” – “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno”, 04/02
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  • Bubba

    I love Taylor Swift. This song is soooooooooooooooo good! And she’s really pretty(: I love her hair!

  • cc27

    I Love Your Music Taylor!! <3

  • cami

    This is the best song ever!!
    I love it <3
    It’s my favourite song (L)

  • Chelsey

    Tayor swift is amazing!

  • yo mama

    taylor sucks the hairy birdddd.

  • http://V831227 NeLL

    Hope Taylor can come to Taiwan , Love you Taylor.

  • http://V831227 Nell

    Hope Taylor can come to Taiwan , LOVE Talyor .

  • Amanda

    I’m really glad that this is her next single. It’s such a relateable song for girls and i’m sure it’ll go big. I’m not a fan of this performance though.

  • Bradley

    Taylor Swift is so beautiful I love her Music.

  • Annabel

    I love her songs, but every time I see her perform, I can’t help but wish that someone else would sing them for her. Her hand motions and facial expressions look so premeditated. I can honestly see the wheels turning in her head, like she’s thinking “all right 7 seconds into the song I’m going to put my hand to my ear like a telephone, and then I’m going to flap it around while rolling my eyes, and after that I’ll point to myself to fit with the line” etc. I mean, these are logical things to do but the way she does the seems so unnatural and forced. And the fact that she can’t sing more than 3 lines without sounding shaky and out of breath doesn’t help matters. It’s like hearing any other 19-year-old girl singing karaoke. I was surprised to learn that she actually has had vocal lessons. They either aren’t working or she’s not putting them to use. She just isn’t a very good performer, in my opinion. I think it’s her charming, bubbly personality and good looks that have made and kept her this popular.

    Phew, sorry for such a long-winded comment.

  • bere

    oohh this my favorite song !!
    i love it!!
    and taylor is great!!

  • lola

    @Annabel: yes she’s a little weird with her hands and her moves

  • http://twitter.com loganftw

    I love Taylor…but this was a poor perfomance, her voice is so shaky live! But I give her credit for not lip syncing or anything! :)

  • Chelsey

    @Annabel: at least she seems real, unlike other performers (not saying any names) that can’t sing live and have even lip synched!

  • Annabel

    @Chelsey: In my opinion, lip synching is no worse than singing poorly live. If you need to lip synch, then that means you can’t sing well live. And if you don’t sing well live, then… you can’t sing well live. No difference. People like to make a lot of excuses for Taylor because she’s sweet: “She was sick. She was nervous. But she’s such a good writer!” Well, then, she should stick to writing. “Seeming real” is not her profession. If your job is to be a professional singer and yet you can’t carry a tune, then you need to choose a different occupation.

  • ryan

    Amen to that Annabel! When I pay to see a live show, I expect the singer to be able to sing.
    (side note) -save all the same old lame comments, ie “You’re just jealous, you’re a hater, you probably can’t sing any better” etc etc. I’m a guy, and no, I don’t secretly wish I was a blond country singer, and no I’m not a hater. I simply appreciate good live music and taylor doesn’t have it.

    When people say “well at least she sounds good on the CD” yeah, thank autotune and all the pitch correcting technology for that. But “at least she’s not lip syncing” Excuse me but the bar should be set a bit higher than just being thankful a live show does not include lip syncing. I expect the singer to sound just as good if not better than the cd. Martina Mcbride is a perfect example. Her live vocals blew her cd out of the water, same with carry underwood and miranda lambert. If the singer sounds worse live, then that is called deception, it’s not real, and I want my money back.

    A few years ago, I went to see george strait live and taylor was one of several opening acts, this was back before she was really famous. The audience was talking, walking around and not paying attention to her. Genuine talent would’ve caught people’s attention. In all honesty, she couldn’t carry a tune through any of her songs and it was painful to listen to, so much that a couple next to us asked us if she was a local who won a contest or something to have the chance to sing on stage!!

    The point is, taylor is a good song writer but that’s as far as her talent goes. Call me crazy but I’m just not impressed by a pretty girl who can’t sing.

>>>>>>> staging1