Zac Efron Mocks Matthew Perry

Zac Efron Mocks Matthew Perry

Zac Efron mocks former Friends star Matthew Perry in this exclusive MySpace featurette for their upcoming flick, 17 Again.

In the flick, Zac, 21, plays the young version of Mike O’Donnell, a guy whose life didn’t quite turn out like he planned. One day he wishes he could go back to high school to change it all and he wakes up one day and is seventeen again and gets the chance to rewrite his life.

17 Again hits theaters on April 17th.

Zac Efron Mocks Matthew Perry
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  • Marie

    i can’t wait to see.

  • Lisa

    ok THAT’s a cool and funny video
    not like the funny or die video that’s really boring

  • http://jjj miley

    zac is really fun! i love him and can’t wait for the movie

  • justniki

    haha awesome<3:’DD

  • Zac Efron fan and lover

    I can’t wait to see 17 again.

  • missuk

    haha that was funny…expected more from that funny and die video tho xx

  • Carol


  • Sarah

    Hahaha that was funny.

  • Lucy

    lol, I agree!
    More funny that the FunnyOrDie video
    Love Mathew Perry, and of course I LOVE Zac Efron, but I love them as actors, and also Tom Lennon

  • alice

    hahahah funny !!!cant wait they look like father-son there hahah kidding

    love them both:D

  • Marta

    i can’t wait to see zac again in the cinema!<3333

    i luv zac so much!
    Does anyone know when is the premiere in Spain?

  • andrea

    OMG! Bowling For Soup!!! <3

  • zane

    i’m gonna watch this movie

  • Germangirl

    That was very funny I loved it I was smiling the whole time…

  • mariana

    oh thanks i’ll tell them
    zac and mathew perry!
    cant wait

  • Mia

    Thats was funny! Why didnt they make the funny or die video like that?
    More Zac en Vanessa en WAY more fun!

  • :)

    ahahaaa :)
    they’re so funny together!
    matthew perry…what a ledgend.

  • susan

    I can’t wait to see 17 again is release here in uk friday the 10 i booked it already.

  • ♥Zanessafan4lyfe♥

    Haha awesome!
    Zac is so hot!

  • Irene

    OMG! I can’t wait to see 17 agaaain!

  • susan

    i can’t wait to see 17 again release here in uk this friday the 10
    i already booked 4 ticket.

  • cc27

    I cant wait till 17 again!! <3 Zac Just Keep getting hotter and hotter haha xD

  • http://JustJared Amanda is love with Zac!

    Now that was cute!
    Zac looked ezxtremely sexy in that black. The way his hair is, i loved it that short. I know you all agree with me.

    Really funny, funnier than the “funny or die” video.

  • awurbii

    ok. i like zac but it wasn’t funnier than the funny or die video. everybody who’s saying that are the people that didn’t like it. the video was cute i guess but at no point did i laugh at this. Its just a small sketch and mathew perry made it funny but zac’s still awesome anyway!!

    i’m not hating on the clip it was fine. i just find it weird that everyone’s saying that all of a sudden!!

  • athena

    This is driving me NUTS!!! Seeing all these previews, Zac in NYC and I wonder where might I get the chance to meet him…and I STILL HAVE TO WAIT UNTIL THE 17TH to see 17Again!!!! AAAAAGHHHH!!!!

  • sjs

    LMAO! Ok, I have no plans to see this movie, but that commercial was hilarious. I LOVE Matthew Perry. He has such a natural way of being funny. I love the joke about his hair and then the girl coming over. “I love Seinfeld.” “Oh, thanks. I’ll tell him.” ahahahahaha. Awesome.

  • athena

    Funny. I wouldn’t compare it to Funny or Die…two different kinds of shorts. They’re equally funny…I guess humourous would be the word.

  • gwałcicielka shifta

    oł lool. it’s really cool. Pf. Does anyone know when is the premiere in Poland?

  • sefora

    that is funny not like this other video

  • katie

    that was brilliant…

    peeing my pants…

  • Tini


  • mami

    what happened to perry’s voice? oO

  • holly

    i love matthew perry he is soooo sexy n is a great actor love him x x x

  • awurbii


    its ok. 17 again comes out today in australia. so i can go watch it if i want to. :D :D

  • lostinyureyes;;

    Matthew Perry is just phenomenal.
    His performance in “The Ron Clark Story” …. just wow.
    I’m glad to see him again and return to doing films.
    He has a knack for things like this.

  • Celine

    Aww, I cant wait to see this! I don’t care that much about Zac Efron, but i absolutely LOVE Matthew Perry. He has such natural comedic timing and is just hilarious! I will see this just for him! =]

  • ivanka

    haha zac i love himm.. this is funny and the part of the ladies liking his hair like that.. ITS TRUE

  • Emma

    haha soo funny. i loved matthew perry in friends and i love zac so this pairing is amazing.

  • Auditions for disney

    I can’t wait for this movie!!

  • kamilah

    lol im actually going to see this movie when it comes out. I freakin love Matthew Perry!! hes so funny in friends. the last part about seinfeld was funny.

  • Ine


  • samm

    hahaha! omg i just peeded myself at the end!

  • miley#1fan4life
  • humm

    that was hilarious;

  • Brittneyy

    im seeing this on Saturday night,
    im excited, haha.

    its already out in Australia.


  • Wedding Peach

    Oh, Zac is so cute. He is a perfect older Matthew Perry. Matt Perry is one of the most underrated, under-appreciated comedian-actors in the industry.

  • celina

    HILARIOUS!! matthew and zac make a good comedy team! cant wait for april 17!

  • zanessafan4ever

    I love this video!!!

    CAN’T WAIT FOR 17 AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    GO ZAC LOVE YA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • juliet

    that was awesome!!
    go Zac!!!

  • Jess

    Looks so good, can’t wait until tomorrow so I can see it :)

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