Miley Cyrus 'Climbs' To Vegas

Miley Cyrus 'Climbs' To Vegas

Miley Cyrus rehearses her performance for the 44th Annual Academy Of Country Music Awards held the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas on Saturday afternoon (April 4).

The 16-year-old musician will be performing her hit song, “The Climb,” during the awards ceremony on Sunday night. Miley‘s Nashville BFF Taylor Swift is nominated for two awards — Top Female Vocalist and Album of the Year.

Academy Of Country Music Awards will air TOMORROW (April 5) @ 8PM ET/PT on CBS.

Bigger pics inside…

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Photos: Kevin Winter/Getty Images/WireImage
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  • kayla

    can’tait to see the performance. miley’s gonna do good! goodluck miley!

  • Teresa

    Her outfit is so cute! Love her. <3

  • kayla

    *can’t wait

  • TV

    I don’t like “The Climb.” It’s boring. I like it better when Miley performs her more upbeat pop songs. With those songs, her performances are more vibrant.


    @TV: yea i agree, i like her upbeat musiq better!!!!, but this song has alot of heart n it…

    and dont get me wrong im not a MILEY HATER…BUT… it just puzzles me how she can look drop dead gorgeous one day then the next time u see her its like blah!lol idk its puzzling. shes not the only one tho like that…………..


    LOVE THE CLIMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • winnie

    her voice in the climb is soooooo goood.

  • Chelsey

    Taylor should win the award over Miley. Miley sucks!

  • SJS

    I like Miley’s album, but I don’t think she should win for a country music award. I don’t think T. Swift should get it either. No offense. Who else is nominated again? I forget. Carrie Underwood has an amazing voice and great album. She deserves it unless someone better is nominated. Hope she does good though.

  • gerty

    can’t wait! miley’s awesome!

  • ashtisdalelover1905

    i hate miley’s performances her album is good but her voice is not.

  • ..ddd

    she is not country singer.i don’t understand why she wants to be.
    taylor swift or carrie underwood deserve it they have amazing voice that miley has not.

  • Raquel

    No puedo esperar!!! quiero ver la performance!!

    Miley tiene una voz preciosa en directo !! I almenos no hace playback como muchos cantantes!!

    viva Miley!!

    Fan of Spain

  • Izabella

    I love The Climb but she has sung that song live soo many times now!!
    I want her to sing some other song like Dream or Butterfly Fly Away!!
    but she always does an amazing job on The Climb so I’m still looking
    forward to hear the performance :D

  • rii

    @SJS: miley isnt nominated btw. i think shes the only performer not nominated for an award. plus, the ACM hardly lets other musicians of different genres perform, so i guess they consider miley country now? thats pretty big for miley since country fans are usually quite… devout to country? if thats the right wording lol. if miley has a successful crossover to country she has some major talent cuz it is really hard to make it big in country music.

  • Niii


  • Jung

    She is so verry beautifull!

    I think her song The Climb is kinda country/pop and I dont now what she plans for her career but if she decides to go country, she could be the next Shania Twain! :)

  • jimmy

    I like the Climb but I heard it so many times that I got bored. Sorry..

  • lola

    i hate when she performs!!! she makes her songs look so stupid and makes stupid expressions!!!!

  • 251458

    i love miley
    hate selena

  • NILEY4evaaa

    LUV U MILEYY!!!!
    btw u idiots might wanna no what ur talking about before u leave a comment…SHE iS NOT NOMINATEDD

  • genesis

    @Chelsey: she isnt nominated you crackhead

  • anna




  • lola

    thank god she’s not nominated!!!! otherwise every award show is going to have stupid nominations if they nominate miley for no good reason!!!!

  • annie

    MILEY YOU RULEEE!!! Can’t wait til the performance tonight ;)
    LOVE YOU. Don’t worry about the haters ’cause you know they’re talentless and wasting their life away being negative and spending time writing and researching about people they don’t even like. LOL just keep on being positive b/c it’s worked out so much better! You have friends, an amazing life, and an awesome career that many cannot achieve ever, and you have within 16 yrs. THAT IS CRAZY AMAZINGGG. Besides, those other “Disney stars”.. obviously Disney does not see as good as you.. that’s why you’re getting everything and even tho. Jobros, Selena Gomez, and Demi Lovato are supposed to take over.. You’re still the IT girl. Because you’re irreplaceable and trying is not working cause c’mon Selena and Demi are the same age as you, but not even 1/10 as internationally known or publicized as you. So keeping on being Smiley Miley!!! LOVELOVELOVE :)

  • joecool

    @lola: I still don’t understand why you people
    come here to bad mouth Miley unless your a complete idiot with no class.


  • gEEZ

    please,these awards should go to taylor,shes the real country singer
    just because mileys dads a one hit wonder doesnt mean she should win
    taylor is the real thing………
    miley not so much,and this miley needs to cut off that fried mess she calls hair,and the color is awful,what is this girl thinking

  • Bad… NOTTT


  • Erin!

    LOVE milez! good luck on the performance tonight :)
    YOU’ll do awesome =D

  • Jessica

    @rii: Well she performed with her dad when they did Ready, Set, Don’t Go so she’s been kind of known because I remember my country music radio station playing the crap out of that song and they all loved Miley and now they play the Climb a lot too.

  • One sock left

    I love Miley cyrus!!
    She is the best..she is my idol…I can’t wait to see the movie!!!!
    And the songs from the movie are just awesome!!!

  • jo

    Miley should sing the climb bc it shows off her vocal abilities.. Although I love her pop songs, she doesn’t get the same respect she gets when she sings songs like the climb or Butterfly fly away, etc. ( Vocal wise that is)

    Anyway, I am loving mileys new hair color. She llooked stunning at the KCAs.

  • Shirley

    @TV: I guess ur a Pop genre fan. You could hear her Hannah Montana songs. :] Her songs are the best. Yeah, I don’t hear Climb too but it’s a beautiful song. I’m just more of an upbeat person.

  • Victoria

    so cant wait lol

  • joecool

    @gEEZ: Some people have no clue,Miley is not
    up for an award, learn to read,she is there to sing!!
    She looks great, and she’ll do great!!!


  • Sarah

    Love U Miles !!!! ^^

  • alanah

    lol duude.. Miley wasnt nominated for this awards thingy.. shes just performing :)

  • mileyfan

    i luv miley shes so down to earth

  • chloe

    miley’s the bestttttt :]


    so bad miley’s not nominated

    but so GOOOOD miley will perform :D

    m i l e y R o c k s

  • billythekid

    To Chelsey (#8)

    The only thing that sucks here is you because you were too dumb to know that Taylor isn’t up for an award against Miley. If you were half the fan for Taylor, you would already know this but…..

  • billythekid

    To Joecool (#26)

    You are correct. She (LoLa) is an idiot with no class, or at the very least bored to tears with her own life so she has to rag on the one person that makes her so outrageously jealous. I wonder if she is scary to look at?

  • B.

    @SJS: miley is NOT nominated for anything. she’s just performing.

  • Lena

    Taylor is nominated for three awards!! You forget Video of the year for Love story!!!

  • B.

    Jared, tay tay is also up for VIDEO OF THE YEAR for love story ;)

  • McKenna

    I just got done talking to her sister Brandi’s BF Samuel Jay on twitter…. he’s so cool!

  • betsey

    i hate milley

  • Kris

    so just because she lives in Tennessee or wherever
    and her dad is a has been one hit wonder country star automatically
    makes her country ?

    she doesn’t even deserve to be on that stage with people that are actually great country singers.

  • Kris

    && Everyone saying TAYLOR deserves the awards.
    seriously ??
    okay i’ll admit she has some good songs and she can definitley write sad heartbreaking songs about boys..
    but match her vocal abilities with carrie underwood.. martina mcbride.. faith hill ..
    she’s not that great..
    she’s average if anything compared to the REAL country singers.

  • sjs

    Thanks, I misread what the article said. It was Taylor they said was nominated. NM.