Joe Jonas Gets Ripped To Shreds

Joe Jonas Gets Ripped To Shreds

Joe Jonas gets roughed up by fans in this new sneak peek from the upcoming Disney Channel series, JONAS.

In the debut episode, Nick Lucas writes a love song for a girl he’s just met — fellow student and aspiring singer Penny (guest star Bridgit Mendler) — despite warnings from Kevin and Joe that he’s moving too fast with this brand new crush. Then the brothers attend Penny’s first gig, where she sings the love song to another boy.

JONAS premieres on Saturday, May 2 @ 8PM ET/PT on Disney Channel.

“JONAS” Sneak Peek

“JONAS” Promo – Kevin Lucas

“JONAS” Promo – Nick Lucas
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  • katie

    CAN’T WAIT<3

  • alessia

    this made me laugh so much.


  • rosie

    joe is perfection.

  • Mary

    yay. cool

  • yo mama


  • Lauren

    i prefer nick and kevin more than joe…i use to like joe more, but i dunno i think hes lost his appeal since dating camilla you know because hes off the market..i know i never had a chance to be with him, and i dont think i would want to be with him…but i dunno, lots of babble there lol

    but joe was quite comedic at the end when he talked about the socks and then fainted, the show should be cool

  • shayna


    i got to admit this made me laugh

    goo kevin!

  • miley fan &the jonas brothers

    am so excited for there new show in may 2 so excited to see can wait

  • tara

    OMJ OMJ OMJ =) omgggg
    so omj i cant wit for this omj omj omj
    and guess wut else??! im so excited, like crying, and fallign off my chaiR cuz i just found out that im GOIGN TO THE JONAS BROTHERS WORLD TOUUURRR :) :) :) ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! i got floor seats, right infront of the stage :D :D AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

  • Nicole

    I’m not hugely into the Jo Bros but that thing about the socks was funny.

  • Megaan

    Looks ok but not at good as i thought it would be

  • Marie

    I can’t wait to see this. The Joans brothers are going to be funny.

  • pink

    DAVID HENRIE is hotter, funnier and more humble than the Jonas brothers.

  • oraclebop

    Why is it JONAS when they’re Lucas?

    I can’t wait though.

  • Yvonne

    Hey, Jared! Why aren’t Kevin and Danielles shopping pics at Nieman&Marcus on your site? You seem to favor Joe the most cause you pretty much put everything about him on your site(Nick too), but not so much Kevin. Lets play fair okay?

  • cc27

    LOL Joe! :) He’s soo hot :) I Love How Kevin Acted there xD
    And Joe: They Took my Socks without taking off my shoes , How did they do that!?

  • Nina Caplan

    wooow, they can so not act!
    and i didnt even think that was funny, Like: how can they take of my socks without taking out the shoees? huhuhuhu, booring.

  • brittany*


    he’s a butterface, but male version.
    everything is hot EXCEPT his face.

    in the funny & humble catergory, i think JB & david are equal.
    JB is EXTREMELY humble & funny.

    its not that i hate DH, its just that i love JB a whole lot more.
    no hate :]

  • brittany*


    i know, no one posted those yet…?
    whats up with that ?
    of course oceanup wont post them because they’re dumb & seem to not like kevin, i mean they always bold nick & joes name, but not kevin.
    we need more kevin post in general.
    i love nick and joe but i need them to come in equal amounts!
    :] <3

  • asdfghjkl;

    show looks dumb

  • reginna

    thats hot.

  • june

    look around 0:30 it looks like joe’s thingy is sticking out

  • jenny JONAS

    i cant wait fir the joe lucas commercial and i agree with yvonne i wanna know more and more about kevin :D
    hes HOT to
    i SOOOOO CANT WAIT FOR JONAS!!!! eeeep i excited
    oh yeah i know oceanUP wont post anything of kevin so please jared post kevin stuff too :D

  • Pish

    @yo mama: Yeah having one girlfriend for like 6 months after dumping some lamewad – whatta dog!! *rolls eyes*

  • mileysupporta4eva

    okay..i love them…but that was not funny…at all

  • a.m./p.m.

    new show in 2009 premises:
    1. Rockstars goes to school
    2. A girl named Sonny joins a lame TV show

    past disney show premises:
    1. A teen psychic goes through life while dealing w/ visions
    2. A popstar lives a double life to get the “best of both worlds”
    3. 3 teen wizards trains for the big battle on who will keep their powers

    Seriously, Disney is really stinking this year with Sonny with a Chance and now this show. The last few good shows on Disney Channel were Wizards of Waverly Place, Hannah Montana, and Phineas and Ferb.

  • cheninator

    this made me laugh, and not for a good reason. their acting is complete and utter crap.

    god disney would do anything for money even if it means hiring these lame talentless pieces of crap.

  • Katie

    I cannot wait! (:

  • danger

    lmfao. the socks part. x]
    i liked how i could see joe’s chest.
    kevin sounded funny when he was like these floors don’t wash themselves
    this show looks ok.
    i love jb and i support them 100% but i’m not stupid.
    this show is going to be semi funny and a little bit on the dumb side.
    but no hate!
    i’ll watch it anyway

  • hanna Lovato

    ahaha now tht make me giggle x

  • amber

    ohh the disney channel went downhill long ago, so i’m not surprised by this lame show.

  • amber

    wtf happened? the disney channel was SO cool in the early 2000′s.
    :( i feel bad for the kids today.

  • ella1170

    I cannot wait! Plus to all you who are hating this is only a preview wait for the whole episode and besides I love these boys no matter what.

  • mrsefron.

    HAHA , funny!
    <3 CANT WAIT.

  • ashley

    i agree with #26, disney shows aren’t as good anymore! nothing’s been too good since Raven, Lizzie McGuire, and Even Stevens!

  • Miley & The JoBros ROCK!

    Yay! I CAN NOT wait for this show. I love the JBs sooo much. Hopefully Nick gets his shirt ripped off ;) L :P L!

  • Julissa

    @Lauren: your right about joe and stuff but i still like him but ughh i cant wait untill may thats too longg for mee!
    it looks like a funny show! i wanna see it soo badd! xP

  • ca

    I would take Joe’s socks without taking off his shoes anyday! AH I LOVE THEM

  • x)


    hahah! totally agree! :D

  • Chelsea

    @Nina Caplan: I like the JoBros but i totally agree with you. They should just stick to singing. Acting isn’t one of their strong suits.

  • sarah

    I had a dream about Joe Jonas the other night. I don’t know why. I’ve never given he and the others much thought.

  • TV

    If it’s anything like Sonny with a Chance, I’m not watching it. never. EVER. nada

    BUT…(this is a BIG but)…if it’s anything like Phil of the Future, which it sorta does, then HECK YES I will watch it. I miss shows without that stupid laugh track.

  • jb fanaticc

    well, i love the jonas brothers, like a lot…
    i am obsessed…
    but i think they should stick to music and being funny.
    no offence to the jobros, the actin is sooo not gud.
    sorry…but i think it wont turn out that gud..
    oh well, maybe the rest of the show has betta acting…
    i love their music and how hilarious they r.
    and that clip was funny..but acting not gud…

  • jb fanaticc

    actually the acting is okay…but the CAMP ROCK acting was, like, loads bettta…
    sorry, though even if ma fave jobro is nick, kevin’s acting was the best, actually, all the same…
    so sorry to the jonas brothers, i love guys sooo much
    im gonna die if i dont get tickets to their world tour
    i live in australia so this is like, once in a lifetime !!!!!!

  • me.

    i’m deff gonna watch the show, mainly because i watch almost every sitcom in disney channel. lol
    but i can’t help but think they’re going to lose fans because of this. like, maybe the fans will get bored (like me… and my friends) or things like that. this is just my opinian, guys. don’t kill me. i just think they need to stick to music. they’re not good actors after all.

    and i agree with “a.m./p.m.”
    that’s so raven, hannah montana, wowp & tsl are much more interesting than this years shows. the storylines (of SWAC & JONAS) didn’t really interest me.

  • Nazeefa

    I cannot wait!! This looks so funny!!! =D
    And the whole “they took my socks without taking my shoes” was hilarious!
    This is gonna be the best Disney CHannel show and not just cause the Jonas Brothers are in it… okay maybe cause of that and the fact that it is hilarious!

  • jerseygirl


    Oh please – don’t like it, then don’t watch it. There are plenty of us who think this looks pretty darn funny and will most definitely be watching.

    And these guys probably have more talent in their little finger than you have in your whole body. Just because you don’t like them doesn’t make them talentless. Based on their CD and tour sales, I would say there are MILLIONS of people worldwide who beg to differ with you.

  • lenny

    I love joe, he is immaculate! And his shirt half off or open is so sexy. I knw the haters r gonna hate on that because that body is sexy.

  • iZZY


  • Faith


    Maybe because they’re private? I mean, I love Kevin as much as you, but the pics between K&D, in my opinion, shouldn’t be published. This is why I love Jared instead of another site that shall not be mentioned..

    D already got upset because those pictures were taken and published.

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