Miley Cyrus: Global Youth Service Day

Miley Cyrus: Global Youth Service Day

Miley Cyrus takes a break from promoting her new flick, Hannah Montana The Movie, to promote an equally important cause – Global Youth Service Day.

The 16-year-old actress has teamed up with Youth Service America, and invites young people around the world to join her in giving back to their communities.

Miley lists a number of ways kids can help make the world a better place on Global Youth Service Day, taking place over the weekend of April 24-26. For more info, check out

Miley Cyrus – Global Youth Service Day
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  • lol

    right, because she’ll be giving back to the community…

    she’s not even the best role model to be giving this announcement, she just has tween appeal.

    hope it works either way.

  • alexandra

    she is theeeeeeeee best.

  • sugar cube

    yayyyyy! GOOD JOB miley!

    and a for a good cause. even better. haha.

    Love you Miley =]

  • Victoria

    aww i love her, she is absolutely amazing!’
    love you miles <3

  • Lara

    Too much Miley latellyyyy, my brain’s gonna implode.

    And how much can one 16 year old twitter, jesus christ.

  • rii

    oh hey isnt this the same charity group that miley helped at her sweet 16? or was it something else.. i forget lol. good job on miley either way ha.

  • Janna Moses

    I love Miley. SO MUCH.
    more than anything<3

  • kc

    Hey guys, I just read a story on oceanup that Selena was booed on the set of Hannah Montana last year. but then Miley came out and stood up for her. Is this story true?

    Note that Selena’s mom never actually said in quote that Selena was booed.

    I hope it’s not true cuz I cannot imagine little girls booing Selena Gomez. Selena is GREAT! but the part where Miley came out and stood up for almost made me cry. Miley is such a good person.

    If it is true, they could have booed her since she was the villain.

    Anyways, it doesn’t matter because Britney Spears was booed the first time she opened for N*Synch. Look at how successful she has become.

    So do you guys think this article is true?


  • http://jjj peace95

    i think she’s doing something really good! go miley!

  • http://jjj miley

    love her and what she’s doing! go miley!

  • She’s doing great :D
    Specially since she went back home (to film the movie) she has been amazing

  • Shirley

    Miley is a great girl.

    I respect her.

  • Shirley

    @kc: ASK SELENA.

    Don’t believe anything unless it has been confirmed by the person.

  • Jung

    Oh verry cool! I will try to do something with my friends at school. But I dont now exacly what we will do.
    And Oh I am sorry to ear about Selena. I hope it is not true that she got booed. :(

  • miley#1fan4life

    miley rocks :)

  • jo

    She’s been a part of this charity for quite some time.

  • billythekid


    I wouldn’t put too much credit into a rumor without substantiated facts to back it up. So far as I know – which isn’t saying very much – Selena hasn’t been on the set of Hannah since sometime in 2007 when she did her 2nd spot on Hannah. That was LONG before any rumors of these girls being rivals with one another. She is as well liked as any of the Disney girls and I can’t see a bunch of kids booing her on set.

    On another note, the Hannah movie is now poised to underperform at the box office. This prediction, unlike the above rumor, is based upon pre movie sales in tickets. Hannah is not only set to fall behind Fast and Furious. but is also lagging behind even Observe and Report. No mention was made of Dragonball Evolution. The prediction for the weekend was somewhere in the “teens”, which is basically a disaster. So if it ended up doing about 13 million this weekend, it will have done about 1/3 the business of the Jonas’ 3D movie did per screen. So what does all this mean? It means you won’t be seeing another Disney channel sitcom put up on the big screen again. For movies Disney will have to stick to animated flicks, which is what they are very good at.

  • billythekid


    Though her movie appears on it’s way to falling short this weekend, she is still one of the most recognizable teens on the planet, which is exactly why people use her for these purposes. Whether or not they could have gotten someone more to your liken is really not even an issue, but your take on her “role model status” is way off the mark. You, as well as a horde of other girls, keep judging her by very shallow standards and for actions mostly committed well over a year ago. All the so called “racy” pics were over a year ago, as well as the Vanity Fair photos, which basically leaves just that slanted eyed photo. But the main thing to gauge a role model for the people she represents isn’t about that sort of stuff; it’s about much more important things. Like not doing drugs, or smoking, using foul language, drinking and staying chaste. So far as ANYONE knows Miley doesn’t partake in any of the above, which the exception of saying bull-crap once in a while. AND she is a hard core christian, with tremendously strong family values. Take all of that together and she is an excellent role model.

  • jo

    If the movie “underperforms” than I think it would ridiculous to blame Miley for it. The jonas brothers didn’t meet their goals with their movie either. We’ll just have to wait and see, but at the very least the movie does have rave reviews.

  • casey

    miley why dont you ever talk about justin????all you hear about is your pass with nick, thats so wrong,poor justin maybe its time for him to find him a real woman ,your just to childness you have a lot of growing up to do

  • caroline

    @Lara: Honestly? It doesn’t take that much effort to twitter. Barely any time out of the day and when you have over a million fans, you’re gonna twitter, don’t'cha think?!

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