Zac Efron Covers USA Weekend

Zac Efron Covers USA Weekend

Zac Efron has a bit of fun on the cover of USA Weekend.

The 21-year-old actor dished to the weekend mag about growing up, feeling like a super-spy and what’s next for him. Check it:

On the price of fame: “I used to get so frustrated. For a while, I felt like I was completely lost in celebrity-land. I didn’t know how to handle it. Now I know that I have to plot where I’m going, when I’m going there and where the back entrance is. It’s like I’m playing a giant game of tag.”

On his home life: “My parents really kept us anchored. “I played sports on weekends — baseball, basketball — and when I sucked at those, I started playing golf and ping-pong in the garage. After I lost interest, I started singing. I was always singing to the point where my parents would shout, ‘Shut up, Zac! Enough already!’ I wasn’t a genius like some of my friends who slacked off and got A’s, but I was a hard worker. I always give 100%.”

On his future in show biz: “I’m definitely not the best actor in the world at this point. But hopefully, with time and effort and smart decisions, that will change.”

Check out the full feature at and check out the cool photos below!

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Photos: Julie Dennis Brothers for USA WEEKEND
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  • chiary…

    WOWWWW!!!Zac you’re sooooo hot!I miss zanessa… :(

  • Lorena

    love him

  • Lauren

    i really liked him on the first high school musical – then he started to annoy me then recently after the third hsm hes starting to grow on me, hes a cool guy i prefer him and vanessa separately then together, although they make a cute couple i just think they should act together because it would be just like hsm all over again to be honest

    but hes cool and 17 again looks awesome, but i wasn’t that fond of the funnyordie video

  • emma

    hey everyone you can watch behind the scenes footage of zac efrons funny or die video: Click on the link to see it.

  • http://jjj miley

    he looks really awesome and i liked the interview! go zac! can’t wait to see 17again!

  • zac supporter

    and I seriously can’t wait for 17 again any longer!
    that guy’s killing meee!

  • Lauren

    i just think that they SHOULDN’T act together******

  • zanessafan4ever

    These pics r so amazing!!!!!!!!!!

    CAN’T WAIT 4 17 AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!

  • trinisiita

    ZAc stop!
    u kill me with this photos!

  • ivanka

    #4 thaaanks=)

    zac youre super cool and hot..vanessa is lucky

  • ..


  • Gre

    I wanna to be your t-shirt!

    I wanna, i wanna, i wanna…

    If you wanna be my lover…(8)

  • christine x3


  • roni

    He gets more handsome each time you see him in photo shoots. As for his acting it is getting better and I agree he and Vanessa should be doing things separately if they are to grow professionally and not always be ZANESSA.

  • Zac Efron’s #1 fan
  • lauren


  • emma

    Zac Efron’s #1 fan @ 10:46 am on 04/10/2009

    thanks. !!! Yay shes in nyc with him

  • zanessahater


  • marie

    hes a cutie

  • Zac Efron’s #1 fan


    Emma your welcome.

  • http://zanessa nathalia

    lovely vanessa
    incredible that I have not posted jj

  • Germangirl

    I love those pics they are great… Actually I live this entire post very much ;-)

  • Germangirl

    I love those pics they are great… Actually I love this entire post very much ;-) (sry that’s what I wanted to write…)

  • http://jjj yankeejetsmomma

    is zac wearing his ring in some of these photos? he doesn’t usually wear it in photo shoots. if so that is soooo cooool. he definitely looks amazing. V looks incredible even in her sweats. zac and vanessa are beautiful people, not to mention an extremely good looking couple. there now his best friend is there with him! Z&V forever!!!

  • gracemarie

    @Zac Efron’s #1 fan:

    Matilda Leger going down a street in NY is a major post on JJ right now (could someone tell me her last movie or album) but V arriving in NY to be with Zac doesn’t even get a mention.

    But Ashley picking up a coffee is news here. The moderator of this board realy needs to start putting her agenda aside and report all the news.

  • emma


    I know your comment is so true. JJ and JJJ needs to start putting up more Vanessa Hudgens.

  • tiff

    jj fyi vanessa is in NY with zac okay!!!!!!!!!!!
    she gets the most amount of comments so post that sighting instead of these maxium of 20 commented stuff here on jj

  • Zac Efron’s #1 fan


    so true.

  • Zac Efron’s #1 fan


    so true.

  • Zac Efron fan and supporter

    I wounder why Vanessa would be in Ny with Zac. Maybe she is going to be on Snl with Zac or something.

  • Marie


    Grow Up.

  • emma


    Grow up. If you have nothing nice to say then do not say anything

  • Kar

    cute pics of V in nyc may be she’s doing a skit with him on SNL???

  • Just Jill

    Ok, stop hating on this site please. We post the pictures we have access to and can afford. We know Vanessa is in NY with Zac. But we do not have those pics to post and we can not take them from fansites.

  • emma

    @Just Jill:

    how come you can get access to and afford all of the other celebs other than Vanessa Hudgens then?

  • gracemarie

    @Zac Efron fan and supporter:

    when V was on tour for her album Zac went on the bus with her for awhile to support her and so they could have time together. I see nothing unsusla about her being in NYC for something so big in his life and it’s live so I’m sure te suppport is appreciated.

    THat’s what you do for someone you care about.

    And I’m also getting really tired of V got getting enough posts as I said the moderator has her own agenda.

  • taylorlautnerlove

    that is soooooooo trueee! I completleyy agree with youu! Come onn Jaredddd! Sort it outttt! x

  • zanessa forever
  • Just Jill

    @gracemarie: thanks a lot Grace. Thanks. Don’t PM me again, k?

    @emma: Because she’s on different sites and not as expensive. Vanessa has more name power

  • emma

    @Just Jill:

    if vanessa is not as expensive why can’t you afford her? Yeah i thought not answer that? How come you can afford: Zac, Ashley, Miley, Angelina, Brad, Jennifer Anniston, but not Vanessa Hudgens??? Sort yourself out.

  • athena

    wow, he definitely has an effect on us all….he looks great…and is so grounded.

  • ♥Zanessafan4lyfe♥

    He looks incredibly hot ♥
    Aww, Vanessa went to NY, I wonder if its for bussiness or to be with Zac. Either way, YAY :)


  • Zac Efron fan and suppoter



  • athena

    @Zac Efron’s #1 fan:

    Well, if this is true…I could believe it being that Vanessa likes to shop…she’ll probably will want to check out (originally from London) the newly opened TOP SHOP in NYC….

    It’s kinda difficult to meet the celebs in NYC but not impossible.

  • Soni Hannigan

    #38 there were no pictures.

  • Lauren

    Theres no words to describe how humble and cute this man is!

  • nycity babe

    Gotta love Zac Efron and can’t wait to see him on SNL. I’m going to be there!

    Let’s face it no Vanessa news because she’s uneventful these days. No one here in the big apple is even mildly interested in her unless Efron is involved. There are plenty of paps……. we see them all the time……. she just isn’t one of their priorities right now.

  • megan

    i have just seen 17 is awesome!!! zac looks so hot in every scene! he is a really good actor!!!

  • gracemarie

    @Just Jill:

    Jill this board is what it is. I think you have little or no interest in Vanessa but there are days Ashley is every other post on this board. Which I don’t mind as long as your fair. This board isn’t about who you are interested in it’s about getting the info out at least that was Jared’s initial intent

    That’s just the facts and the can’t afford reason doesn’t hold water.

  • gracemarie

    @nycity babe:

    There are no pixs of Zac either so are you saying the NY paps aren’t interested in him either? There are pixs of him arriving at the airport just like her. So you’re case has no evidence to back it up.

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