Jason Earles: My Cats Are Crazy!

Jason Earles: My Cats Are Crazy!

Jason Earles takes a bite out of one of JustJaredJr.com’s coasters as he takes over Radio Disney on Wednesday afternoon (April 8).

The comedic actor chatted with host Ernie D and answered a few of JJJ‘s questions about Hannah, cats and his fave comedians. Check it:

On his favorite episode of Hannah Montana: “It changes from day to day, because there are so many cool ones. One of the episodes I really like is the one where Lily has a crush on Jackson because I think that happens a lot. You know if you have a sister who is younger than you, her friends will crush on you. It was actually a story that Emily [Osment] and I pitched to the writers and they took us up on it. The funniest part of that episode is in the beginning where Miley is having her dream and we’re [Emily and I] are on the beach and we turn to each other and are about to kiss. As soon as the take was over, we’re both like, ‘Ewww.’”

On his comedic inspiration: “I just try to roll with whatever is going on. Everyone on the show is funny in their own way. Like Billy [Ray Cyrus], sometimes gets crazy and starts improving and you have to roll with whatever he’s doing. Moises [Arias] is actually super funny. He comes up with a lot of random stuff on set. I just usually react to whatever is going on and it works out pretty good.”

On his favorite comedians: “I love The Office — Steve Carrell. Sometimes it’s physical comedy, sometimes it’s the way he delivers a line.”

On the top five songs on his iPod: “‘Nothing Man’ by Pearl Jam, ‘You’re Ex-Lover is Dead’ by Starz, ‘The Climb’ by Miley Cyrus, ‘Butterfly Fly Away’ by Miley too. I’m really into those two songs from the movie. The number one song would probably be ‘Trailer Trash’ by Modest Mouse. I have an eclectic mix.”

On the funniest things his two cats have done recently: “My two cats are sort of crazy. One of them is really pretty with long, fluffy hair named Presley. He’s the sort of cat who loves to look at but has this, ‘don’t touch me ever’ [persona]. Then there’s Timmy, who has this tiny head and great big, fat body. He’s really sweet and loves to hang out on you. They love to fight with each other and they love each other too. The funniest thing is when the really big one will walk up to the furry one and just lay down on top of him. He completely covers the fuzzy one. They will just like lay there like a cat sandwich.”

Jason Earles Chats With JJJ
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  • angie

    I never knew that he was in his 30′s; he’s a great actor; <3

  • hannah

    Thats insane thats hes in his 30′s, and had to do a scene (although it was a ‘dream’) of him kissing emily osment. guess they couldnt actually kiss because that would be peadophilia! ha

  • Shirley


    Tiny head but big and fat. :P So funny!

    He’s a great comedic!

  • cc27

    Is He Actually 30 years old? :O

  • http://www.auditionsfordisney.com Auditions for disney

    I think he is actually 31. Crazy isn’t it? This was a hilarious interview.

  • ivanka

    whaaaaaaaaaat 30? omfg

  • bruno

    You guys from JJJ should ask him how old he is because this story that he’s 30 is way too old and we kinda need to know that. lol

  • Matt

    Lol! Come on, Jason. Are we supposed to believe you really didn’t want to kiss Emily?

  • saywhat

    who cares how old is him!?hes a great actor! i can’t imagine other guy in the role of Jackson!!
    Hes so cool!!