David Henrie is Charlie Chaplin

David Henrie is Charlie Chaplin

Selena Gomez and David Henrie look like they just stepped out of a silent movie in this new behind-the-scenes shot from Wizards of Waverly Place.

Selena, 16, looks like she had loads of fun dressing up as a flapper girl and David, 19, as silent comedy king Charlie Chaplin.

In the upcoming episode “Justin’s New Girlfriend,” Alex (Gomez) is jealous of the budding friendship between Justin (Henrie) and Harper (Jennifer Stone) and their shared love of silent movies, so she sabotages their plans. To get back at her, Justin casts a spell on Alex that places all three of them in an old silent movie.

Meanwhile, Theresa (Maria Canals-Barrera) and Jerry (David DeLuise) switch duties at the Waverly Substation to see who has the more difficult job.

“Justin’s New Girlfriend” airs right after the premiere of JONAS on Saturday, May 2 @ 8:30PM ET/PT on Disney Channel.

15+ stills inside…

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Photos: Richard Cartwright/Disney Channel
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  • selenagomezfan1234

    david looks funny lol
    selena looks beautiful

  • anonymous

    i can’t wait.

    i love david and selena :)

  • leigh

    omg, lol. That’s crazy, I was just thinking the other day how I would love for them to do an episode of Wizards where they’re in a silent movie.

    Ahh, can’t wait!

  • tori

    cant wait for this one! they all look so amazing!

  • arantxa


  • berrypunch

    theyre copying sabrina the teenage witch alot!! but i still love WOWP!!

  • Michelle

    This episode sounds so interesting to watch!!! Can’t wait!!

  • lindsay

    Charlie Chaplin was an Englishman working in Hollywood and was known as the king of the silver screen in the 1920′s. Charlie Chaplin in 1940 abandoned the little tramp that he potrayed to satirize the “great dictator” Hilter. Chaplin had strong political views and made a number of films with political themes as the escapist fare of the Great Depression gave way to the reality of the Second World War.
    For all you people who didn’t know who Charlie Chaplin was.

  • lys

    why do they always make that one girl dress uglier than selena? have you ever noticed that? selena always looks super cute and that other one doesn’t…weird.

  • paula

    bahhha david looks like hitler.

  • Zekemaster

    My god these two have PERFECT faces. THEY ARE TOO HOT!!! Especially Selena. I’m jealous of David.

  • Zekemaster

    @lys: Because Selena’s role is bigger than hers. So Selena was get the better clothes and more time with the makeup people. But I also think it’s because Jennifer is a little more heavy than usual Disney girls. But still, BOTH of them are gorgeous.

  • GoslingTwilightlover

    Yeah he looks like hilter.


    Make me feel so good when I hurt so bad
    Best i’ve had
    I love being around you
    There’s only one thing to do
    Three word’s for you

  • kc

    This series is soooooooo gooood I can’t believe how much better it’s getting. Selena is definitely prettier than last season, and last season she was already extremely pretty.

  • Lee

    The mom looks like she’s lost a lot of weight–or is that just me. She looks gorgeous–almost younger than earlier seasons.

  • anonymous

    could someone who lives on the west coast please tape selena’s borden milk commercial and put it on youtube? on imdb there are details for when it’s airing times up until sunday. Apparently it is not a national commercial!

  • http://jjj miley

    selena looks really beautiful!

  • jen

    yay! luv it… tribute to the debut of cinema… very vintage too

  • haha

    @Lee: Yea I thought that too(about the mom). Anyways, Selena looks GREAT!!…as usual:)

  • BillyGoat:)

    Dang. Selena fits ANY look. hot. super hot.

  • Zac F Ron

    This was the last good show on Disney Channel. SWAC is just the worst and JONAS seems to be the next in line to bomb. 2006 and 2007 were Disney’s peak years. I guess the streak is over.

  • Jacky


  • yessica

    she is perfect

  • Meg

    selena reminds me of a less exotic kiddie version of adriana lima. it must be the jaw or the nose or somethinf. i dont know. hahaha she’s a cutie :)

  • sarah :)

    hahaha at first glance i thought he was hitler…….

  • Marcela

    muy bonitos y divertidos esos trajes

  • Anonymousguy08

    #17, I though those commercials were only shown in Texas.

  • dickspitz

    The only other thing about Selena to rival her gorgeous mouth is her large and magnificent ass hole!!! Before it gets stretched and gapes wide, it too looks just like a mouth! Selena is sooooo F*CKING HOT, she makes me wish i had 2 HUGE C*CKS! to stuff in her mouth and her ass hole at the same time!!!

  • dickspitz

    Yeah, that chick who plays Selena’s mother is lookin’ HOT this year! She can join Sel and me for some intense 3 way sex! After i finish squirting my splooge up the daughter’s ass hole, she grunts and sh*its the nasty mess into her mother’s mouth!! That would be awesome!!

  • jonny cash

    your ugly

>>>>>>> staging1