Zac Efron: Breakthrough Performer of the Year

Zac Efron: Breakthrough Performer of the Year

Zac Efron shows off his Breakthrough Performer of the Year award at the ShoWest 2009 awards ceremony held at the Paris hotel in Las Vegas on Thursday evening (April 2).

The 21-year-old actor was honored for his performances in Hairspray and High School Musical 3: Senior Year.

Mitch Neuhauser, co-managing director of the event, shared, “His undeniable onscreen presence and charm have connected with fans around the world, and with the impending release of the comedy 17 Again, Zac Efron is poised to break out as a true Hollywood star. We are so pleased to be able to present him with the ShoWest 2009 Breakthrough Performer of the Year Award.”

Others honored included: Chris Pine, Briana Evigan, Rumer Willis, Leah Pipes, Jamie Chung, Audrina Patridge, Margo Harshman, Dennis Quaid, Rachel McAdams, Sienna Miller, Bradley Cooper, Michael Caine, directors Michael Bay and Zack Snyder.

10+ pics inside of Zac Efron accepting his award…

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Photos: Ethan Miller/Getty Images
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  • ilovezanessaxo


  • lucasgrabeelrocks

    WOO! GO ZAC!

  • nikki

    GOOO ZACHARY!!! i love youu<3 hope you have a great carree!!!! I AM IN LOVE WITH ZAC EFRON!!! :D my fiture husband!!


    way to go Zac.

  • becky

    Zac I am so happy for you.

  • mary s

    Congratulations Zac

    but ,vanessa ,where is she ??

    JJ Any news of her ,soon

  • ryanefron

    omg i was there 2 ddays ago :(
    but yay Zac! i am so proud of hiM! he is the coolest guy ever.

  • desiree

    well i see zaccy went to showest alone guess he was sad he couldn’t take his new houchie from harry potter. life must be great when people will cover for you

    they say he was screwing around london with her but when his or her publicity person denies it all he says is “they didn’t speak at the premiere” well dummy no one accused them of speaking at the premiere they said they were screwing around londontown with each other

    so the pr person didn’t deny anything they just covered it up man vanessa is going to really get her heart stomped on and he won’t even care

  • becky

    #8 Shut up.

  • aw



    Congrats to Zac!

  • zanessa/jashley/ashnessa

    Aw, well doesn’t he look marvelously dashing ? He looks hot. As usual. YAY Zachary !! Breakthrough Performer of the Year. Impressive :D Soon, he’ll be getting Oscars. :D He’s just that good. Hot, talented, smart.

    …#8, kinda harsh ?

  • kittykat

    @mary s: Vanessa wasn’t there. There are pics on getty and wire image of the arrivals, the banquet and the awards show and she’s not in any of them. Guess she wasn’t invited. More likely that she isn’t worthy enough to be seen in public with Zac these days. Nice to see that he’s okay with being photographed with other women at the event though.

    I think Zac is going to have a red hot career and he’s worked very hard to break into the mainstream. He’s earned his success. I don’t blame him for enjoying his new found fame and wanting to fly solo but man up and break up with your girlfriend first. That’s just low. It’s like she’s only good enough for HSM-related events. Otherwise he’s a free agent.

  • Ann

    Way to go ZAC, I’m happy they finally see what a good actor you are. At least for Hairspray,

    We can forget about the other piece of garbage and the refuge from the garbage dump

  • mhay


  • Becky

    Omg whats will all the hate tonight.

  • Becky

    Just jared please banned the haters.

  • zanessaholic

    congratz zac!!! :)

  • zac is gorgeous!!!!!!!

    zac is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ever.

  • Marie

    #8 you are so dumb. Zac looks hot.

  • http://rss Martha

    wow I’m so proud of him. Truly amazing. HSM was far superior to HS considering Zac’s screentime for the latter was around 9mins! Not that he wasn’t good, just that HSM was miles better and lots more to work with.

    Can’t wait for 17!!

  • desiree

    he has to check out the action so he won’t be alone tonight what a creep

    go to london as see your new houchie

    and don’t get all goofy eyed over his talent hes okay as an actor but as a man he sucks

  • awurbii

    #12 kittykat,

    you’re going to have to get over the dissapointment that he’s not
    dating you. not only does he not know who you are….. ..but he doesn’t care about whatever you think. i just felt that i needed to inform you of that before you get your hopes up!!

    and by the way, its low for someone to break up with their girlfriend just because of their career. if you think that’s fine then i don’t know what kind of person you think are because that is the lowest form of human being.

  • Boji

    awurbii#21, you tell kittykat like it is. She’s got her claws out I can tell.

    I agree in that Zac does prefer Vanessa by his side giving him the support and attention.However. It is good to see him out at a public function holding his own and so with Vanessa. Even as a couple they both need their own identities to move on in their careers and need to be recognised as individuals and not as one half of a couple or part of the HSM gang( Disney)

  • athena

    Awesome!!! I wondered how long it would take JJ to post something about this event….Congrats Zac!!!

  • gracemarie

    Am I the only one who saw how happy Z&V were on Sunday or that they were together for the video being shown with his movie.

    Taking a pix with someone at an event is not a crime.

  • marie

    congratulations zacc :D

  • zanessafan4ever

    CONGRATS ZAC!!!!!!!!!!

    N ZAC U LOOK GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!

  • mykamicks

    Hey guys, here you are again. dont worry awubii,

    Let me expain well on how’s Zac itinerary & promotional tour was… For those who makes non sense of Zacs itinerary and thinking everything if Vanessa was with him or not. One, it is Zac’s movie that he is promoting… if others has seen Vanessa with him or not, its non of your business.And make some stupid comments without proving so that ZAC’s GIRLFRIEND was with HIM. Those who usually critiize Vanessa being with Zac or vice versa, hey guys accept the fact that these two people are into a relaionship. You can do nothing about them at the moment if they’re always being like with each other. except get envious & keep on praying that you will be Zac’s girlfriend too someday. The thing is VANESSA is a CERTIFIED GIRLFRIEND OF ZAC AT THE MOMENT. Im so sad they always get disappointed that ZAC & VANESSA are very much still with each other…..

    Bless these two wonderful people. Congrats Zac for winning that recognition. And to Vanessa, for winning the FAVORITE FEMALE MOVIE STAR…

  • Karen

    My dear Ann, I really hate to break it to you but you really do need some new writers…

    kittykat: You are so woefully uninformed that I’m afraid nobody could take you seriously for even a moment…don’t guess you’ve heard of anything like the Golden Globes, Oscars, or KCA where Zac and Vanessa showed up together.

    desiree: I already answered you on the JJ board but hold on just a minute and I will copy and past that comment here too.

    BTW, there were no pictures of Zac with Vanessa when she did the Gucci event but reports stated he was there. Perhaps Vanessa was in Las Vegad but was not pictured. Maybe, just maybe they are trying to allow each other to shine separately at THEIR events sometimes. OR maybe Zac wasn’t at the Gucci dinner and mayb Vanessa isn’t in Las Vegas. They are not Simese twins if you haven’t noticed. Brad and Angie are not at every premiere or event together either.

  • kittykatHATErhaha

    whatever youre just jealous!
    what zanessa have is REAL so thats something you’ll have to get over with & mind your own LOVE LIFE. Those things do not matter in their relationships, they dont have to be with each other 24/7, like every couples, they need a “holiday” so they can miss each other & be their own person. They do go to premieres together & you haven’t seen Vanessa’s full potential as an actress. She is a great dancer, singer, and soon actress. Everyone starts off somewhere. HSM is actually big! Not to poeple like you who looks down on anything light-hearted so be quiet.



  • awurbii

    #27 mykamicks,

    thanks for writing that but i’m not worried about whether or not zac takes photos with other girls. there’s no crime against it and it doesn’t worry me. matter of fact i get annoyed when celebrities are spotted with people like their bodyguards and they say their dating. i was just addressing the stupidness of others to realise that. and how dumb ppl are when they trash ppl they don’t know. but its cool that you took the time to explain. :D

    oh i forget to write before. congratulations to zac for winning that award!!i read like a month ago that he was recieving it. he’s going to have a great career!!

    i forget to

  • lisa

    Audrina i am so happy for you, you are loved…xoxoxoox

  • Karen

    OK, here we go with the Bonnie Wright story—the girl from Harry Potter who was at the 17 Again premiere in London:

    1. A site by the name of TEEN HOLLYWOOD reported it. Sounds like a stellar publication to me—one that only prints facts just the way they are happening. IF anyone would care to read the article you will see the way they wrote it made it sound “sensational”. However the same thing could have been written in Ladies Home Journal without the sensational ‘words” and nobody would think anyhthing about it.

    2. Then Star magazine—another stellar publication we have all learned only prints the whole truth and nothing but the truth(!)—-picked up the story and ran with it. Apparently they could find anyone else that was more in demand so they used a story about Zac.

    3. Bonnie Wright’s PEOPLE denied the story, not Zac’s. We have already seen however that everywhere Zac went on his movie promotions he had his people with him like PR and security.

    4. Does it not seem a little unlikely to anyone with a fraction of a brain how stupid it sounds for Zac to go to London for just a couple days to promote a movie, do some TV shows and just for good measure decide to throw in a one-night stand with someone he MAY have just met ONE time—even though her people deny this was the case that she even met Zac? There are those who would make it seem that anytime Zac goes someplace without Vanessa even it is is for 2-3 days he is ready to bed whatever person happens to be around which a gossip site chooses to write about? Isn’t that insulting not to just Zac Efron but to anyone who has a functioning brain?

    Oh my, yes, it really makes sense to desiree that Zac goes to Australia and a girl he “has” to meet because she won a contest means he went to bed with her. Then the next country has a picture taken with another budding young star, Taylor Swift, and suddenly he got together with her after the show and proof is in the pudding because he went to her concert the next night. It doesn’t matter that Zac only stayed for his movie for about 15 minutes and left with his PR and security and Taylor viewed the whole movie… To hear the rodent or desiree tell the story—and they usually tell a whopper—-Zac beds any random female there is like it is a have-to situation with every place he promotes his movie or shows up to an event that doesn’t have Vanessa around. However, he then comes home and is with Vanessa and never do you hear of these other people again. How totally ludicrous. But then again, even though we have next to no possibility that he has ever seen Nikki Blosnky since they promoted Hairspray together about 2 years ago except for the Palm Spring Film Festival—where Zac took Vanessa—and the MTV awards—where he also took Vanessa and NO pictures of Zac and Nikki could be seen taken together— these crazies want everyone to believe these two are in close personal contact and have a thing for each other. Zac is a rat and desiree are still living in that delusional world and are mad when reality comes too close to them and they out of there indignation must spread lies whenever Vanessa is out of viewing range.

  • zac is a rat

    Another event that Zac attends and does’nt take Vanessa what a suprise there as it’s been pointed out he has no problem being photograped with other women and looks really happy about it, yea he was with Vanessa on saturday but again it was a HSM related thing so of course he’s gonna go and pretend to want to be there to all his little fans but when it’s something higher up than that sorry folks but Vanessa is’nt good enough to be seen with him.

    I hope she does’nt go to his LA.premier of 17 Again she did’nt go to any of the others and Zac was quite happy to be eyeing up other girls and wanting to take them back to the hotel did he give a dam about his gf back home then the answer no and why would he she was’nt there to see what he was doing.

    One of these days at one of these events Zac is going to get caught on camera with another woman doing something he should’nt people can’t cover for him forever and then how will he explain it.

    It seems since they have both finished with Disney Zac no longer wants to be photograped with Vanessa at events HSM related or not. He wants all the limelight to himself, well I hope for one that Vanessa has a bigger and better careeer than Zac does she’s a strong young woman who does’nt need a loser like Zac by her side. As for Zac saying he’s fallen in love yea that’s probably true but it’s not with Vanessa it’s with himself even more than he already does love himself and with that amount of love for himself there’s no room for anybody else.

    I highly doubt that we will see anymore vacation pictures of him and Vanessa the way things are going. It’s a good job that they did’nt buy a house together and have their own space that’s one less painful thing for Vanessa to have to deal with.

    Zac’s on the View soon to god he’ll love that again he’ll be around women which he loves and more important he’ll be away from Vanessa which he seems to be loving more and more now that he’s not connected with Disney and since havingthat naked woman on him seems like he’s not only breaking away from Disney but he’s also breaking away from Vanessa.

  • nessaisstunning

    Congrats to Zac. It’s a big night for him.

    This award show is the oddest group of winners I’ve ever seen. LOL There is something so wrong with pairing honorees with real talent and who exhibit class and hard work like Rachel, Zac, Michael, Chris, Zack Snyder with the great stars of tomorrow winners: Rumer Willis and Audrina Partridge and a few other celebutants/reality women I’d never heard of. So wrong to have them on the same stage. lol

    Oddest grouping ever.

  • awurbii

    oh zac is a rat…….GIVE IT A REST!!!

    you are driving evryone crazy!!!! zac seems like a good guy and i’m sick of you writing your false comments in an effort to degrade him. there’s no proof he’s done anything wrong. so give up already!

  • gracemarie

    @zac is a rat:

    Just when I thought you couldn’t get any more stupid that somehow you and Desiree had reached the threshold of insanity, you do a multiple paragraph dissertation to display your foolishness in all it’s glory.

    Zac and V just got through doing a video together that will be shown before his movie in theaters.

    Last night he was seen arriving at the Gucci event for what seemed like picking her up
    Either way they love and support each other when they are together and when they are not.

  • Karen

    zac is a rat, desiree, and poor “one note” Ann don’t care anymore if they make any sense or not. They just want to be obnoxious and annoying. They know they make no sense and frankly, by now, they know—and don’t care—that nobody believes them. So, basically WE who reply and mention their names are to blame for them. They are like celebrities since they get so much attention for such stupidity.

    Many of us have discussed this before and we really should follow through and that is to totally IGNORE these people who are always on these boards saying the EXACT same thing. We ALL know by now what they are going to say. We have all said our piece. Very few random people are going to come along who do not know about them or us so why are we giving these type people more than their 15 minutes of fame? They never have any concrete evidence of anything they proclaim. AND IF there was any earth shattering news, trust me, one of the die-hard fans who have followed these two for the past 2 years—since the Hawaiian photos at least—-would be reporting that news, not these stellar people!

  • yets

    maybe lets just ignore this zac is a rat and desiree nonsense comments.
    Well Congrats Zac were proud of you.

  • zac is a rat

    Zac will be okay anway at the LA. premier becuase if Vanessa does’nt go but the other cast members do especially Leslie he can carry on where he left off withhis crush on her so maybe it’s a good thing that Vanessa is’nt going becuase if she did she’d be the spare part in between those two as Zac would only have eyes for Leslie.

  • Boji

    Hiya, Rat Face, getting your kicks out of running Zac down and condemning him, I see. Stupid is as Stupid does.

    I hate to say this, but the Desirees I’ve known so far have the tendancies towards b i t c h i ness. You, Desiree, fit the bill perfectly.

  • beverley

    Zac is a Rat …… know what ?? You can spend as much time as you want posting unfounded rumours about Zac on this site,but whatever you say will have absolutely no bearing whatsoever on Zac and Vanessa’s relationship.

    You only succeed in continuously making yourself look stupid, desperate,deluded,jealous,bitter,sad etc. with your fake concern for Vanessa and endless attempts to make Zac look bad.

    As you seem to blindly bypass sightings/appearances that don’t suit your purpose……..Zac and Vanessa were together all day Tuesday at the video shoot,and at some point at the Gucci event in the evening.

    Successful relationships are made up of two individuals who don’t need to spend every waking moment together….something that you seem to have difficulty understanding.

  • Mandy

    why is this not at JJ but JJJ?!?!?!?

    Zac is not a teen-actor anymore
    he is 21 years old
    at one of the most honorable awards and yet you put him in JJJ?????

    that just DOESNT MAKE SENSE TO ME–
    please please please
    post it on JJ too…i mean u kno zacs trying to become a mature actor but yet it doesnt seem lyk you support it,

  • Mandy

    why is this not at JJ but JJJ?!?!?!?

    Zac is not a teen-actor anymore
    he is 21 years old
    at one of the most honorable awards and yet you put him in JJJ?????

    that just DOESNT MAKE SENSE TO ME–
    please please please
    post it on JJ too…i mean u kno zacs trying to become a mature actor but yet it doesnt seem lyk you support it,

  • Shirley

    I’m all eyes for the guy. :) Vanessa don’t have to go everywhere with him. That’s the first thing why I think she’s annoying.

  • witchygirl


  • just fanatic for zanessa


    CONGRATS ZAC!!!!!!!!!!

    N ZAC U LOOK GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!

  • just fanatic for zanessa

    zac is a rat I am not even going to waste time to read your comments you never say anything intelligent
    Kren #28 / #30 YOU ROCK!!!
    I LOVE YOU ZAC!!!!<3

  • awurbii

    #42 Shirley,

    first of all shirley, she doesn’t go everywhere wih him just like you said so your annoyance is unjustified.

    second of all, i don’t know whats up with all you ppl bashing people u don’t know. i don’t want to be mean but i can’t tell u how stupid it looks. i don’t understand how u can hate a celebrity. if u don’t like what they do stay away from it. all u have to do is skip the thread. problem solved.

    and if your gonna make an opinion….at least make it constructive!!!

    if zac wants vanessa there shirley honestly you’re going to have to get over it. there’s nothing you can do about it. so i would advise you not waste your time writing about how much she annoys you when he couldn’t care less.

  • chocolate amber


    I totally agree with you. What has Rume Willis done?????

    Congrats to Zac.