Is Anybody There, Nikki Blonsky?

Is Anybody There, Nikki Blonsky?

Nikki Blonsky keeps it classic in head-to-toe black as she arrives at the premiere for Is Anybody There? at Cinema 2 in NYC on Monday night (April 6).

The 20-year-old Hairspray actress hammed it up on the red carpet with actor Dick Cavett.

Is Anybody There? tells the surprising, touching story of an odd couple – a boy and an old man – facing life together, with Edward (Bill Milner) learning to live in the moment and Clarence (Michael Caine) coming to terms with the past.

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Photos: Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images, PNP/ WENN
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  • Jerk


  • asq

    she is so ugly

  • nicklovesemily:]

    you people are SOOOOOOOOOO immature and rude! i cant ever understand why ppl leave megative comments..if you dont like someone so what! dont share your hate for them on websites..its just wrong.
    she was awesome in hairspray! and she looks great!

  • luv ya nessa

    with her self no one wont her

  • dora

    Loved her in Hairspray! Looks like she is beefing up again for her role in HS2. Wonder if she will be seeing her bff Efron while he is there.

    Can you believe people actually ever thought the golden boy would be hooking up with the likes of her!! He is so gorgeous and fit and she is so not.

  • megyn

    I absolutely LOVE her and I’m so glad to see her out and about again! Hopefully she’ll start doing more project, can’t wait to see what her career has in store for her!!

  • Amy

    I love her! :D <3

  • megyn

    more projects*, bleh to typos.

  • missuk

    i love nikki blonsky, thanks for posting jared – she looks beautiful as always!

  • emma

    don’t bash me for saying this it is my opinion but there is something about this girl i do not like. I can never quite figure her out.

  • merary96

    If it is for no reason then your dumb.

  • joss

    lol people still care about her?

  • katie

    i do not like her. she is always all over zac efron acting like she’s his girlfriend, when she is so not! zanessa forever. did yall see that picture of her with her jacket of and what is that on her arm.

  • emma

    katie @ 1:35 pm on 04/07/2009:

    whats on nikki’s arm

  • Magie

    Yay! It’s so nice to see her out and about again! She looks fabulous as always, looove the shoes! I can’t wait to hear about any upcoming projects she has!! Thanks for posting Jared!

  • LOVE!


  • melanie

    how can she be comfortable under all that skin … ?

  • Kami

    ok guys i dont like her either BUT u dont have to be so mean just cuz shes over weight gosh

  • pam

    Nice to see her out again. She is so talented but her size will never allow her to be anything in Hollywood.

    She was fabulous in Hairspray. Good Luck Nikki, wish the world would appreciate you for all the talent you have and not judge you by your weight.

  • Azra

    She will be trying to locate Zac now that he’s in NYC.

  • bob

    I feel bad for her. She just gushes over Efron and he doesn’t give her the time of day. Why would he when he’s got the GORGEOUS Vanessa on his arm!
    Blonsky’s got brains and talent and Vanessa has looks and Zac eating out of the palm of her hand.

  • Mummy

    How can she do that ugliest and disgusting “blow” !

  • bECKY

    FAT COW.

  • bECKY

    When did they start letiing pigs live in New York.

  • megyn

    okay, the haters need to shove it.

  • gottaloveit

    I don’t dislike her because of her weight. I actually think that’s a really redeeming thing about her, that she hasn’t caved to Hollywood pressure to crash diet down to a size double zero. However, I do dislike her because of her personality in interviews and outside of her singing voice which is beautiful I don’t think she’s talented. I thought she was the weakest part of Hairspray. She was a good Tracy but I thought the rest of the cast outshone and outacted her.

    The big thing for me is that there is something very off-putting about her in interviews, I’m not sure what it is because she’s not overly smug or snotty but there’s just something about how she acts in interviews that makes me think she’s possibly a brat in real life. Maybe she tries too hard to come off as relevant and A-list and it makes her look desperate rather than charming and cute? I don’t know, I can’t put my finger on it.

  • Vanessa

    I still do not understand why when people dislikes a person, they feel the need to check her articles and dish about her!!!
    Well if you have time to waste and feel the need to be rude, that’s your point, you certainly does not have anything more interesting to do.Looks like kids from kindergarten!! Grow up people, i think it’s about time!!!

    Jared, thanks for posting this!! She had a pic with Ed too (GG) amazing. She looks gorgeous, can’t wait to here about her album and other projects…

  • jjjgirl

    @LOVE!: You are so mean. And shallow. Geez.

  • Ann

    Yay for the best thing to happen to the motion picture industry in the last 10 years.
    I feel sorry for the people who diss her. They are to be pittied.

    Thank for posting JJJ, its about time

  • heyy

    Ha the talentless unhealthy freak who psychotically flipped a table, beat someone and is obsessed to an unhealthy degree with former co star Zac.

    How conveniently she came out, fully ready to stalk Zac as does snl in NY. Don’t be surprised if you see her with him soon. Along with all her sick, psychotic fans no doubt. Poor boy, too nice for his own good.

  • huh

    i thought she was in jail

  • louise

    ok i really hate the way there are lots of celebrities who are totally emaciated and way way too thin – its completely unhealthy and looks terrible. but just because nikki is like the opposite of super skinny people are like ‘OMG SHES AMAZING REAL WOMEN HAVE CURVES SHE LOOKS GREAT’
    no she doesn’t, in medical terms she would probably be classified as clinically obese – i’m not a doctor but she couldn’t be that far off it, and that is just as unhealthy as the parades of skinny stars aswell

  • aw


  • bolton

    whoever said black was slimming was very very wrong.
    i dont get why she’s still relevant, it’s not like she’s done anything to wow people.

  • me.


  • pip


    Nikki has an over-the-top personality that is annoying to most people.
    She should had wore a body-shaper but her stomach is really hanging low.

  • melanie

    sry if my comment b4 offended . i didn’t mean to but i was serious. isn’t it uncomfortabl w/ all that weight? i have a hard time already and i’m not even overweight. my friend and i were talking about this and so i just wondered . :(

  • megan

    i really hate her she seems that she is a big star in hollywood beause she was in 1 movie and she didnt do great in it im surprised they had a dress that can fit her

  • megan

    i really hate her

  • Mandi k

    Nikki, you are amazing…I always tell you this…You are an inspiration to us all….If you read this, dont listen to what stupid people say…you continue being you…or it’s like what you told me “Keep a tough skin and keep your chin up at all times and the key to this business and to life is to be you.”

    That quote inspired me….Keep up the good work :)

  • Bree

    Love Nikki B!!!!!

  • Shirley

    I never really seen her stuff.

    But I respect her. Not like those haters.

  • Mandi k

    Who the hell cares what you look like on the outside? All you haters out there, give me one good reason why she should be hated?….Her weight is not a good reason.
    Do you even know the girl? I have never met her, but I have written to her, and she’s written me back…and she happens to be one of the most amazing people I know. Take it from me, I happen to be a skinny person…but I’m not shallow…real beauty is on the inside…What good is it that you have a nice body, but a cold heart?….like a lot of girls. This girl is freaking amazing….and she’s made it this far…she’ll hit another milestone

    You go girl…keep shining that bright light

  • zac is a rat

    Zac had better watch out as no doubt Nikki will be tracking him down, would’nt suprise me if she does’nt appear on SNL.

    She was so disrespetful to Vanessa when she shouted out at the awards show ‘ I Love you Zaccy’ especially seeings as she meant it in a way that proved she wanted to be more than a co-star with him, he looked so uncomfortable when she shouted it, I perosnally think that John Travolta was the best one in HS.

  • Gabby

    Thanks Jared! she looks great, can’t wait to hear her album, she’s very pretty and very talented, I hope we have HS2.

  • lili


    ALBUM?!?!?!…r u srz???
    kinda like she tryin to scoot her way back into hollywood…

    anyway i kinda agree with ‘zac is a rat’ when he said how disrespectful it was to vanessa when nikki yelled “I love u zaccy” at the MTV movie awards….
    if i were V id be like “WTF…shut up u whale”…but thats just me…
    maybe i shouldnt be saying this….its holy week and im supposed to be nice….but too late

    *clicks submit*

  • Emma

    Dnt go skites at me this is my opin She has ok talent a amazing vocie that probley wnt be found again for a while but she has no clue what so ver of what its like to be Zac efron she thinks she can just take him away from Vanessa well Vanessa has got butey,talent and brains n everything else a teenage girl could want and more.
    I dnt like her addituied in interviews she talks about how she feels she is the rite size n yes she is but then she talks about how the presser isn’t gona make her losse more weghit well trust me she will lose some wheghit n she talks about the papz cme on she has no idea i just dnt like her at all never have never will.
    Luv ya Vanessa n Zac xxxxxx Zanessa 4EVE

  • lili

    @Emma: Totally agree with u there girl…!!!!

    i mean its a good thing that she is comfortable in her own skina nd the way she is…props to her for that…but we all know that size isnt healthy at all…i think she needs to so something about it

  • aaaly123

    ok whoever the hell you are ‘heyy’ you should know that SHE is loved more than you will ever be because you judge her without even actually knowing her….and im sure you do the same with others as well. so if you dont like someone, and you dont want people to hate you, keep your feelings about them to yourself…

  • http://deleted aaaly123

    @LOVE!: what the hell is your problem? imagine how you would feel if ppl said these kind of things about you behind YOUR back…yeah…it hurts…