Miley Cyrus Flies Away At GMA

Miley Cyrus Flies Away At GMA

Miley Cyrus (in Lia Sophia bangles) lets her hair go wild as she performs with dad Billy Ray on Good Morning America at NYC’s Hard Rock Cafe on Wednesday morning (April 8).

The 16-year-old starlet teamed up with her dad to sing “Butterly Fly Away” and “The Climb,” both songs from the Hannah Montana The Movie soundtrack.

Miley will be surprising fans across the nation this weekend and invading theaters across the country to promote her flick, much like The Jonas Brothers. She shared, “During my new movie’s opening weekend I’ll be flying all over the country to make surprise appearances. So get ready, I may be seeing you on opening weekend!”

15+ pics inside of Miley performing on GMA…

Miley & Billy Ray Cyrus – “Butterfly Fly Away”, GMA, 04/08

Miley Cyrus – “The Climb”, GMA, 04/08
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Photos: Bryan Bedder/Getty Images
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  • kiarita´sKiss

    ohhh she looks soo pretty!!!! i love her dress! xD

  • mileyfan

    I love her dress!The performance was great!

  • Rochel

    For someone who has been traveling all over and been on
    planes for a long time and looks very tired.
    she did a Great Job. Kudos to her and her Dad.

  • izabella

    wow, she looks gorgeous and sounds amazing!!
    Miley’s one of few that actually can sing live!! ♥

  • Farrah

    I know people give her a hard time for being “Hannah Montana”, but I genuinely think that with a couple more years of vocal training she could be an excellent singer. Oh, and she looks very pretty here.

  • katie

    aww she looks so gorgeous <3 according to her twitter, the poor thing only got two hours of sleep. i really think disney overworks miley and jb. and let’s just get it out there–the theater invasion was clearly disney’s doing in both cases. despite that, she did very well. and i love her dress.

  • izabella

    and I’ve been wanting her to sing butterfly fly away
    live ever since I heard it for the first time!!
    and wow, she sang it sooo great!! she almost sounds just
    like in the studio version, she’s amazing like that!! :D ♥

  • sean84

    well saw it on tv dis morning lol she was awsome ur the best miley i luv u pleez merry me lol well sorry i sound lik a stalker i fink lol butt serouisly shes awsome lol

  • prih

    her performance was very very great!!! the climg is the best song from Hannah Montana the movie!! hope she cames to Brazil,make a “suprise” for us!!!

    Miley we love you here in Brazil!!!


  • sean84

    well she said on twitter shes takin a napp righ now lol

  • http://jjj miley

    she looks great and i loved both performances. she sang beautifully and i really liked her outfit!

  • m

    they both have beautiful voices!

  • maddi

    aw butterfly fly away was SO good!

    love her and her dress.

    a question: if you want to follow her on twitter how do you do that?

  • Megan

    You know, I’m usually not a fan of Miley but she sang both of the songs wonderfully this morning.

  • lola

    @maddi: @maddi: You have to have a twitter account and then go this link; and follow her :)

  • ANM

    She did a GREAT job. And do not forget that her new E! Special comes on tonight at 10pm (east coast time). Shoud be very good.

    What a PERFECT week to be a Miley Cyrus fan =) SHA!

    2 more days Baby…..2 more days.

  • ANM

    Maddi, if you are able to, turn on the device updates to get her tweets on your phone. It has been fun following along on her adventures this week. Yesterday my phone was buzzing at 6:05a with Miley talking about being sooo tied her left eye would not open. And today at 5:30am, she is already getting hair and makeup done. What a CRAZY life….. and now flying to movie theaters to greet fans….. no wonder the girl drinks soo much Starbucks=) Her drive and tenacity crushes that seen in most 40 year olds. Love her and can’t wait for the moive.

    Peace and Love!!! AlexNM

  • maggie

    miley got talent from billy ray,they r both super talented!!
    & some people r saying she hasn’t got older fans,well i’m 18,live in europe and i’m fan of hers & so r other people my age…

  • maddi

    wait so if you follow miley on twitter that just meens you’ll always get her updates?

    like when she says “gnight going to sleep!” or “going to rachael rays”?

  • Katie-Chee

    I dont get why she headbangs!! It’s just…weird and totally wrong for her and the song!! I love her, I love her music but I dont get the headbanging!!

  • ihdhahaha

    what’s up with her voice…. she’s like whining. ew she sucks at singing just give up miley.

  • katie

    @ihdhahaha: lol honey she’s living her dream and all you’re doing is bashing a teenage girl over the internet. i think she wins in this situation.

  • joecool



  • Raquel

    no habia escuchado todavia la cancion the buterfly fly away.

    Miley canta super bien y no tiene la tipica voz de niña y eso és lo que la hace especial!!!

    Viva miley!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • BriBri

    I find it very funny how she says trying.

  • jjlova

    Butterfly fly away- BEAUTIFUL!

    Also, I cannot believe how hard this girl WORKS! She barely sleeps. I’m impressed.

  • / krixtina

    wow dress:)

  • brigget

    what in the world was she thinking with that dress its awfull

  • blake

    she sings thru her nose

  • Lenny


  • amy

    haha i likee miley :D she lOoks nice anda funny :)

  • billythekid


    You don’t really have to follow her on twitter to be able to read whatever she writes there. Just go to and you can read whatever she writes and see whoever she follows. Has anyone here read Justin’s twitters? he is a strange bird and very religious. Lots of quotes from the bible or speaking in parable. No wonder Miley called him “preacher man” in one of her youtube vids.

  • miley#1fan4life

    fantastic voice better than most peoples

    haters just need to get a life

    miley rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kamilah

    the hair flip thing is really obnoxious

  • janiece

    Are we being serious right? for real?? okay im not being a hater at all honestly because i do like this song and one or two others of hers. BUT seriously she cant sing live at all. im sorry but its the truth. that was very bad. her voice only works in the studio.

  • Victoria

    im in love with her dress!
    she did great :)))
    cant wait for the movie
    1 day :))))))))))))))

  • billythekid


    Are you being serious here? For real?? Don’t make me laugh girl. I could care less if you are a hater or not; that is totally irrelevant. What is relevant here is your lack of good judgement. if she was half as bad as you claim, she wouldn’t have a career. You can’t sing with mirrors. Personally, I think some of her “live” singing is the best singing she does.

  • jb fanaticc

    lenny 30#, i believe ur dad trys to look younger too thank you

    anyway, go mileyyy!!!!!!
    ive luved her from the start and i still love her
    she is a amazing singer
    and i cant believe she gets only about two hours of sleep!
    i have a rule ,on the holidays i cant wake up earlier than 9am
    and plz be quite haters she made a mistake we make mistakes too.


  • janiece


    there are plenty of celebs who are famous but dont have great talents. her career did not come from her singing “talent”. her career is soley based off of hannah motana.

  • http://. Vic2763

    It erks me that people make comments based solely on personal opinion. Lets Look at the talent. That counts. Miley at 16 does not have any serious dramatic work experience. Though she does have a good work ethic and appears to make wise work decisions. Reviewers are saying the HM movie is a step in the right direction. Nick Sparks’ ‘The Last Song’ may prove to be an indication of if she has the chops to do a dramatic role. She appears to have comedic timing, and singing ability, which are positive indications for the future. Her ‘mistakes’ imo look to be more PR stunts than serious scandals. Let’s see how she is doing at 21. I’m optimistic =]

  • kayla

    I know Miley Cyrus is coming to the UK in just under 2 weeks and will put on a very special performance in London during her stay!

  • danielle

    she is amazing ! she goes on tours, concerts and recordings but she always have time to watch her fan mail

  • danielle

    i have one thing to say to miley and her dad……………… YOU ROCK!!!!!!!