Corbin Bleu: 'I'm Obsessed With Motocross'

Corbin Bleu: 'I'm Obsessed With Motocross'

Corbin Bleu is anxious to premiere his new flick, Free Style, in the US and talked with Blackbook all about it.

The 20-year-old actor dished on his bikes, his HSM experience and his new album, Speed of Light. Check it:

On the craziest thing that’s happened to him with HSM: “We were in France for the High School Musical 3 premiere, and anything surrounding High School Musical is nuts. It’s just absolutely crazy. We did a signing, and once we got back in the car to drive away, the car was surrounded and there were literally people on top of the car, banging on the car and banging on the windows. We felt like we were gonna get attacked, they were almost smashing through the car, it was like Dawn of the Dead.”

On his new CD, Speed of Light: “From a personal standpoint, it’s a completely different album [than the first]. All the stories are from personal experiences of mine, and we created all songs from scratch as opposed to doing submitted songs. We concentrated on finding songs that really fit. They’re all songs ranging from relationships, love, and family, and anything really personal to me.”

On his love for motocross: “I’ve become obsessed with the sport. I love it. It’s incredible to watch, and I go to all the races now. I have a bike, a Kawasaki 250. I love riding and have a few friends that ride as well, and we go all the time. My character rides three different bikes. One of them is his dirt bike, of course. He also rides a Honda Nighthawk as his means of transportation. And he’s a pizza delivery guy, so he rides a Vespa. I got a chance to ride all three. I trained enough to be comfortable on the bike and be able to ride, but I’m not of the caliber of the real racers, so I didn’t do any stunts, but I did ride a lot in the film.”

Free Style is expected to hit U.S. theaters later this year.

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    Corbin is one hot young guy! His face has matured SO nicely!! Not to mention how talented he is! Go, Corbin!!

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    Hey, when is his movie coming out? I want to sounds interesting..I would LOVE to see Corbin in a motorcycle suit…aha. Yay !!

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    *sigh* This movie was supposed to be out 2 months ago.

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    The movie came out already here in Panama, i went to the movies last week and saw it, I CAN TELL YOU, IT SUCK’S! SORRY

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    1st off i just have to say that i think that comments #3 and #4 were totally uncalled for.
    but anyway i LOVE corbin bleu and i would see any movie that he is in.

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    i love him <3

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    Go COR !!!
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    Hi,I’m a french fan of your site jared and i would like to say that i was here for the high school musical promotion in france,it’s was a very amazing moment,i was spotted on the car and i said: Hiiiiiii Corrrribbinnnnnn and he gaves me a smile,it was a very exciting moment …