Meaghan Martin: '10 Things I Hate About You' Promo

Meaghan Martin: '10 Things I Hate About You' Promo

Check out the new promo for ABC Family’s 10 Things I Hate About You!

Starring Camp Rock cutie Meaghan Martin and Princess Protection Program‘s Nicholas Braun, the series is based on the 1999 movie of the same name starring Heath Ledger and Julia Stiles.

The Stratford sisters are new to Padua High School. Bianca (Martin) is the social butterfly and Kat (Lindsey Shaw) is the strong-willed feminist. The sisters soon realized that it’s not smooth sailing when you’re navigating through a world filled with nasty cheerleaders like Chastity (Dana Davis). Things start to get interesting when bad boy Patrick (Ethan Peck) shows up.

10 Things I Hate About You premieres this summer on ABC Family.

“10 Things I Hate About You” Promo
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  • CHeyanne

    love it.

  • CHeyanne


  • ashley

    wow. seriously? 10 things i hate about you is a great movie and this is just going to butcher it.

  • tara

    wow…im excited for this…it looks cute…but the promo doesnt show much….just soem of the characters….:P…..
    :) :)
    any ways…. I LOVE NICK JONAS <33

    cant wait for world touurr :) :)

  • cheryl


    wtf? 10 things i hate about you is a classic people! leave the classics ALONE!

    especially all these disney brats…

    if you’re gonna remake it, at least get REAL actors!

  • (:

    So dumb, they can never replace “10 Things I Hate About You” , it won’t even come close to Heath Ledger<3 RIP

  • lindsay


  • elle

    NOOOOOOOOO thay cant do this!! 10 things i hate about you was a classic!

  • Shirley

    dont judge. ur gonna see it anyway.:P it’s not like u watched the full episode. idiots

  • dev

    omg! finally after months of not having news of her!!
    im totally watching this because of Lindsey Shaw (the girl from ned’s declassified)! love her so much =)

  • devan

    omg, this night is full of surprisesxD!
    Finally after months of not knowing about her!
    Im only watching this because of Lindsey Shaw (from Neds Declassified , if you dont remember her), love her so much!!!
    Good luck Lindz!

  • Chelsey

    nick braun <3

  • bBs


  • Marlies

    This SUCKS. Why are they remaking al the movies?
    This movie is gonne suck, it’s never gonne be as good as the old one.

  • sam

    Nothing beats the old one. Heath Ledger was amazing. I doubt this will be better.

  • ichelle

    NOWAY!!This just sucks!!
    They can’t replace the old one!!
    And whoever is going to play Patrick Verona’s character is gonna fail !! Ethan Peck or antoher one!! Heath Ledger was the greatest for this role.

  • :/

    Oh my god.

    WHY do this?!?!


  • Gah, this doesnt even seem to connect with the movie because *spoiler if you havent seen the amazing movie* Kat sleeps with joey that asshole in 9th grade. So how can Kat be new to the school???

  • eLLa

    10 things i hate about u was 1 of my faves!
    this is gonna ruin it!

  • chloe


    actually, it’s going to be a tv show

  • alexa


    for REAL CLASSICS we’ve got “The Taming of Shrew”, 10 Things I Hate About You is a good remake of that film and this ABC project is not a movie, it’s a tv show

  • sabrina

    this is going to be horrible

  • naturaniczo

    wowwww way to ruin a classic nothing will compare to the first with heath ledgerr <33333333

  • I

    You’ve never even seen it how could you say they’ve butchered a classic? Finally Meaghan Martin is proving she’s not just some Disney kid. And Lindsey Shaw, didn’t she play that girl Moze or something on that Nickelodeon show?

  • quintana luvs haterrs

    Umm…first of all, calm down. Yeah, sure, it might be terrible, but it might not. So stop crying, because what’s done is done.

  • kyraplus182lovesgosling

    How could they do this?????? This movie is like one of my favorites!!!! The guy playing cameron and patrick aren’t even hot compared to joesph and heath!!!! Why can’t hollywood come up with new material??? It’s their jobs!!!! But i must say that the girl playing Bianca is good pick.

  • Kate

    Why do they have to dump all over a good movie? This generation cannot come up with anything new! They just redo and ruin everything that has already been done and done well. I smell “cancelled”. I sure miss heath Ledger!

  • http://google stephanie

    hi slena gomez

  • elise

    there is now way this dumb sounding tv show will do the original movie any justice. Heath Ledger will always be the only good Patrick Verona and any one else who tries to do it will fail.

    its a classic that cant be replaced so don’t even try.
    RIP Heath

>>>>>>> staging1