Selena Gomez: I'm Going To Cambodia

Selena Gomez: I'm Going To Cambodia

Selena Gomez has fun on the set of a spring photo shoot in Malibu on Saturday afternoon (April 4).

The 16-year-old starlet caught up with JJJ in Puerto Rico, where she filmed the Wizards movie. Selena shared a bit about her charity work, saying, “There are so many [charities out there] and my plan is to do as many as I can. I have a voice and it’s really wonderful to use that voice. I just like to educate people on what’s going on and what’s happening in the moment. Like in Puerto Rico, what is the biggest issue out here. So that’s what happening in this moment of my life. I plan on going to Cambodia this summer for a week to work with kids. I love children.”

Selena also revealed that if she weren’t acting, she’d be a chef! She said, “I love cooking. I’d love to study cooking. I love to make teriyaki pasta. It’s teriyaki chicken with Hawaiian sauce. I cut up the chicken, shred it and then put pasta in it. It’s that with vegetables.”

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Photos: Simon/Ferreira
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  • trish


  • mrsefron.

    she’s pretty! (:

    i like her & demi <3 they are my fave disney queens!!

  • v’

    I LOVE Sel!!

  • demi

    aww i love her.

  • jasmine

    She looks adorable

  • jackie

    lol i want ot be a chef :] selena you can cook me food!
    she’s gorgeous love her outfit! y do ppl hate
    her so much?

  • Karina

    OMGG !! I love her shoes !!!!!!!!!!

    Soo perfect ! her clothers are so gorgeous too !

    Love her !

  • haha

    She’s hot and really nice. Was this supposed to be part of the intervhew? she looks tired ( probably cause she just got back from PR) but still cute!

  • Manuela

    she looks stunning! love her:)

  • Farrah

    Forgive my ignorance, but is she a model? It seems like every other day there is a post about her going to a photoshoot.

  • Anna

    she needs some sleep.
    its not the best photoshoot of hers.

  • angel

    Aww, she’s going to Cambodia? Dang, that’s awesome.

  • marg

    she’s not as pretty as she used to be but these are cute

  • lenny

    shes gorgeous,shes so awesome,i love this girl my future wife

  • lizzie

    prettiest girl on disney..AND YOU DO KNOW THAT

  • jo

    Thats one thing I like about her- that she uses her name for good use.. charity.

    She’s a good actress but I just dont see anything very special about her! The fact that she’d putting out a CD is weird to me..


    dang selenas hot

  • anna



  • Luiz


  • dundies




    you seriously belong on oceanup. if you wanna hate…fine. but at least hate with a f-ucking reason

  • swe3t23

    wow she looks like a ONE HIT WONDER….ohhh wait she is.

    dam she looks ugly

  • anonymous

    selena is so pretty but she look so tried in this photoshoot she needs more sleep its not the best photshoot of her but i still love her. shes probably has to get uses to the time change again(:

  • Text

    @anna: F U

    SELENA IS THE BEST!!!!! I like Miley too, I just hate her fans :D

    I really think Selena is helping TOO MUCH. She is still very young and needs to get some rest. She looks tired but VERY PRETTY.

  • marjorie

    I’m from Cambodia. Selena totally won me over, again. Shes awesome.

  • katie

    the thing about selena (imo) is that from far away she’s really pretty, but when you click the full-size pics she’s sort of… average? not ugly, just not gorgeous. idk. i think she’s overrated, but that’s just me.

    i like her outfit.

  • haha

    @lenny: Hey lenny BACK OFF! lol jk

  • hannah

    not her best ehhh she looks tired and im not a big fan of her but she seriously needs sleep

  • dundies

    y do ppl hate
    her so much?
    i ask myself the same question. alot of ppl hate her apparently bcus shes too boring and doesnt make as many mistakes as miley. other ppl hate her bcus they think shes fake, just bcus shes drama free. and some moron on oceanup said they hate her bcus shes changed over the course of her career, but failed to provide EVIDENCE

  • dundies

    um if thats what she looks like when tired, id like to look tired all the time

  • TV


    Selena’s Resume:
    1. Wizards of Waverly Place- #1 show on Disney Channel
    2. Kid’s Choice Award
    3. New Album
    4. 2 New Disney Channel movies coming
    5. 1st Theater released movie coming
    6. TONS of Wizards merchandise in stores soon

    Doesn’t seem like a one hit wonder to me…

  • haha

    @swe3t23: It’s ashame you cant spell. Anyways this a Selena post! So STFU and GTFO!

  • Meagan

    She looks like she stars on Gossip Girls, as in being too pretty and having very good fashion sense.

    Seriously, she is TOO PRETTY!!! In these pics she has not much makeup on and she is still gorgeous. Sometimes she makes me extremely jealous.

  • katie

    oh and tv, while wowp was disney’s #1 show while they were showing repeats of hannah montana prior to season three, hm has regained its title as the #1 show. you can check if you don’t believe me.

  • Victoria

    cute, but there is something different about her face…idk :/

  • jenna

    reminds of gossip girl :D

  • Zac F Ron

    SHe ‘s SOOOO HOT for a 16 year old Disney Channel manufactured product. She’s very cute compared to those other Disney sluts. She needs to ditch stupid ol’ Disney and go to Trya Banks for modeling or something. damn hot

  • saudia

    gorgeous !!

  • jo

    Theatre released movie?? Which one? Wizards in made for tv, its not like the hannah movie.

    While I don’t agree she’s a “one hit wonder” it boggles me how people think she’s the “next Miley” when she’s never done anything close success wise. I do like her! Its just a silly comparison. Same with demi, and I adore demi.

  • chuchi

    i think she’s tired because she got back from puerto rico? or that she was just really tired??? anyways she still looks gorgeousand i love her! u haters suck!

  • kc

    Before she looked like Rachel Bilson. Now she resembles Rachel McAdams. Anybody else seeing this?

    Either way, she is suuuuupppperrrrr GAWGEOUS!!!!

    <3 Selena <3


    she does look tired! i think i like the way she looks with longer hair better!!


  • David

    Cambodia is a wonderful place to see and the people are so lovely. Don’t forget to visit Angkor wat temple of khmer.

  • chuchi


    sure and are u sure ur not ugly urself?? so stop telling people they’re ugly unless ur prettty sure that ur drop dead gorgeous!


    @jo: “Beezus an Romona” . is the theater movie. shes about to go off to filming that in few even though she just got back from PR!!! GAWD! GIRL SLOW DOWN!

  • Zekemaster


  • Jenn

    That blazer she’s wearing looks like the one from The Clique movie…

  • a.m./p.m.

    It’s so funny how she is BFF’s with Demi but while Demi cakes her face with makeup, Selena just goes with light makeup or bareface…and she still manages to look better than Demi lol. She is the most NATURALLY beautiful girl on Disney yet. Vanessa is pretty too but that’s a different story.

  • fgadsfasd

    and she sucks.

  • carlyn

    gaah! finally!! :D
    love selena <333

  • sjs

    She’s not my favorite young star, but she seems nice. I like that she does get involved with charities and is vocal about it. Her going to Cambodia is great.

    She’s cute, but this is not her best shoot by far. She looks really tired with bags under her eyes. I like the last pic though.

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