Zac Efron: Pool Party Disaster!

Zac Efron: Pool Party Disaster!

Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens and 90210 cutie Jessica Stroup all gather around Lance Bass as he tells them a story in the new vid.

The 21-year-old actor teamed up with 17 Again producer Adam Shankman for the project. He told People, “It’s very, very silly.”

Zac‘s all star guest list include Queen Latifah, Nicole Richie, Joel Madden, Brittany Snow, Brody Jenner and even JONASChelsea Staub.

Zac Efron’s Pool Party – Funny Or Die
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  • Alex Guzman

    I expected something better, but this is kinda funny. Lol .

  • gross

    Lol I love when the crazy lady pinched Zac’s butt and Vanessa did that thing with her sunglasses haha. Classic! xD and when she was giving her make up tips,even though vanessa already looks like she woke up in her own vomit anyways. Her voice is hecka annoying at the end all high pitched and whiny, but what she said was funny anyways.

  • hannah

    bahhahaa thats jokes.

  • kazahana1

    so funny..haha
    zanessa! LivestrOng


    hahahahha awww hoow cuteeeeeeeee!!!!

  • zane

    its okay

  • Melody

    Omg, hahahah, I love this!
    Cute when Vanessa calls Zac ‘babe’..

    thihi, Zanessa forever

  • Carrie

    The overall video was not that funny, but it was different lines throughout the video that had me laughing!

  • rachel

    I love this!
    It’s amazing(:
    I wish i was longerrr!
    I especially love the end with Vanessa, bahaha.

  • zane

    Vanessa called Zac, ‘Babe!

  • jojo

    so funny

  • Alexa

    i expected something better too, but i actually liked it lol

  • Emmahary

    its was quite funny. i love the blonde uncles girlfriend (one from king of queens) i thought vanessa wasnt very good with the acting (which is surprising cause shes an actress.

    haha queen latifa was funny

  • tiff

    vanessa was awesome
    who cares if she didn’t act good she looked hot

  • Carol


    Her voice was supossed to be like that.
    She was complaining
    It was suposed to be annoying.

    I loved V’s face, V is too cute.
    And Zac…poor Zac, with an “uncle” like that. haha

  • zanessa forever


  • BabiiVfanforeva

    loved it :D
    omg zanessa are cute and loved how nessa said ‘babe’!!
    lol and the sunglasses thing she did at the start :)
    vanessa is so gorgeous and zac if hot!!

  • abby w

    zanessa was so adorable!!!!
    zanessa forever!!

  • sam

    it was alright, but vanessa can’t act.

  • Lucy

    lol i love Tom Lennon, he is so funny. Loved it at the end when Vanessa says ‘Babe! Your uncle did another poop in the hot tub!” so funny

  • hannah

    was so much better than I expected!
    zac and van are so hot together!

  • Germangirl

    mhh a little disappointing but well it was cute… I loved zacs smile at the end

  • Angela

    it was… not what i imagined but yeah, it’s cool. vanessa’s just adorable. =))

  • missuk

    it was ok…i expected it to be funnier – great acting from all!

  • crazy_pwincess

    cute…lurve them ol…zanessa look so good in it…
    cute couple!!!!

  • Zac Efron fan and suppoter

    Cute and funny Video. How sweet how Vanessa called Zac Babe.

  • ange

    i expected something i don’t know funnier? weel, but i dis like it anyway

  • ayen

    I thought Vanessa acted a whole lot better than some of them. That last scene was hella priceless. I don’t get the ‘redneck’ funny scenes (probably a cultural thing) and I thought the last one was the only thing that was funny. Vanessa’s “baaabe~~ your Uncle Hank took another “POOP” in the hot tub!” and Justin Long’s “hotdog” smelling and about to eat it scene. lol.

  • gottaloveit

    So not expecting anything like that at all. It was pretty funny in parts, other parts were meh. Tom and Nicole were good. So were Zac and Vanessa. Vanessa was actually better than I thought she’d be. She had some good facial expressions going on and her last line was good in that high pitched voice. And LOL at Brody Jenner talking about Keyensian economists.

  • sheila

    ya’ll just pick on vanessa’s acting. i mean the only real standouts were uncle hank and randi the girlfriend. everyone else is just filling in their lines. zac did well with playing the chill dude but really, everyone was just rather average and there were many experienced actors there. don’t know why the focus is on vanessa’s acting and everyone else isn’t put under the same microscope. this is just meant to be for fun.

  • gracemarie


    Isn’t it funny you say she can’t act but Zach Snyder (300 )(Sucker Punch) – Lorenzo Dt Bonaventura (Transformers) (Dead @17) and Mike Dougherty (X2)(Dead @ 17) don’t agree and studios are handing them over hundreds of millions of dollars even in this economy to make their films.

    And since she was seen with yet another script the other day who know who else disagrees.

    I think of when people used to call Marisa Tomei a lightweight who’ll come and go, well here we are 1 oscar and 3 nominations later and some of those naysayers were never heard from again LOL

  • lslsharon

    vanessa is so hot!!!!!!!!!!

  • emma

    I thought this was going to be much better. It was nice to see Zac and Vanessa work together again though and i hope that they work together again in the future.

  • zanessalove4verer

    babe! your uncle hank let another poop in the bathtub!! hahha,i`m dying in laughs here! haha xD
    they looked sooooooooooooooooo HOT!!! vanessa hsd a Great body!!! and zac was DAMN!!! hot!!!! i love them soo much!! XD
    best couple verr! xD
    Always and forever! ZANESSA SUPPORTER!! xD
    love themmm! i love this video! haha,so Funny!

  • awurbii

    whats up with ppl saying vanessa can’t act. of course she can act!!! what are u talking about. if she couldn’t act do u think she would be an actress. hell no!!! nobody would give her a job. so obviously what your saying is totally wrong.

    she may not be oscar ready but it doesn’t mean she can’t act. she hasn’t been in the industry for that long anyway and every actor learns from their experiences. give her some time and stop that lame comment.

  • Zanessa fan!!!

    I liked the video. I loved all the zac and vanessa parts. I also liked the aunt and uncle, they were just soo amazing!!! I loved vanessas reaction to the butt pinch and i loved her line at the end, it was sooo hilarious!!!

  • Sarah

    Dissapointing :(

  • zanessahsmxoxo

    hey!the last comment was mine’s,lol ( zanessalove4verer)
    I love this videooo!! haha,this is soooo FUN!!! love them,haha,hottt! they were extremely hot! ! vanessa acted soo good same as zac!! XD
    loveeeeeeeeeeeeee it!!
    zanessalove is forever! XD
    100000% zanessa supporter!
    haters-get lost!

  • tiff

    it was funny but not laugh till u cry funny
    i thought EVERYONE played their part well……………..

  • zanessa4-life

    Zac and Vanessa did so great!
    Even though it was so short,they were amazingly well!
    I love them so much!
    I really hope they’ll do another movie together!

  • Azra

    It was funny. The best part for me was when Nicole Sullivan mentioned “Wet & Wild” eyemake-up. I have a friend who uses that brand. LOL.

  • sweetnessa

    awww i love them !!!
    Vanessa is so sexy and so cute!!!!!!!!!!!
    i love her<333

  • meme!!

    soo funny…
    i love zanessa and brittany…xD
    and Nicole Richie, Joel Madden… :D

  • sweetnessa

    awww i love them!!!
    vanessa is so sexy and cute!!!
    i love her <3333

  • zanessa/jashley/ashnessa

    ….ZACHARONY AND CHEESE !!!! Lol, wow. I must say, I did expect this to be better and I was hoping that they would be shown together a lot. Eh, but it made my day when Vanessa called Zachary “babe” :D Still cool though.

  • zac fan

    Zac is soooo hotttt

  • confused

    What happened to Queen Latifah? She used to be so funny and a good actress. She was pretty bad in this, not very funny. I was disappointed with her.
    I’m not a Vanessa fan but I also don’t get the massive hate for her either that goes on at some of the net either. She seems pretty inoffensive to me as a person overall. I was kinda surprised by her in this though, I thought she did better than just about anyone else in the cast except for Tom, Nicole and Zac, who were all good. Maybe it was a Disney thing and she’ll improve away from them?

  • alice

    love it!!! :D

  • ivanka

    “Even though Efron was the star, he didn’t act like a big shot, adds Shankman. “[Zac] was blown away that we could put it together and he was really, deeply grateful. If you want to know what kind of people Zac and Vanessa [Hudgens] are … I turned around and Vanessa was taking out the garbage and Zac was doing the dishes. They have no entitlement issues, it’s all for one and one for all. Nothing is taken for granted.”

    i love the zanessa comment.. the videoo is funny! shut up haters

  • zanessaholic

    wahahaha..lovely zanessa!!!

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