Zac Efron: 'I'd Love to Work With Vanessa Again'

Zac Efron: 'I'd Love to Work With Vanessa Again'

Zac Efron caught up with MTV in Las Vegas after he received the Breakout Performer of the Year honors last Thursday (April 2).

The 21-year-old actor talked about basketball, working with Matthew Perry and keeping girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens in his long-term plans. Check it out:

On working side-by-side with Chandler Bing: “I was already familiar with Friends, so I didn’t have to sit and watch all the seasons or anything like that. He’s got incredible timing. … We rehearsed a lot together, and Matthew was always available to hang out and work with me on my part [so I could play a younger him]. And we kind of did become friends during filming.”

On playing basketball, once again, on film: “It was originally in the script! I’m going to be honest ” it was a plus. Like, all right, I can play basketball, and it’s a sport I feel you can show off in ” which is important for this character and the movie. A pet peeve of mine is when people can’t actually do the sport that they are supposed to play on camera, so it’s nice to play basketball.”

On hoping to work with Vanessa Hudgens again: “Sure, I hope so. It’s always great getting to work with your best friend.”

Zac Efron Chats “17 Again”
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  • emma

    jared. why cant people in briatin watch this it is not really fair is it

  • Zanessalover4ever

    aww so cute second wahoo

  • miLcaheunice

    uhhh…vanessa??? your best friend???

    why is zac keep on denying it???

    I think that’s so much improper…he should tell everyone and be thankful to have vanessa as her girl…

    I mean, come one they are the cutest couple…they shouldn’t deny it… besides after all their pictures, especially the one on the beach…if they want to keep it private…why would they still flirt in a public place w/c they know that papz…are following them…huh???

  • Zanessalovers


  • Rosa

    best friend ??!!!
    come on dude .. !!

  • zanessafan4ever

    Oh he’s sooooooooo cute !!!!!!!!!!!
    What a cute interview!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    n there is no problem if he is callin V his best friend!
    I mean this is soo cute-they r the best of friends n the cutest couple in hollywood!
    go Zac n 17 again!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jen

    ouch.. lol. zac pls dont deny it.

  • Stephie

    YAY!the movie sounds great..i do hope they get to work together again (Zac & Vanessa) they are the cutest couple eva!!! ZANESSA 4 EVER!!

  • Stephie

    @emma: I’m sorry you can’t watch it..that happends to me all the time..i live in the Dominican republic and for some reason theres a bunch of videos i can’t see because of where i’m located..:/

  • Jerk

    Hahahahaha he always make me laght

    vanessa ” Best friend ” OMG that was so Funny

    he’s just a fool guy , it’s just not gr8 how he looks when he said that

    will vanessa is a bretty Girl and every guy wish to date her

    amm and ofcurs he call her something when he meet the pepole to her maybe he said ” this my Girl F Or This my lovley Vanessa or maybe my lady ” i don’t knew what he could her BUT

    i hear ones in oprah show if the relashionship was seriously he will will give her a name when her get meet her to the ppl

  • http://jjj miley

    i liked the interview but not really “the best friend” part. i mean everybody knows zac and vanessa are a lot more than best friends, so zac should stop denying it! anyway, he looks great and i can’t wait for the movie!

  • luv ya nessa

    i think zanessa is sooo shy to say zac is my b.f or vanessa is my g.f

    i dont know why but i hope they do any movie with each other

  • ZanessaSupporter

    He didn’t deny that she’s his girlfriend. This is so much more important. He doesn’t see her as just a girlfriend but a best friend too. Do you know how important that is and how much that means. I’m so glad he said that. And in other interviews he acknowledged V as his girlfriend. I don’t think he meant to deny it. You just took it as that.

  • zanessa is luv

    hey dude, u shudnt hav deny the relationship between you and V, u shud tell the whole world that he’s ur girl, i mean u shud be proud and thankful that your girlfriend is one of the most hot and beautiful star in hollywood.

    P.S congratz to ur 17 again!

    zanessa rocks!!

  • missuk

    thanks zac for setting it straight….him and V are only “best friends”..get over it people..

  • hh

    My husband is my bff!

  • zane

    he still wants to keep his personal life private. calling your girlfriend , bestfriend is good too. For me,it doesnt change anything .Zac is really in love. He cared too much his relationship with Vanessa so he wants to be low key about it which I understand .what matters is their love for each other.

  • zanessaholic

    zac he’s your girlfriend!!

  • troy

    @ZanessaSupporter: I was just about to say the exact same thing you just did. It seems like people want Zac to go around saying “My girlfriend Vanessa and I..” or “Vanessa who is my girlfriend…” If he doesn’t refer to her as his “girlfriend” he is somehow denying it. We KNOW they are a couple and they KNOW that we KNOW. So they don’t feel the need to go around announcing it. Why should they?

    I don’t get why people just can’t relax about it.

  • chocolate amber


    He didn’t deny Vanessa as his girlfriend. He said she was his best-friend. That I think is very sweet.(L:ove him for that)

    Seriously, what guy in his twenties gushes about his girlfriend.
    Penn Badgley who dates Blake Lively(from Gossip Girl) rarely says anything about her, and when he does it sounds like he talking about his sister than girlfriend. I hear he really loves her and him and Blake are very happy.

  • tricia

    Best friends??? I thought that was what he called that chubby little girl from Hairspray. My, my, my……sorry people the young man is moving on and soon they will just be kids who worked together in Disney movies.

  • zanessa forever

    I think I said best friend just to let us know that they ARE dating but they are BFF as well and that’s just AMAZING!

  • tee

    Sorry to hurt your feelings but I’ve been married close to thiry years and my husbnd is still my best friend

  • secret

    his smile when he was talking about vanessa was adorable.

  • Jess!

    The star is happy to confirm he is still in a serious relationship with his High School Musical co-star Vanessa Hudgens.

    “Yes. I can say yeah but that’s all I can say,” he says with a smile. Efron has fought actively against making the relationship a headline-grabber, despite the fervent interest from fans and journalists all across the world.

  • Tini

    This is cute! But best friend?
    But ok it’s nderstandable. I mean in a way your other half is your best friend since you spent as much time with him/her as with your bff, (and they know you both well!) :))

  • ZanessaSupporter

    Thank you Jess, I was looking for that.
    See everyone. he sees her as his girlfriend and best friend.
    That means a lot. Teh yhave a very mature relationship

  • jocelyn

    he can call it the way he wants, they are TOGETHER,
    btw i want a best friend like zac efron ;)

  • Zac Efron’s #1 fan


    Thanks for that

  • Zac Efron fan and supporter

    That is so sweet.

  • e

    I thought that it was sweet of him to say that, it shows (if anyone wouldn’t get it already) that their relationship means a lot to Zac, seeing your gf/bf as your best friend shows how they’ve been able to get through everything, it shows the dept between them I guess, that they really know what to do to make them work. Not to mention the smile on his face after it, so sweet. I’m really, really hoping that they will get the chance to work together again someday, not soon but 10-15 years, I got even more exited after seeing “their” ‘Watchmen’-posters, it would be fun if they then did like a romantic-action-drama or something.

  • Marie

    That is so sweet. Zac really loves Vanessa.

  • Marie


    That would be amazing

  • Susanna

    The compliment is not to say she is my girlfriend but, any girl can tell you, the biggest compliment is to have your guy say that you are also his best friend. Wow. We know V is his girlfriend so he’s taking it to another level by saying this. Beautiful sentiment there. You just keep getting better and better to me, Zac. It’s going to be fun watching your career bloom and let’s hope you continue to shine for a long time. Loving Ya. . .

  • angelita

    that was so cute
    I love him
    Zanessa Forever And Ever :)


    guys.. i’m just kidding..
    like i sad before they are really private about their relationship.. so I can understand him..
    and I sad that before just to see what you people are going to say,,,
    so don’t believe something else..
    i love them both very much!

  • Zanessa biggest brazilian fan

    OH, he’s so cute.
    Vanessa is his best friend! *—*
    his love and his best friend!


    I think that was very sweet of him to say that..
    and he sad ”best friend” just becuase vanessa and zac are very private persons and they are very private about their relationship. :)

  • marie

    Zac and Vanessa always said they are best friends before boyfriend and girlfriend!!! Don’t start a chaos!!!!
    there’s nothing wrong with it and I really think it’s good when you are not only bf and gf and can do things friends do together as well, have fun not only as a couple but as two individuals… not only kissing and that whole blah blah blah ….

    And it’s obvious he won’t start the whole “Oh yeah, I wanna work while my girlfriend again so I get to make out with her on TV” …phew… they were always protective of their relationship, why should they start right now saying “oh yeah, I wanna work with Vanessa, she’s my girlfriend you know?” … “Oh yeah.. Zac is great, he is a tiger in bed and a great boyfriend”

    Jesus, it’s just stupid… I would actually get very scared if they started doing it. I would think it’s totally for attention and we all know Zac and Vanessa are more than that!

    His face talking about Van is priceless, I love when he blushes :)

  • sarah

    come on guys! why do you ALWAYS discuss about if they’re dating or not?
    the pics say more than 1000 words. i think it is sweet that he said that vanessa is his best friend. being best friends as well is a very important fact in a relationship. and nobody would say in an interview: … who is my girlfriend/boyfriend …
    that would sound kind of strange, huh?
    but anyways, i think they’re a cute couple and when they want to break up it’s their decision, life goes on! =)

  • sjk

    To have the person you are romantically involved with to be your best friend is the stuff true, lasting relationships are made of! Zac and Vanessa know what they are doing. Loved the interview! Can’t wait for the movie!!!

  • lovezanessa4ever

    COme on Zachy!!! YOu can’t deny that V is ur girlfriend!!!”best friend”? I don’t think sooooo! Anyway! I loved this vid:) He was sooooooooooooooooooooo damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot!!!

  • Zac Efron fan and supporter

    Zac thinks of Vanessa as his best friend now that is true love.

  • Zac Efron fan and supporter

    Dose anybody know if Gina Hoffman want with Zac to NYC.

  • http://vanessazac sara

    zac efron fan and support i didnt understande you when he say she is my best friend is a true love why!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    plz tell me i like zanessa so much

  • Zac Efron fan and supporter


    what you talking about.

  • ♥Vanessa♥

    Best friend??
    No, they say girl-friend! ;)

    But I agree, in a way your girl -or boyfriend is everytime your best friend.

  • Zac Efron fan and supporter

    I would love to see Zac and Vanessa work together again.

  • Zac Efron’s#1 fan

    I can’t wait to see Zac in 17 again, Me And Orson Welles.

  • just fanatic for zanessa

    thak you
    @hh: / @tee: that’s so sooo sweet that’s waht love is <333
    Zanessa really is forever!!<333

>>>>>>> staging1