Miley Cyrus Climbs at The ACMs

Miley Cyrus Climbs at The ACMs

Miley Cyrus rocks out on stage at the 44th Annual Academy Of Country Music Awards in Las Vegas on Sunday night (April 5).

The 16-year-old actress performed her new hit song, “The Climb,” from her upcoming flick, Hannah Montana The Movie (out in theaters on Friday!). and was introduced by her dad, Billy Ray.

Miley recently tweeted, “Getting ready for the red carpet then off to perform at the acms and THEN catchin a flight 2 new orleans 4 Regis and Kelly!”

Miley Cyrus – “The Climb,” 04/05

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  • Tayfan

    she did great!

  • bjd

    these are the country awards, something she is not.

  • dani

    i know that’s a miley’s news but i wondering
    WHERE THE HELL IS VANESSA H????????????????????????????????????????””””””””


    something vanessa stuff

  • thedancer


  • Brigget


  • arantxa

    i love that song (L)

  • lo

    This performance was alright. Not her best, but not her worse. I think it would have been better if she wasn’t swinging her hair around and getting down on her knees. Country singers don’t actually perform like she does. And yes, I realize that she is not country.

  • aw

    It’s a very nice song.

  • bjd

    she’s not country…why oh why was she there?

  • sanae.

    she did really well.
    & not always do only country singers perform at country awards.
    snoop dogg performed once.
    & lil wayne did as well.
    & today jamie foxx was there presenting.
    anyways she does kind of have that country in her..
    but more like country-pop.

    over all i thought her performance was amazing.
    very epic & cute.
    good job miley.


  • mich

    what brand is her top i like it

  • claire

    that was her 2nd worst preformance #1 being at the Grammy’s dueting with Taylor Swift fifteen . Miley can’t sing The Climb live good @ all . outfit wasn’t exciting for spring. She was just there so they could get more ratings for the awards . Miley might’ve been tired from all the interviews for Hannah Montana The Movie though so if it was that reason I don’t blame her 4 singing that badly. Disney is making her work like a pack mule . They should give her a break.

  • Anna

    Wow, Miley did an Amazing job!!
    She was there because she was asked to be there.
    So? She can’t swing her hair and be Miley just because you say so?
    That’s what makes her Miley. I’m happy she doesn’t change for people.
    Good Job Miley that was an excellent performance :)

  • mimi

    Well i see that many of you dont know country? didnt you see the violin that was the country version of the climb. there are two versions, and country is in her blood what are you people talking about? her father sings country, she was raise in country jesus people!

    she did great the performance was beautfiul and she did a fantastic job!
    Her eyes are beautiful she needs to work them tours the camera at all times! her hair color is great but she does look better with her hair flat!
    but she looked great love the part on her going up that was so cool! best performance of the night!

  • :)

    miley did amazing, she looked gorgeous, and that white mic is so freaking cute!

    i <3 miley! :)

  • fivi

    omg! what a beautiful perfomance she did fantastic! miley is the youngest performer there right wow! miley is amazing performer she did great! congratulations miley!

  • lo


    So just because there is a violin, that automatically means that it is country? I played the violin for 8 years and never once did I play country music. I would like to believe that just because you come from a country family(dad being a country singer and growing up in Tenn)doesn’t automatically mean you are “country.” Maybe I am wrong here?

  • Kris

    EPIC ? hardly! seriously you can’t call that EPIC did you watch Carrie’s performance ? now that was amazing..
    but i’ll admit
    i really dislike the girl
    but she did descent job here.

  • Victoria

    i love her!

  • Noni..~

    she Looks Soooo Beauteful

  • Jung

    She was amazing, I love her!

  • sjs

    She and her dad have a cute little bond, but they need to cut the umbilicle cord and someone else needs to introduce her from now on. His introduction was blah. I wish I had muted it.

    Anyways… Miley looked gorgeous. She has a pretty face and the lighting made her look even better; especially her eyes. Her singing was… ok. It wasn’t terrible but since I know what the radio edit sounds like, I know that her live singing was quiet a bit different.

    I do have to say that I appreciate that so many singers sing live now, even if they don’t always do great. The 90′s to about 2005 was a time where doing choreography was the big thing, so everyone cared more about that than live vocals.

  • jo

    I think it was an awesome performance. And I loved the whole setup. Girl can sing.. And why was she there? Um.. She was clearly asked to be there.

  • jen

    i think she did amazing! and she was there because “The Climb” qualifies as a country song, and has rised in the country charts! so stop hatin’! it is an amazing song

  • Rosa

    even though she looked SUPER GORGEOUS and STUNNING ..
    that was not one of her best performances ..
    she usually performs better than that ..
    i don’t know .. it wasn’t just a catchy one !!
    but she difinitely looked so beautiful ..
    love her eyes .. ^^

  • right.

    so. she was pretty. but that’s about it this time.
    this is a beautiful song, and most of the time she can sing it fairly well… but honestly, for the life of me, i cannot figure out why she insists on head banging and convulsing to a SLOW song. if you want to dance around like that for something upbeat like fly on the wall… sure. but she looks like a freak when she halfway falls over trying to headbang to what could be performed as a strong and beautiful song.

    figure that one out.

  • kamilah


    ummm thank you!! mileys music is far from country. i like the song but its not country to me. and am i the only one who thinks her voice is just mediocre, nothing special?

  • lo

    I agree with you. She is not the greatest singer out there right now, but she is not the worst singer either. She is average when it comes to singing. And to anyone else who comments on this, I don’t think I am better than Miley at singing. I just think that there are better singers than Miley out there at the moment.

  • Meggg

    well i think that was fantasic! this is the best performce of the climb ive heard! well done miley!!

  • anonymous

    i dont like her but seeing this performance just made me CHANGED MY MIND

  • Lucy

    WOW!!! She sounded AMAZING!!! Great job Miley!!! x

  • billythekid

    To BJD (#9)

    You know darn well why she was there so stop acting like you don’t. But in case you are too slow to understand I will tell you. She was there because the Climb is a hit song right now, and her movie is all about leaving the big city behind and coming back to her country roots etc. All that plus the fact that she just happens to be one of the biggest “it” celebrities in show business is the reason why she was there. Does that explain it in simple enough terms for you or anyone else??

  • amadna

    This was AMAZING!

  • Ian


    Very rude.Very rude.
    She really did a great job here.
    If she is not good,,,,why does Disney keeps on launching new things about her?
    She is good.


    i love her outfit

  • shayna

    because she’s a famewhore

    and number 29
    dont change your mind she sucks ass

  • Lauren

    i really enjoyed it…
    the outfit was nice, especially the top it was real nice!
    her hair is nice – but i do agree she could have it straight more often – with her fringe pinned up..
    also, i think her singing was good, i prefer it when the singer changes the song when they’re singing live gives them diversity, instead of sounding the same singing the same song over and over.

  • Scarlet from the UK

    She did a great performance…She’s actually one of those very few singers who can sing live and still sound amazing. I didn’t really used to be a fan of miley, I only liked some of her music, but with her singing live, I’m starting to like her personally. Well done Miley. Only critique I have on this performance was there was too much head banging and she was constantly on the floor towards the end. Lol. It was a bit dramatic but other than that she did a wonderful job. I’m really impressed.

  • Scarlet from the UK

    PS. She looked really pretty.

  • AJ

    WOW,… she looked gorgeous, and her singing was amazing. She is VERY VERY impressive, esp. for being just 16.

  • Cassidy

    Why are ppl saying she did bad? R you deaf?! I mean of course she isnt the best singer in the world but she’s pretty good for a 16-year old and she’s unique! I mean she may not be Celine Dion or Mariah Carey material but she is still young and she cant have a big voice like that yet! She’s only 16 and hasnt been in the business for long! People like Mariah have been in he business for years so I thought she did pretty good for her age! Who agrees?

  • http://. Vic2763

    I loved Miley’s performance. She looked great. And, i agree, singing live allows her to interpret the song the way she feels it in the moment and give the performance personality. It the whole reason to go see a live show. The headbangin is Miley just being Miley. She did it her way =]

  • Zenab

    Fake teeth!!

  • maggie

    Miley’s performance was absolutely AMAZING!!

  • hrm

    yet again, nothing about my comment was rude or harmful (as many here are) and mine was moderated out?

    good job jared. *sigh* its okay, you 12 year olds don’t have to listen to me.

  • okasana

    I think she’s a great performer!

  • joecool

    Miley looked great,and she did great, way to go Miley!!!!


  • anna


  • Hez

    She actually can sing guys, you can’t deny her that. There are obviously people better than her, but she is 16 years old, and i don’t know anyone of that age who would be able to stand up in front of that many people and give a performance like that.

  • billythekid


    I doubt it had anything to do with the body of whatever it is you wrote, but only perhaps a word or two that didn’t pass the censor. I have had that happen once before and it is so easy to get around that. Of course if I just hit submit and then moved on to somewhere else I might not notice that it wouldn’t allow what i wrote to be published.