Demi Lovato & Doug Brochu: Prom Pair

Demi Lovato & Doug Brochu: Prom Pair

Demi Lovato and Doug Brochu are dressed to the nines in this new still from Sonny With A Chance.

In the upcoming episode “Promises, Prom-misses,” Sonny (Lovato) asks Marshall (Michael Kostroff) if she can have a prom on the set of So Random! since she’s missing her prom in Wisconsin. When Marshall refuses, the whole cast send him on a wild goose chase while they throw a secret prom. Meanwhile to prep for their prom, Nico (Brandon Smith) teaches Grady (Brochu) how to slow dance.

“Promises, Prom-misses” airs Sunday, May 3 @ 8:30PM ET/PT on Disney Channel.

10+ Sonny stills inside…

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  • TV

    lame show. worst disney show ever actual. bring back Lizzie

    oh and 1st!!!

  • Mkaaa

    I love Sonny with a Chance!!! I really do!!
    One of the BEST Disney shows ever!

  • Mandyluv

    First? Love Demi getting hair done like bees tomarrow!!

  • Mary

    Ive never actually seen the show.. but by reading the replies.. the shows pretty good.

  • lucasgrabeelrocks

    i wish they would but sadly they won’t

  • Adry

    I would rather see the Prom show of HM one because it has David in it
    two hm is funnier, three the pics of hm are so much cutter, four there
    will be loliver…there are so many reasons the hm episode sounds so much better than this prom episode

  • a.m./p.m.

    I just can’t find this show as appealing as Wizards of Waverly Place or even Hannah Montana. I tried watching it but it’s been 2 months and none of the episodes have been good. the acting= horrible. script=corny

  • TV

    To #1 and #5, ya know what sucks? Disney was really close to premiering a Lizzie McGuire spin-off based on Miranda’s little sister, Stevie Sanchez. Get this, it was suppose to star….Selena Gomez. Gosh, it would have been the second best Disney series.

    Wizards of Waverly Place is good and all but Stevie Sanchez would have been MUCH better.

    oh yeah, and JONAS looks like a bad version of Phil of the Future for some reason.

  • TV

    :) I just replied to myself hahaha. Oops. I meant to #5

  • http://jjj Ryan LaPlaca

    I believe Doug was on iCarly he was in iHatch Chicks.

  • Amanda

    OOOH! i hope Chad asks Sonny out to be his date!

  • tweetyjobro

    1. demi is like super HOT!!!!!!!!
    love her in red
    2. this show is stupid funny, love this show , this show is the reason i watch disney channel(hm sucks)
    3 demi is super talented in both acting and singing
    you hate need to grow up

  • http://jjj miley

    love demi as an actress and a singer!she rocks!

  • x)

    I love SWAC since Demi’s there..:)♥

    I can’t wait for “Sonny with a chance on dating”!

    And I especially can’t wait for this episode!

    But why don’t they have the next stills for the 10th episode? (since Prom prom-misses is the 11th episode)

  • `Senia

    MIley Cyrus kissing NIck at KCA!

  • Andrea

    Love Demi,, she looks gorgeous with that dress, but sonny and food don´t match,, lol,, what´s her problem with the food


  • haha

    I hate to say this but… I’ve tried to get into this show but I can’t!! Sure it has its moments, but other than that it’s a bad show, even the ratings are bad:( I see MAYBE 1 or 2 more seasons, if this isn’t the last.

  • kc

    There’s this certain charm and spark I see in Hannah Montana and Wizards of Waverly Place that makes me want to watch them. But this show has this kind of forced humor that gives me goosebumps (the bad kind). It’s humor is too childish compared to That’s So Raven, Hannah, and Wizards. Nickelodeon handles the childish comedy very well and pull it off on their shows. But Disney can’t. Sonny with a Chance is really as bad as Cory in the House. At least I’ve tried to watch it regularly. but I cant. I will watch this in my spare time but I don’t see myself tuning in for new episodes for this show.

  • sara-amw

    so that golden skin is fake.

    i don’t understand=D

  • lol

    Demi has a BIG mouth

  • hsm2fangurl

    The only thing I look forward to with SWAC is the Sonny/Chad moments….cuz im a sucker 4 any romance…especially these Disney ones……but of course SWAC won’t b able 2 add up 2 HM!

>>>>>>> staging1