David Archuleta Meets Hannah Montana

David Archuleta Meets Hannah Montana

Miley Cyrus chats with her latest guest star, American Idol alum, David Archuleta, in this new still from Hannah Montana.

In the upcoming episode “Promma Mia,” Miley inadvertently agrees to go to prom with Aaron (Nate Hartley), the school nerd. When the chance comes up to record a duet with David Archuleta, Miley uses it as an excuse to flake on her date. However, guilt takes over and Miley does the right thing after realizing the importance of keeping a promise. Meanwhile, Robby (Billy Ray Cyrus) helps Jackson (Jason Earles) realize the benefits of enrolling in college.

The episode also includes the debut of “I Wanna Know You,” a duet by Miley and Archie.

“Promma Mia” airs Sunday, May 3 @ 7:30PM ET/PT on Disney Channel.

15+ stills inside…

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Photos: Craig Sjodin/Disney Channel
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  • a.m./p.m.

    1st. Wooo Yay! He totally belongs in this series, instead of iCarly. He should guest star on Wizards next. He and Alex Russo would make a great storyline.

  • angela

    cool, i swear ive seeen those prom pictures before ?

  • Gabriella

    haha wow
    not gonna lie though ill probably watch it

  • Angelica

    Prom? Miley’s suppose to be a freshman in Hannah Montana.

  • diane n.

    aww! mitchel and emily look so cute together in those pictures! so do miley and nate, but they wouldnt make a really cute couple.

  • miley#1fan4life

    i have seen this prom picture somewere else the onnes of miley have been on the internet 4 months

    did emily not wear that dress to the jonas bro 3d premiere?

  • gloria

    ahhhh oh my gosh i cant wait until may 3rd!! ahhhhhhhhhhhh
    david is so freaking cute

  • kelsy

    ok i’m not a fan of that show but if david is gonna be in it I’M SO WATCHING IT!! miley should go to prom with david tho :o
    david is so *cute*

  • Amy(ahecht25)

    Can’t wait to see this and hear the Miley/David duet!!! :)

  • mileysupporta4eva


  • Victoria

    love david and HM!

  • jj

    Ya, it should totally be David going to prom with Miley.

  • DEE

    miley and david would make a cute couple!!

  • gloria

    yeah i agree miley n david should go to prom together n that would be an awesome episode, i dont watch HM but if david is there i’m watching it :)
    i’m HUGE david archuleta

  • saywhat

    hahah can’t wait for this xD
    omg loliver fans are gonna die when they see those picsXD…I love the one where are the four of them

    dang it! a prom episode I think the seasons(series?) finale is getting closer, that would be sad :(

  • saudia

    lol thats where oceanup got the pic from! claiming it was an old pic of miley and her boyfriend lol.. this is all so hilarious

  • Mary

    David And Miley should go to prom together, and kiss ang get married and have little kids name David Jr and Miley jr, this episode FTW!

  • Tracy

    Normally i wouldn’t watch this but anything for David. Can’t wait to hear the song. What we do for David.

  • beccaa?

    @Angelica: um, well actually no. she WAS a fresho in season 2, now shes like prob. shophmore(SP?!)/junior

  • Lili

    Omg David looks so cute in the first picture, with his little smile aww
    And Miley looks gorgeous, they should date (: hahah Diley? Mavid?Archucyrus.Cyruleta- Marchuleta .Dyrus, hahaha

  • Mary


    They should go to prom to together!

  • http://www.lovingarchie.com Meleah

    I can’t wait to see this episode! David is the BEST <3

  • PaulinhoO

    Miley/Hannah rocks <3

    Love³ so much :D

  • piftz

    David is cuuute. He should be on Sonny w/ a Chance!

    hahaha, is that old man Jackson?

  • apple

    Emily wore that dress at the Jonas Brothers 3D premiere. Could you ask her about that, JJJ? Thanks!

  • *stargirl*

    omg! i’m not a fan of HM but i am totally watching this! cant wait for may 3rd! David is so freaking cute! I love him!!!!!! oh, and i cant wait to hear that duet i know its gonna be really really good!

  • dbs

    I have never watched Hannah Montona but I can’t wait to watch this episode to see David Archuleta and hear the duet with Miley Cirus. I’m sure it is going to be good! David looks awesome in the pictures.

  • gloria

    love love david is so so cute!!

  • Kait

    David is adorable, and I’ll be watching HM for him.

  • he is so cute

    woo, thanks for the pictures..David looks so hot and cute! woo!!
    it seems a fun episode, i’ll be watching it for DAvid!

  • Briana

    Oh my gosh, David is so cute! I’m sure this will be my favorite Hannah Montana episode.

  • whattttt??

    i can’t wait for the episode and the duet!

  • July

    oh man i can’t wait for this episode. even though i dislike both emily and miley’s dresses, i cannot wait for Archuleta! he’s so sweet.. And i want to see Lilly & oliver together, since they are my favorite couple on the show!

  • ashley ari

    David looks totally cute n adorable…i cant wait for this episode….

  • Katilina


  • samantha smith

    david is so cute, i can’t wait to see the episode i know it’ s gonna be the best, i can’t wait to hear that duet also ,go david your the best….

  • zanessafan4ever

    David on HM!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    HE’S SO AWESOME N SUCH A SWEET GUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Ican’t wait to hear the song n see the eisode!!!!!!!!!

  • Soy

    I can’t stand Hannah Montana (nothing against Miley herself – I just do not like that show at all), but I will be watching that episode because I absolutely love David! Hahaha :)

  • Vanessa

    I LOVE DAVID ARCHULETA! i met him on tuesday! he came to my country for autograph signing.. and i shook his hand ! i totally melted on the spot XDD

  • david1228

    WHAT!! Turn down sisnging with David to go to PROM!?!?! What is she thinking??? Hahaha… But OMG!!! David is soo cute in these pictures!!! (he’s cute in EVERY picture) I can’t wait!!! And he’s gonna SING!!!!!! O…M…G…!!!!!! Can you tell I have a MAJOR case of ODD??? LOL

  • kath

    i think she’s a sophomore now, but i don’t think sophomore have prom…

  • Jodiann

    @diane n.:

    they are going to start dating (: LILLY AND MITCHEL ARE GONNA BE A COUPLE

  • jina

    noooooooooo this isbulsheet they should broke up loliver then get miley and mitchel together for prom aghh the writers are getting by the ep theregonna ruin the ending for this show if they dnt end it with miley and oliver being together lets just say pain is involved in this situation if that doesnt happen ughh there frustating meee fix dum hannah writers

  • ash

    i think this was su[[osed to be the 8th grade prom and they just never showed that episode

  • *jonascyruslovatolove*

    Oliver and Lilly should really date in Hannah Montana!
    HAH I knew that the prom pics with miely and the nerd wasn’t real!!! ahaha

  • Archies-angel

    I will soooo be watching this, David is soo adorably cute. He should have won American Idol, his voice is amazing!! I want it to be may 3rd already. Yay something to look forward to. lol

  • marissa

    @jina: Then don’t watch hater!!!

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    hay david i am a big fan of your song can you caom over to davis school and sing to every body to our school if you can come to our school

  • Jada

    send me a picture please i love u daviad archuleta

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