Ashley Tisdale Kicks Alien Butt

Ashley Tisdale Kicks Alien Butt

Ashley Tisdale squeezes a hug out of on-screen love interest Robert Hoffman in the new trailer from their upcoming flick, They Came From Upstairs.

In the movie, also starring Doris Roberts, a group of kids who must protect their Maine vacation home from invading aliens.

Producer Barry Josephson shared with MTV about Ashley‘s role in the film, saying, “[Ashley] is that really interesting cross of a teen actress who has really honed her craft but also a great comedic actress and that’s why we hired her. There’s two fun scenes for her that are [very much filled with action.] She has to go out and do in the bad aliens in the movie. So she joins in with her brother and cousins, because [this is about where] two families go on holiday and encounter little aliens that have a mission on earth. And the only thing that stands between them and it are these kids. And Ashley was wonderful, really really great.”

They Came From Upstairs hits theaters on July 31.

“They Came From Upstairs” – Official Trailer
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  • mariana

    the blond dude, not ashley’s bf,the other one is cute :)

  • Sarah

    I am so going to watch that movie!
    Just b/c Ashley’s in it LOL

  • isabella roxo


  • roory

    LMO no offence..

  • MaryAnne

    hahaha this looks so funny!!!

  • mmmmmi

    ahhh ashley is wonderful!
    cant wait
    album and movie
    this Summer is gonna be awesome.

  • emma

    jared stop posting things people in the usa can only watch. If you are going to do this at least say sorry to everyone else in your post .it is starting to get annoying now

  • Sarah

    @ emma
    I live in the Netherlands and I can watch it…

  • Danii

    haha looks funny

  • Anne

    @ emma: And I’m from germany and I can watch it, too…

    Anyways, awesome video, so gonna watch that movie xD

  • athena

    This is so not my type of movie…but, it does look a bit funny and interesting to watch…so, I might go see it when it comes out….good time to be in theatres.

  • Katty

    It doesn’t look like my type of movie, I hope it’s good though.

  • riana

    it looks like a little kids movie

  • mmmmmi

    its a family movie!

  • mmmmmi

    its a family movie!
    you can watch with
    your siblings

  • Kami


  • super fan ashley

    i have to watch that movie, that’ s all!!!!!!!!!!1

    love her

  • Nina Caplan

    omg omg omg, im soo freaking excited…. yesss

  • ivanka

    looks like /…BORING

  • lol

    its is a family movie
    and im into family movies i can watch with my FAMILY
    but im happy to go see it :D
    4 stars already idk im kinda iffey bout it
    but it seems funny

  • lauren

    omg !!! ashley’s sooo funny and pretty !! I can’t wait for the movie !!!

  • sarah

    I love her !!! i can’t wait !! ashley’s so beautiful !!!

  • dany

    ooohh myy goooodddddddddd I love her !!! she’s sooooo amazing !!!!!!!!! I can’t wait for “they came from upstairs” !!! I LOVE ASHLEY !! she’s the best !!

  • dany

    she’s sooo pretty !! I can’t wait !

  • gross

    Can’t wait to see it!

    Cute still haha

    I hate Jared Murillo.

    I hope they’re over.

  • Juan

    @ emma
    I live in Chile and I can watch it…

  • Kate

    Wow. I’m a Ashley fan. but this looks horrible and very stupid. I would not take my little sister and brother to this. Ashley could do so much better then this. I thought she was trying to group up. Lame.

  • tizzfan

    i think the trailer is pretty cool
    but the story is so old and over-used….
    alien movie is like in the 90s…..

  • chiary…

    @ Kate:i agree…

  • Shay

    This movie looks so stupid, I would not waste my money on this garbage.

  • Shirley

    I wanna see it! Hopefully it’ll be in cinema at my country! :D

    Btw, the little girl is so cute!

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