Miley Cyrus Dreams of Nick Jonas

Miley Cyrus Dreams of Nick Jonas

Miley Cyrus flashes a peace sign at the paparazzi as she arrives back from filming The Rachel Ray Show before checking out of her NYC hotel on Wednesday afternoon (April 8).

The 16-year-old starlet caught up with JJJ at our Hannah Montana The Movie screening last night and dished about the latest dream she had. She shared, “I woke up and someone was chasing me in the mall. This is going to sound really weird and really stalkerish, but Nick Jonas. The Jonas Brothers were having a concert and all their teenaged fans were attacking me. I was running and Nick tried to rescue me from it. He got me to their helicopter to escape. That was gold.”

Also pictured below: Emily Osment and Lucas Till also checking out of their NYC hotel.

WHEN WAS YOUR last dream about the Jonas Brothers? What was it about?

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Credit: Jose Perez; Photos: SplashNewsOnline, Judy Eddy / WENN
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  • Laura

    how cute

  • haha

    She needs to get over Nick!

  • Jacky

    Emily looks gorgeous.
    I love her <3

  • Lauren

    hmmm…i wish shed get back with nick later on in the year – yeah its not going to happen blah blah blah…but it would be nice, she talks about him constantly and hardly about justin, i think they’re much prefered to one another much like the vanessa and zac of the younger

  • krazed jb fan

    Omg! She is not over him! lol but its cute

  • Lina Palmquist

    I don’t dream about the jonas brothers. but for some funny reason I always dream about Miley, and I just don’t know why?

  • k

    cute niley….

  • kim

    haha aww.

    i’e had a dream similar to that about this guy i liked haha…we were at some kind of….school…or something. haha…i escaped without him tho haha…i left him there

    thats sooo cute. i love miley shes just really open and honest and real. she dont BS nothing

  • kim

    i bet miley do talk about justin…its just the press is going to keep posting stuff about nick more. she make so many videos with justin there either next to her…or somewhere in the room…but articles and stuff….they are goin to post stuff that miley says about nick 90% of the time.

  • nessa

    why is she ALWAYS mentioning him!

    you don’t see nick jonas doing the same thing.


    she needs to stop talking about her ex.

  • Khadijah

    i guess us jonas fans are a little aggressive in dreams :)

    I had a dream the other nihgt that nobody wanted joes autogrpah so i went to him then he was happy. so me and him slow danced to some song at a dance and joe kevin nick n I had a group hug when it was over

  • bre1234

    she really needs to stop talking about her ex
    its annoying

  • Ms. O

    Let’s just say obsessed much…uggh

  • Ms. O

    yes very annoying

  • http://jjj miley

    miley and nick are a cute couple but i think it’s about time for her to stop talking about him.anyway she looks great!

  • alice

    im sure -well kinda- its gonna be MORE niley this year :D hope they get back together

  • mcftd8

    Haha what a cool dream! LOL x)
    She is awesomeee & I loove Jiley<3 :)

  • jb4reallzzz

    this dream was a while ago, but….i was at camp, just like camp rock, and it just so happened that joe jonas was there. the weird thing was, his hair was in cornrows, and i can still picture it (he still looked fineee as helll). so basically i wanted to get ON that, and i dont really remember what led up to this, but we ended up passionately kissing outside of my cabin. yummm :)))

  • Captincrunchrocks

    hahan that’s cute haters shut up your like a million times more “obsessee than her”

    miley owns!

  • sjs

    hahahahahahahaha! I find it freaking HILARIOUS that she had a dream about JB fans attacking her. Can’t say I blame her. lol.

  • Abby

    i wish she would just stop talking about him.
    i mean, seriously.
    they were like..13.
    get over him already, you look pathetic.

  • ohhey

    she really needs to get over Nick. like, thats not even normal for someone to be dreaming about their ex when its been a year already.

    but i bet that sometime in the future they’re gonna get back together, mark my words.

  • cc27

    Awhhh!! <3 I love How she just loves Nick so much still :)
    Niley 4 Ever!! <3

  • nicci

    its so funny how many haters there all haha. if you dont like miley…why do you even read about what she say….be smart and skip it if it annoys u

  • kim

    miley can talk about her ex all she want. its her life. they are friends, and nick dont care. GET OVER IT.
    all these miley haters are pathetic. and alot of them are hypocrites and do the same thing shes done.

  • scarlette

    urghh she better back off

  • kim

    they are really good friends. she was there for him during rough times…he was there for her. you cant turn those kind of connections off.

    if nick and miley can put their drama to the side…why cant the fans. nick fans are such instigators and want drama in his life.

  • kim

    i think the only reason so many girls hate miley…but sooo in love with nick…is because she actually had a chance with him…and the haters will never have a chance with nick. come back to reality people.

  • :)

    aww, how cute is that? :)

  • niley!


    No, Abby, they broke up a year ago. They were 15.
    They STARTED at 13. Broke up at 15.
    Maybe you should accept the fact that Nick loved Miley, and will probably never even take a second glance at you.

  • whatever

    and niley u should probably stop being all obsessess with nick and miley

    oh and fyi miley : stop talking about nick heyy its not like we care!
    oh and i highly doubt that she ACTUALLY dream of Nick ,, i mean this was probably just a crap made so the interview will be interesting

  • mimi

    that’s cute! wonder if nick jonas dream about her! someone needs to ask him that question! if he dreams of miley?

  • skye


  • andrea

    i love her!
    she isn’t over him… and i think nick isnt over her either.
    it’s just that he is kinda shy and likes 2 keep it private.


  • skye

    That’s right Miley keep on talking about him. I love it! So sweet!

  • amy

    well i don’t hate miley but c’mon i think she needs to get over it jeje and she has justin so.. get over it :)

  • sjs

    I love that everyone says Miley needs to get over Nick and stop talking about him (even though she’s not saying anything negative), but Taylor Swift wouldn’t shut up about Joe for the longest time and people defended her for it. And this has nothing to do with whether you side with Taylor or not. It just goes to show what haters people are.

  • keepitmovin

    i think its cute that she still has a good connection with him. he obciously is happy that they are friends.

    if certain JB fans cared…they would stop judging her cuz in a way they are judging nick. he chose to stay friends with her…so what does that tell you about him. by judging her…your judging his decisions and choices in his life. some JB fans need to grow up and stop being so obessive of nick. HE HAS A LIFE…HE HAS HIS FRIENDS…..AND THERES NOTHING ANYONE CAN DO ABOUT IT. IF YOU DONT LIKE MILEY THEN I GOT A SOLUTION FOR YOU….STOP READING ABOUT HER.

    talking bad about miley doesnt make you a better person…just make you look stupid.

    nick and miley are friends so just shut up about it…all that whining is annoying

  • Rebecca

    Last time I had a dream of the JB’s was last night and I made an important speech how it’s not funny to cut ppl’s hair coz a maniac started cutting this girls hair and she was practically bald!!! After the speech Joe was talking to demi and Nick was talking to selena but at least Kevin was listening! XD xoxo

  • nicci

    exactly sjs!

    miley has the cutest stories about nick but yet…everyone was still in love with taylor swift no matter what she said about joe. and people loooovee kevin and danielle….

    like someone else said…i bet miley does talk about justin alot…but gues what…the press chose not to release those moments but instead want to keep bringing nick up. why!? because its better reading…and it will bring up drama and get JB fans riled up. and guess what. it worked.just making some JB fans look stupud.

    nick and miley are freaking 16 year olds….why is this such a big topic of teenagers dating.


    OMG I liked Miley but I’m starting to hate her.
    A few months ago she didn’t say anyhthing, but now is like “Oh, yeah, now we’re friends with Nick”
    It seems like she wants the fans jealous of her!

  • Jordyn

    Nileyy <3

  • Mels

    is that supposed to be a stuffed animal of sofie…haha that is the cutest thing ever!

  • lucy

    i think miley is fab, shes so cool!!! But she talks alot about nick an not enough to make up for it about her boyfriend…!!!!x

  • ivanka


  • Sarah

    everyone ends up dreaming about the jonas brothers…even miley, lol.

    i had a dream once where the jonas brothers were looking for a place to film their music video…and they saw my house and decided it was perfect and their people knocked on the door and asked us if they could use it, of course i said yes. i watched them film the music video in the backyard and afterwards i hung out with them…and nick gave me his number, lol. i know corney, but it was a dream.

  • Brigget

    justin wake up why are you with miley all she talks about in her interviews all of them is her pass relationship with nick,i feel sorry for you justin get you a real woman,she never talks about you.thats so sad
    justin you dont deserve this she needs to put the past in the past and you need to make your stand

  • Brigget

    justin wake up why are you with miley all she talks about in her interviews all of them is her pass relationship with nick,i feel sorry for you justin get you a real woman,she never talks about you.thats so sad
    justin you dont deserve this she needs to put the past in the past and you need to make your stand

  • Christina

    Oh my goodness, all this “niley” stuff is getting on my nerves!
    I wish she would stop talking about him so much, Get over it! and move on! you have a boyfriend…jeez. SO what if they’re friends, the press is trying to make it look like they’re going to get back together, and i highly doubt that. And i bet that dream was made up. ugh.
    ok i’m done, i just thought i’d throw in my 2 cents. :) haha

  • EMI

    oh no…why? I don’t want Miley get back with Nick (<3) becouse I love her, but am in love with Nick ! awww,,so I don’t wanna hate Miley!!! :s but if she still dreams with him…. :(
    Please Miley! forget him!!
    I think I will not hate her, I think I will be jealous :s
    well, even so, I love them..
    and I am still in love with MY NICHOLAS (L