Demi Lovato Dances With The Stars

Demi Lovato Dances With The Stars

Demi Lovato can’t contain her excitement as she announces her upcoming appearance on THIS Tuesday’s Dancing With The Stars.

The 16-year-old singer will be taking the stage to perform her hit song, “Get Back,” on the weekly results show @ 8PM ET/PT on ABC.

Demi recently released the deluxe edition of her debut album. The enhanced CD is packed with bonus features and two bonus songs — “Behind Enemy Lines” and “Lo Que Soy.”

Demi Lovato Appears on DWTS, 04/07
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  • Ashley

    i cant wait

  • anon

    she should sing “behind enemy lines” get back is a bad choice plus old but i love her!

  • Samantha

    good for her i am excited too

  • elsie

    yay i am certain that she will put on a great performance. brazil love uuuuuuuuuu demi

  • hun98

    I miss her old look.. I remember when she said she couldn’t tan.. :/

  • ashley

    good luck emi but i think you should perform behind the enemy lines its more mature

  • elsie

    i am ceratin you will do great demi good luck . Brazil love u


    please perform behind the enemy lies demi

  • kathrine

    i agree get back is old it surely dont show yopur true talent.but anyways good luck and we love here in fort lauderdale florida

  • miley#1fan4life

    she should sing dont forget or lala land der the best

    oh 3rd

  • dundies

    ppl stop b-itching about her tan

  • ash

    she kinda looks like vanessa hudgens with her new self and hair, except she looks really tan.
    ps: people are entitled to their own opinions, they can write whatever they like on here.

  • romina

    she is awesome!!! I love her music!!! behind enemy lines is the great!!!!!!!!!!!

    argentina love you demi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://HOTMAIL tiffany rose bumgarner

    i like her new look and i think she should keep the tan look and im for sure shes goin to do a good job tuesday

  • cc27

    I Miss Her Old Look :( But Love You Demi! <3

  • Glimh

    she should really sing “behind enemy lines” it showcases her voice better and it’s new and more mature…ppl will like it better plus its dancable :P

  • Lyss

    I hope Behind enemy lines.. :P
    and i’m not hating on Demi
    but i just hope she get back to her Pale look
    because that makes her Unique :)

    just a opinion
    Love ya Dems!



    HAHAHAHA i laughed soooooooooo hard when i read that!!! she does not

    i repeat does NOT LOOK LIKE VANESSA……… LMAO

  • nessa

    demi is looks gorgeous!
    she’s changing her look, trying new things, taking risks.. which many celebs are afraid to do! its good to change your look around.. if you want to!!!

    and ya sure you’re entitled to your own opinion but when you’re on here talking crap about demi lovato.. someone you don’t know personally or hasn’t done anything crazyy.
    you just look pathetic and jeolous!

    yah thanks.

    demi rockkssss

  • mishyB

    FOR A SECOND…i thought she had a DOUBLE CHIN lol…. But she does not. She is pretty though. Decent voice as well.

  • listen to mayday parade

    Im tres jealous about her insane tan! and dark hair… it makes me want to dye my hair dark again but i just got it back to the oh natural of blonde. hmm she doesnt look 16 though… put her beside miley and they look ten years apart. i think demi looks older than me!

  • Bella

    I was hoping she’d perform on Dancing With the Stars. Can’t wait! Demi looks pretty with her tan & dark hair people!

  • Mel

    i cant’ wait to see demi perform. i’m really hoping she does well.
    but what’s up with the fake tan?
    where’s the demi we first fell in love with.
    don’t change just because you’re officially a star now demi!

  • haha

    She should perform Behind Enemy Lines!

  • tz

    but she still has her sweet smile! I love the change. At least she isnt changing who she is on the inside

  • lana

    demi is unique and risk-taken ,thats why i ladmire her


    Guys stop bitching about the tan she used to tan herself before she was ever on disney leave her alone its her life and i respect everyone’s opinion since everyone is entitled to their own but seriously every post with her gets old now maybe the girl was tired of looking like a ghost chill she looked like that before you don’t know her life so stop talking about “oh i miss this i miss that bla bla” you don’t know her personally stop missing things that are only a figure of your imagination geeze

  • Shirley

    luv but the smile is weird…

  • ashtisdalelover1905

    that’s amazing :))

    love demi :))

  • hanna Lovato

    Demi i love u and everythin but please have the old look back its more u and rockstar like :)

    with the fringe xxxxxxxxxx

  • Jenn

    hahha, she looks hilarious in that picture

  • bjd

    Demi is awesome, sad I have to work that night so I will have to miss it :( ah well there is always the net to catch it later :D

  • shayna

    so much better than slutty cyrus who thinks she’s the greatest thing on the earth

  • victory

    y love you demi lovato!

  • kiki

    she haz a butt chin hahaha

>>>>>>> staging1