Miley Cyrus is Missoni Marvelous

Miley Cyrus is Missoni Marvelous

Miley Cyrus shows off her pearly whites as she attends a VIP screening of Hannah Montana The Movie at Green Hills’ Regal Cinema on Thursday night (April 9) in Nashville, Tenn.

The 16-year-old actress paired her coral and white Missoni one-shoulder dress with nude heels.

Miley and costar Mitchel Musso hung out on her family’s farm before the premiere. Mitchel tweeted, “That picture is me and Miles on the farm today! Love ya Miles, thanks for inviting me over to hang out! Premiere tonight in NASHVILLE! Yes!”

10+ pics inside of Miley Cyrus premiering Hannah Montana in Nashville…

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Photos: Tom Burns/Getty Images
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  • Nileyfan


    miley looks so pretty :D

  • me


  • kidanimationlover

    she is very pretty. :)

  • lisa:]

    miley looks so gorgeous as usual. I love her dress. :]

  • aw

    The shoes need to go but her dress is very pretty.

  • Victoria

    aww miley looks pretty, i love her!
    her and mitchel are just too cute :)

  • mileyfan4ever

    Goshh why is she so pretty? hah x)
    I love her she’s awesomeee =)
    damn… here we have to wait + than 2 months to watch HMTM :(
    Thats so unfair…

  • karine

    Miley!!!!Luv the dress…looks so cute!!cant w8 to see ur movie!!!im probably going to watch it after april 17…but I CANT W8!!!!
    Miley is a really talented girl….y dont people see that??
    well…at least I have some good eyes!!…=X

  • bad… NOTTT

    miley why are you treating justin so bad?all you do is talk about nick and poor justin i wonder what he thinks about this,you never talk about him any more.hey hes hot and if your going to drop him he wont have a problem getting any woman he wants,so you need to grow up before he drops you,your playing games as if you were in school…not cool

  • LANE

    your teeth looked bucked

  • mrsefron.

    cute dress!!!!!!!!! :) i like it.

    i think she’s a little weird when ppl interveiw her and stuff.

    but whatever, her show is soo funny. & her hair & clothes is always so cute.

  • casey

    I thought I was the only one that notice how shes treating Justin
    thats not good not good at all
    Justin get ready to be kicked to the curb
    she never mentions you now
    open your eyes man

  • jjlova

    @bad… NOTTT:

    I think she speaks enough of Justin. Maybe a bit too much at times. But hey girls in love.. only normal.

    She looks really really pretty here! Love the dress. So classy!

  • Anna


  • maddy_loves_zanessa

    miley looks really nice:)
    love the dress

  • PaulinhoO

    Gooosh *-*
    She’s awsome, perfect, fabulous ;D

    I love³ Miley Cyrus <3

  • whattttt??

    i wanna see the movie soo bad.

  • jen

    # 9 and 12…WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?!?! right now she is talking about justin like every single day. that he brings her closer to the Lord, that she loves him, that he is the best thing that has hapenned to her and she is finally happy, etc!

  • jen

    MILEY FANS! take all of your friends with you TOMORROW to watch the movie, and i mean, ALL OF THEM. we need to make this movie #1 !!! pass it.

  • annie


  • mileysupporta4eva


  • hanson

    OMG she is so freakin’ cute!!!!

  • mileysupporta4eva

    OMGG..i was worried cuz i thought no one would see it, but i went on facebook, and everyone’s like “GOING TO SEE HANNAH MONTANA MOVIE TOMORROW!” …like literally everyone..except the boys..i was so happy..a lot of people are going as a joke, but miley is going to prove herself and the ex-fans will all be fans again!! (:

  • Sean

    Miley, you’re the most beautiful soul in the world.

  • jjlova


    Going as a joke? Psh.. yea.. and then they secretly love her on the inside. Ha.

  • izabella

    omg, I love love love love love her hair!! ♥
    she’s so gorgeous!! :D

  • http://jjj miley

    i love her dress! gogeous as always! go miley!

  • frejamacaroons

    ew that guy she is with in that candid photo is so ugly.

  • sophiemarina

    i absolutely love miley :)

    she looks stunning in that dress!

    i hope the HM movie gets to no.1!

    i can’t wait for it to come over to england! :D

  • alli

    he is adorable!!! and sooooo talented!!!


    she looks gorgeous
    cant wait until ppl upload the movie on the internet
    cuz i live in australia and everything cums out a month lata here
    lol new saying fingy lol
    love ya milezz
    im a true fannnnn lol

  • Brigget


    its what you call extensions……no one i knows going

  • staci

    all miley talks about is how she texts nick all the time,so how do you think that makes him feel,even on his twitter he has 1 and 1 and makes three
    who do you think hes talking about,
    he needs to move on to someone that can talk talking about her pass
    thats annoying

  • weeeeee

    Staci i agree with you justin has to feel so bad Miley always talking about Nick.Thats why in her twitter she wrote she loves this game called love becauseshes just playing a game, I dont think shes ever going to grow up,poor Justin

  • lANE


  • meg

    @bad… NOTTT:
    WTF!? She talks about justin all the time! She talked about him just a few days ago in Glamour magaziene about how “in love with him” she is and how “sweet he is!” Seriously, have you been living under a rock all this week?

  • anna



  • Jess

    She looks gorgeous…love her!

  • sean84

    well shes so gorjess lol

  • `Senia

    MIley Cyrus kissing NIck at KCA!

  • chuchi

    miles looks pretty and for once she looks like her age! Props to her :)

  • Miley & The JoBros ROCK!

    OMM Miley looks
    soooo pretty.
    Shes just so cute
    I love her. I cant wait to
    see the movie!

    To #9
    Whats your
    problem? You’re
    hating on Miley
    cause she wont talk
    about her boyfriend?
    Seriously Miley dont have
    to talk about Justin all
    the time. And clearly
    it seems she aint
    over Nick quite yet.
    She can talk about who
    she wants to talk
    about and she cant
    talk about what she wants
    to talk about. Her choice
    not yours.
    End Of Story.

    And to #10
    Are you seriously
    bashing Miley
    cause of her teeth?
    Now thats just
    dumb. You all
    know Miley isnt all
    the way matured.
    Its gonna take some
    time for her to develope
    into a woman. But
    for now shes still
    a kid. Can you
    people atleast let live
    her live her own life?
    In fact try to
    live your own and
    quit bashing
    Miley on what she
    does or on how
    she looks.

    Miley ROXXXX
    Cant wait to see
    the movie.
    Keep ROCKIN

  • I still believe in yesterday

    @ Miley & The JoBros ROCK!
    I couldnt agree with
    you anymore than
    I already do :)
    Miley rocks
    Accept the facts
    already losers.

  • skye

    Miley can talk about whoevere she wants to talk about whenever she wants to talk about them. I love to hear her talk about Nick or just mention,it’s sweet and I like Niley better anyway. If Justin can’t handle them being friends oh well,maybe he needs to go away.Obviously Nick and Miley still care alot about each other and I’m glad they’re close again. God Bless Niley.

  • alice

    she looks so pretty!
    i agree chuchi :)