Victoria Justice Fights Miranda Cosgrove

Victoria Justice Fights Miranda Cosgrove

Miranda Cosgrove and guest star Victoria Justice put on their game faces in this new still in their upcoming iCarly episode, “iFight Shelby Marx.”

Victoria, 16, recently posted on her official boards about the episode. She wrote, “The role I’m playing is the most physically demanding role I’ve ever had to play. I’d tell you more, but I don’t think I can without Nickelodeon’s approval. But I will say I’m really sore and really bruised on my arms and a little on my legs.”

“iFight Shelby Marx” will air in June.

15+ iCarly stills inside…

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Photos: Lisa Rose/Nickelodeon
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  • Katy

    gosh they’re both sticks.

  • geena


    I cannot wait to see this.
    ily Vic & Mirss. <33

    Btw: Please keep of this board if your a hater. :)

  • geena

    Omg, I cannot wait to see this ep!

    ily Mirs && Vic. <33

    btw, pleasee keep of this board if your a hater. :)

  • miley#1fan4life

    miranda has guessed starred in zoey101 returning the favour lol

  • d

    who are ethey? never heard of them?

  • maria

    omgg i cant wait for the episode

    i love victoria justice (:
    thanks for postingg

  • jo

    Vick is so sweet. Best girl on Nick by far.

  • cah

    I cannot wait to see this. <33

  • shawn

    belly buttons are sexy!

  • Anh

    I think Victoria is way to thin.

  • b chick


  • One sock left

    Yeah….can’t wait to see it..I love Mirando and also I love Victoria…
    yeah both rock!!

  • emmy

    Wow, Victoria’s in like everything. She’s like the Brenda Song of Nickelodeon or something.

  • cassie5214

    Haha go Vicky <3

  • jessica

    i’m not a big fan of victoria, she keeps getting into every show in nick to where her acting in all of the roles seem…similar.

    miranda’s a great actress though.

  • scarlette

    theyre so skinnyyy

  • hannah

    Too thin, especially victoria.

    Its slightly disturbing from the side-on, her stomachs the same width as her arm basically.

    But they both look as though they are naturally skinny, just the way theyre built.

  • francesca

    victoria looks disgustingly thin.
    miranda’s body looks so much better!!!

  • Just Jono

    Woooo, Go Vick.
    You rock.
    Lookin’ beautiful as always.
    I know you read JJJ comments so don’t listen to the others.

  • daniel

    Miranda is by far the most beautiful tween star. Plus she can sing and act!

  • Elora

    Victoria is too thin. Needs some meat on her bones..

  • Elora

    seriously, someone give her some Kfry.

  • Donjuan

    I am thinking Victoria would win this fight. Easily.

  • girl

    i wanna be skinny as miranda :(

  • jilli

    I wish I had victoria’ s body…I’m gonna starve myself

  • cami

    Miranda looks healthy all American beautiful. Never seen the Valerie one before but she looks too old to fight Miranda.

  • mirandacosgroveislove

    haters really should keep their comments to themselves.

    b chick, are you kidding me? they ARE NOT FAT.

  • tinkerbell

    I like victoria she is very pretty and i like miranda too there better then those disney girls i’ll say mostly miley just because miley face is everywhere dosent mean she has talent and im not lying. someday victoria is gonna be very famouse because she is actually working hard to get there. I actually heard victoria sing before she is awsome she has the looks the talent and there is nothing wrong with her body i wish i looked like that.

  • yur face

    victoria is so hot and shes talented i wish she was my gf and i have no problem with miranda

  • Sherydan

    I think vic is better than miranda

  • No.1# zanessa fan

    I want Miranda to win :)
    She’s really pretty and she Rocks!
    Victoria is really pretty too though.
    Im not a fan of Vicky, Miranda is way better !

    (I still like vicky though <3)
    (i dont know anything about her :S)

  • Rocio

    b chick Are you kidding me? They aren’t fatties! You are really crazy, they are thin. You are so stupid :S I love Vic :)

  • Anonymousguy08

    Originally, this episode was supposed to be scheduled for June 6, 2009, but it has been postponed. Does anybody have a new release date now?

  • Thinspiration

    Victoria is so hot!
    i love her body!
    i wanna be so thin like her!
    i am pro ana and i think shes a very good thinspo
    miranda is fat xD

  • Thinspiration

    Victoria is so hot!
    i love her body!
    i wanna be so thin like her!
    i am pro ana and i think shes a very good thinspo

  • ilovevictoriajustice

    @Anh: Are you kidding? She is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sexy!!

  • http://dunno Sophie

    cnt wait to watch it !!! im too exsited

  • http://justjaredjr Alex

    its not comming out in june in july i am a huge icarly fan im may12 and mirranada is may 14 this is going to be a great movie

  • AnonymousGuy08

    Yes, now they’re saying it’s in August. They just don’t have an exact date yet.

  • jisbel

    hi my name is jisbel jajajajajajajjajaja……….. victoria justice and miranda cosgrove

  • Lolaita

    victoria is supper pretty and has an amazing body.
    shes not super stick skinny shes just thin thats the way her body is so stop hating on her.
    Anyways cant wait to watch this :]]

  • Biff

    They’re both hot but Jennette McCurdy is teh hottest of them all! Oh and BTW the Nick girls are so much hotter than Disney girls and the shows are so much better too, except for Tru Jackson which is the worst show ever.

  • JP Retardson

    Wow, Victoria is cute and sexy. She will be big in a few years from know, I bet.

  • omalam

    two words: sexy catfight

  • AnonymousGuy08

    @Biff: Er, Biff, for the record, Victoria Justice had a guest appearence on “The Suite Life of Zack & Cody” episode “The Fairest of Them All.” Plus, Alexa Nikolas was not only on Zoey 101, but played a recurring character on “The Suite Life of Zack & Cody. You should all think about that before trying to start Disney vs. Nick “hotness” feuds.

  • cole

    victoria is so hot! i love her!

  • cole

    all the people who say victoria is to skinny r crazy she is so hot! i wish i dated her!

  • Ander

    Victoria is hot!
    and they both have nice bodies, they aren’t too skinny at all!

  • jAKE

    Dude. I love both of these chicks. they’re awesome actresses and they’re beautiful.

  • monik

    miranda is beautiful

>>>>>>> staging1