Ashley Tisdale & Jared Murillo Split?

Ashley Tisdale & Jared Murillo Split?


Sources tell US Weekly mag that HSM couple Ashley Tisdale and Jared Murillo have gone their separate ways.

The source shared, “They have not been dating for awhile now. They just grew apart, but are remaining friends.”

Three weeks ago, caught up with Ashley, 23, at the 2009 Kids’ Choice Awards and asked when she went on her last date. She told JJJ, “I haven’t gone on a date in a long time. (laughs) A long long time.”

V Factory guys Wesley, Nathaniel, Asher and Nicky T called into Blog Talk Radio on Thursday (April 9) and told host Zach that Ashley was all for Jared. They shared, “Yeah, The Tizz is a great girl. She’s definitely all Jared‘s.”

UPDATE: A JJJ reader writes in, “I saw Ashley and Jared having dinner at Nobu on Wednesday in LA. They left around 10PM and seemed fine. They weren’t really talking while waiting at valet but she was smiling and they seemed couply.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK — did Ashley and Jared go their separate ways?

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  • Miley & The JoBros ROCK!

    She was to
    good for him

  • Miley & The JoBros ROCK!

    1st & 2nd.

  • taylor

    Well if they confirmed that they were still together two days ago, then it’s obviously not true that they broke up a while ago…

  • luv ya nessa

    i told u people but no one bilive me la la la am soo sorry for them i hope zanessa doesnt bee the next plz plz god

  • Jackie

    I’m first yay I think they did but they are so cute togther

  • Leah

    Thats a little weird, don’t you think?
    two days ago they were together but now they broke up a while ago? A little weird, yeah.
    But I still don’t know what to think. And I don’t care that much anyway, if they are still together good for them if not, well to bad. But if they are over I feel sorry for both of them I guess, it’s not easy to break to with someone you have been together with for a long time.

  • .

    Yes, because Us Weekly is just so reliable.

    This unnamed source says they broke up a while ago.
    But the guys in VFactory, an actual credible source, confirmed two days ago that they were still together.
    Isn’t it kind of obvious that this whole thing is fake?

  • izzie

    “say it ain’t so, i will not go, turn the lights off carry me home
    NANANANA…” hahah sorry, i had to :P
    well i don’t like jared that much, but they were a cute couple :/

  • aika

    they look sooo cuteeeee together!!

  • aw

    The US article makes it sound like it was awhile ago but with V factory confirming they were still together just two days ago it doesn’t really make sense.

    US Weekly is still a tabloid, it could just be making things up based on them not being seen together recently. Eh who knows.

  • marie

    It’s just a rumor….

  • hsmfreak101

    i hope not!!!!!!! they r too cute!! and jared is so cute!!

  • jessica

    i hope they didnt break up! even though her new single is about breakups, i just hope they are still together!
    such a cute couple!

  • OMFG

    I love them as a couple.
    They’re so cute :D

  • http://jjj miley

    i don’t really know what to say because there is 70% chance it is all just a total rumor but then again with ashley’s answer on KCA i’m not so sure. they look good together but if they don’t get along it’s fine’cos i’m sure thay will remain friends! :)

  • amanda

    awww ! nooooooooooo! they were so adorable ! nononono !

  • haydee

    god i hope not
    they make a cute couple

  • .


    jfc people use your brains.
    im sorry that was rude.

    but really, Jared’s bandmates confirmed they are still together.
    I think they’re a lot more reliable than an unnamed source in a gossip rag.

  • kara

    i really don’t think it’s any of your business to join in with all these other horrible gossip blogs/collumns and spread this story. if it’s true i’m sure they’re both really hurting and i think the last thing they want is stupid little teenagers reading about it and commenting on ashley being able to do better or jared deserving someone prettier.

  • ashlee

    all this from some unknown source that told us weekly they broke up????? wonder who the mysterious source is? maybe her agent creating some juicy media for the dropping of her upcoming single. after all, it’s a “breakup” song.



  • zanessa-4-life

    omz i hope its just a rumor!!!
    ash nd jared r meant 2 b!!!
    its almost the cutest couple…
    only zac nd nessa r the cuter couple!!!
    so lets hope its a stupid rumor!!!

  • katty

    i hope its ture!! im sick of jared… ashley needs a new man!!
    3 days til its alright its ok :D =]

  • reginna

    aw i think so. I think they just split :/
    ’cause its really obvious what ashley says about dates & everything,
    And also she is really bussy right now, maybe they took a break 4 a while,
    hope shes alright though.

  • reginna

    she has been very bussy, maybe they took a little break.
    hope shes alright though,

  • Zanessalover4ever

    plzz dont make zanessa the next couple to break uo and mean I fell soryy for ashley but still I hope zanessa dont break up they have benn dating fro 4 freeking years true love

  • zanessa/jashley/ashnessa

    NO, NO, NOOOOO !!!!! …OMG, what am I supposed to do with my name now !? It clearly says JASHLEY in the middle. …They were supposed to last. But I agree with reginna there, maybe they took a little break and maybe their going to get back together ?

    But then again, what if it’s just a rumor ? Oh dear god, I hope so..

  • o.O

    They just went out together like yesterday. Please don’t post this kind of stuff unless they say it them selves.

  • Katty

    @luv ya nessa:

    do you seriously think they are going to break up after he admitted it was love at first sight, he came home for like three days during a promo tour, only to be seen with V, and she just flew out to support him for SNL? Just because Ash and J broke up doesn’t mean it’s like contagious, calm the hell down.

  • Valerie

    ashley and jared are great together.
    it never seemed like they were gonna split.
    and anways on the radio they said ash is alll jareds. I love them togetherrr.
    jashley forrevaaa! <3

  • Katty


    You too, read my comment, it’s num 25.

    If Ashley and Jared broke up, it’s their busniess. I doubt it’s true if a bandmate confirmed they are still together three days ago. Ash has been busy with her album, finishing up the last touches, that’s why they haven’t been out in a while.
    If it is, they’ll make a statement soon.

  • super fan ashley

    I hope Ash & Jared are great


  • zanessahsmxoxo

    mm..i dont think is true…but who knows…lets just hope that isnt true cuz they are soo cute together…

  • kim

    i dont kow if its a rumor or not but whatever it is i hope ashley is happy
    well she did look pretty happy with her music vid producer (Scot Speer) thispast month they have been hanging out alot
    he picked her up at the airport with flowers
    and when she went to H-Wood launge with him and some friends and in the set of her music vid

  • cyrus

    i really hope so, ashley is cuter and better with scott speer, her video music director, which is richer and more talented :)

  • cc27

    I Hope Not O: They Look Cute 2gether :)

  • missjessyrockz

    i thought she was too good for him!! but they did look cutee…soo sad.


    they were very cute together :(

  • Maria

    wow i hope they didnt split!
    they are totally cute together!

  • http://WZAP.NET zACH FROM wzap rADIO to hear the whole Vfactory interview!! Its great!

  • Thejonassister

    explains her new single-it’s all right it’s okay, she did say it was about a recent break- up

  • Nikki

    i think it might be true there haven’t been many (actualy) none since like..what december, january but if they did there probably really good friends and ashley will probably move on

  • katie

    I seriously hope it isn’t true :/

    Ryan will get all the deet’s on tuesday

  • http://LALAND ASHLEE

    Im very happy there over his COMPLETELY UGLY
    he has the biggest teeth and ew what was she thinking im happy for her she desvers some one much better and good looking i think he used her..P.SS his nose is huge.

  • Serena

    @Thejonassister: NO WAY WHEN DID SHE SAY IT WAS ABOUT A RECENT ONE!?!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! TELL TELL TELL!!!!! LINK LINK LINK!

  • Peace

    I hope this is not true. I will wait to get some type of confirmation from either Ashley or her people. Until then, its not good to fall victim to tabloid gossip.

  • .

    @Serena: she never said that. she just said it was about breaking up with someone, she never specified when the relationship was.

  • Naomi

    I usually never comment on Ashley as I’m not a fan and don’t keep up with her news but as a passerby I’ve got to say I’m suspicious of the Ashley/Jared break-up rumors just before her single drops, when said single is about break ups.

    It seems breaking up before an album release (or creating a buzz about a break-up) worked wonders for Taylor Swift’s and Miley’s album sales (and said albums had personal break up songs with references to ex-bfs) and have set a precedent.

    I suspect this is one rumor that will not be addressed till after the single has dropped, though her reps are quick to address any other rumor.

    This post just added to my suspicions because JJ could easily have got it confirmed or denied but he posted it in such a way to create more buzz so people will want to listen to the single and speculate if there are any references to Jared.

    Apparently, that’s the new showbusiness, or not so new. Nothing wrong with that though, just an observation and MY OPINION.

    Everyone is entiltled to their own route’s to success.

  • Trina

    #48, Naomi, I think you hit the nail on the head.

  • .

    @Serena: The only reason they talk about Ashley is because the interviewer brings her up.
    And if you paid attention to the interviews at all, you would know that Jared refuses to talk about her at all, apart from ‘yeah were together’

    And that’s all the VFactory guys say too. Plenty of people know them not because Jared and Ashley are dating, but because they’re getting a lot of radio promotion lately.
    People ask the guys about Jared and Ashley all the time, but they refuse to talk about it because they say that it’s not their lives so they have no right to talk about it.
    So don’t even try to say they’re just using her, because it’s not true at all.