Miley Cyrus Loves Her Fans

Miley Cyrus Loves Her Fans

Teen starlet Miley Cyrus snaps a pic with fan and JJJ reader Danielle at the premiere of Hannah Montana The Movie held at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood last week.

Danielle writes to JJJ, “I won tickets to the Hannah Montana The Movie premiere through MileyWorld. I got to walk the red carpet behind the stars and everything! The whole experience was unbelievable. I’ve been a fan of Miley for four years now, and have been wanting to meet her ever since. When I was in the lobby, I saw Miley coming in. I anxiously waited for her by the door, and immediately asked for a picture, and Miley nicely agreed and said that she had to go after. Since we didn’t have our cameras, my friend tried to take it on her phone, but it was taking too long, and Miley had to go to her seat.

“I was going to go after her to tell her my picture didn’t come out, but then I saw Demi Lovato and Taylor Swift. I went up to Demi who looked STUNNING, and I asked if she could take a picture with me and sign my ticket. She was so nice to do both. I then went up to Taylor and asked for the same, and she gladly did. Unfortunately a lot of people crowded her after, but she didn’t mind. When my friend and I went to our seats, I noticed Miley was sitting near me, so I went up to her and asked her to sign my ticket. I told her how my picture didn’t come out and if she could take another one — she was so nice and did both.

“Then the movie started, IT WAS SO AMAZING! Everyone should go watch it, it’s very cute and funny, while at the same time tear-jerking. Taylor and Demi were sitting together and they were really enjoying it, always laughing out loud at the funny parts. When the movie was over, the screen pulled up, and to our surprise MILEY WAS BEHIND IT about to perform for us! She did such an amazing performance of ‘The Climb,’ Taylor and Demi started the standing ovation for it. Overall the whole night was a great experience.”

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  • Lauren

    its great when you hear things like this happening, just goes to show that the media has it wrong when they criticize the celebrities…miley, demi and taylor are nice people and for miley to go through that for the fans is truly amazing!
    im glad that the fan Danielle got to experience that…

  • sarah

    Demi was probably dying from Miley’s voice, but Taylor liked it because she sucks as well.

  • tara

    #2 EWW UR WRONG! Demi has a much better voice then Miley will ever have! and Taylor too! Miley sucks dirt!

  • Annie..!

    i envy that girl!
    Stop dissing on miley, taylor or demi!
    they all rock <33

  • dundies

    lol ^

  • Elsa

    BLA BLA BLAA ! you’re ALL so JEALOUS of the three of them ! they are gorgeous, they are simple, they have such an amaziiiiiiiiiiiiing voices and they all deserve what they are living ! GRRR you haters make me sick !

    LOV’YA dayley !

  • :)

    aww so lucky!
    i wish i can meet miley one day, she seems so nice and down to earth!
    she’s gorgeous, god i’m jealous

  • Victoria

    i love miley, taylor and demi! that was really sweet what all of them did for danielle :)

  • Sarah

    aw shes so lucky to meet them .. i love all 3 :)

  • swe3t23

    awww she did a performance


    #3! eww…..your soo wrong! its people like YOU (demi fans) who start soo much drama and trouble! miley has a GREAT voice, did you hear her sing the climb ACM’s???! i think miley hass a way better voice! but anyways I LOVE MILEY, SHE HAS THE BEST FANS! <3

  • m

    all three of them are very sweet,u can see that..:D

  • anna

    i love MILEY & TAYLOR

    DEMI sucks!

  • aleena

    Aw this is an amazing expirence:)
    It comes to show you how nice these celebrities are. You always hear stores like they shelfish and horrible to fans,but obviously theyre not true.

  • andrea*

    you’re soo lucky, i want to met miley too :)

  • jo

    During the last few months I’ve learned how real Miley is. It seems like, lately, she’s been doing everything right. I truely hope she remains that way.

    Its sickening to me how perez exaggerates every story, and NEVER posts the good. Its sad some people have the wrong impression of miley but hey, that’s show biz right?

  • lesha

    im so glad they are all such good friends despite what media wants to say about them. im sure the movie will do great. i look forward too it.

  • jo


    Some celebs can be brats, and it irks me bc the fans are the reason for their success!

    I’ve heard a bunch of stories regarding miley though, and all were good.. She usually always stops to take pics and sign.

  • a* fann

    you all are so jealus ! i mean they are gorgeous ok not demi but i still loving her
    i wish i could meet them

  • scarlette


  • Zoe

    aw you lucky girl XD
    you look good with Miley, Demi and Taylor!!! Can’t wait till the movie comes out in germany XD

  • angela

    god damn shut the hell up everyone.

    can you ever comment one of these thingys and show RESPECT for all the celebrities involved?!?! no need to hate on ANYONE! get a life if you feel the need to…

    Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift, & Demi Lovato are ALLLL equally talented in different ways!!!!

  • Rojda

    i absolutly LOVE it how demi,taylor and miley are all such good freinds now! doesnt anyone remember how it all started!!! HAHA. it was kinda a funny story, like your enemies become your best friends :) kool eyy! I LOVE THAT THEYRE SUCH GOOD FRIENDS NOW! :) i hope selena could join them but i dont think so. she seams to not like miley at all.. unless its for the fame :| but this threesome is FINE for me! :D

  • listen to mayday parade

    Miley – Pretty
    Taylor – Pretty
    Demi – 48

    Seriously why does Demi not look remotely like a teen anymore? Don’t get me wrong, she looks good, but she looks old now. Obviously they are done taping her show, cause I can’t imagine them wanting her look to change so drastically in their kids show.

  • hun98

    Aw! They are all such sweet girls!! I can’t wait to meet them someday! They are so nice to their fans.. The movie looks awesome and I can’t wait to see it! miley is AWESOME!

  • TV

    Uh DUH Demi gave the movie a standing ovation lmao. Demi kisses up to Miley all the time because she is USING MILEY TO GET FAMOUS!

    if i were Selena, i would question my friendship with Demi and check to see if Demi benefits from it in any way. Taylor should watch out too.



    I loooooooooove her so much. and if you wanna know? she doesn’t even care about her haters, she must be laughing at all the haters and thinking: hahaha they bash me online while I AM HERE PROMOTING MY MOVIE, WITH MY FANS, APPEARING ON MAGAZINES AND BEING MORE IMPORTANT DAY BY DAY

  • kelly

    i love them all and this girl is so lucky to have met all of them so stop talking about who’s better cause their all unique and great in their way

  • arantxa

    i first love Miley :)
    Then Taylor
    Then Demi

    Lucky Girl ! :)

  • Taylor swift :)

    Omg I would die to meet Taylor

  • emoly

    lammeee that you actually take the time from your petty little life to write ‘Miley sucks dirt!’ lmao. your a dick.

    good for you danielle :)
    lucky as;

  • sophia

    Why are u ppl are giving them such a hard time ?
    They’re just teenagers .
    What they wore ,
    What they do ,
    What they say are probably the same things most of the teenagers in US do .

  • sean84

    well hey mileys fan from mileyword is so lucky lol! nd well shes relly cute bye the way nd i wish i cood hav win a contest lik dat 2 meet miley nd well miley demi nd taylor r so nice butt i all reddy now dat lol

  • sean84

    well am the 1st 1 off the 2nd page lol butt i bett no 1 looks at the 2nd page lol

  • alli

    you negative people….didnt your mother ever tell you “if you dont have something nice to say dont say it?” if you think someone sucks- please keep that to yourself. its completely rude, classless, and tacky to announce your hatred for someone you dont know. if you want to say you like them thats great. but being mean online is completely pathetic. oh and this girl who went to the red carpet is so lucky!!!

  • Chelsea

    I’m so glad that they are good friends and certain people on this thread really need to stop the hate. It’s people like them that just encourages the media to exaggerate and inflate simple details to make them look like news-worthy headlines. They all seem like normal people who are just really REALLY well known. Give thema break.

    btw they are all really good at singing
    btw i’m glad taylor won the ACM’s album of the year! who’s with me?

  • Ian


  • Nikki

    danielle, i love you!

  • lala

    beautiful girl!i miley is amazing! and kudos to all the miley fans! :) ur right she is amazing and so is demi n taylor! mlley’s voice is raw and yes sometimes a little rough…but some people like it! i LOVE it! and i love taylors and demi’s too! amazing girls!

  • jimmy

    Danielle is sooo lucky! I’m jealous.
    When I read this, I’m just imagining myself as Danielle.
    Boy I really wish that would come true..

  • christy

    ive been lucky enough to meet miley & demi twice each.
    and let me tell you they love their fans.

    miley is the sweetest person and is so nice.
    and demi really does love to sign and take pictures and is SOOO sweet.

    please dont hate on them or make up rumors saying they hate each other.


  • billythekid

    It’s so easy to understand why Miley is so ridiculously famous at the moment. Her fans are always certain to voice their very vocal opinions regarding her, but even her enemies can’t leave her alone. The majority of other celebrities tend to get ignored by the people who don’t care for them, except for the various celebs who are a mess.

  • kaitlyn

    Thats so nice that Miley did another picture! You were really lucky, I didn’t even know MW was having a contest.. and I’m on like everyday! Anyways, Demi and Taylor seem nice too from this story! This just shows all the haters

  • kayla


  • alice

    I wish i could meet them!
    You are so lucky!


  • katie

    man i wish i won those tickets!!!!!!! i would have been sooooo happyyy!!!

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