Vanessa Hudgens is Self Sweet

Vanessa Hudgens is Self Sweet

Vanessa Hudgens is set to cover the May 2009 of Self magazine.

The 20-year-old, who is currently in NYC to support boyfriend Zac Efron‘s hosting on SNL tonight, dished to the mag about keeping herself protected at all times.

Vanessa shared, “I keep a Taser in my purse for self-defense. I’m moving into a house by myself, and it’s scary.”

As for going au naturel, Vanessa revealed, “Sometimes I feel prettier without makeup. You take it off and you’re like, Oh, there I am! But red lips make me feel sexy . . . It brings out the vixen in you.”

Nashville princess Taylor Swift took the mag’s March 2009 cover.

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  • ilovezanessaxo

    GO V!!

  • ladysdsandiego


    she’s gorgeous.
    i love her pose. its innocent yet still sexy.

  • jade

    i love it!!!!!she looks gorgeous!!!! do they sell it here in the uk?
    awww she went to support her bf….

  • maria

    So naturally beautiful. Sweet and sexy all rolled into one.

  • Alyssa

    She looks gorgeous!!

  • oth ! (L) (:

    love her <33 ;D haha taser in her purse ! nice = D

  • iluvanessa

    yay! vaneessa post in time for my bday!
    luve her soo much!
    and she does look better with out make up.

  • Karen

    She is one true beauty. I’m so glad she found out that less is more when it came to makeup. In the early days when she would appear at award shows with the other HSM cast she just wore more makeup than she needed—actually she needs none at all—and it took away from her looks. I loved how she said last year when she was featured in People as one of the most beautiful women that someone she cared a geat deal about finally made her feel that she was beautiful without any makeup. That was sweet. I got to say how much I love her hair just like this.

  • listen to mayday parade

    I like that taylor refused to wear a bikini on the front.. good for her

  • Jerk


    innocentand sexy

    ilove it

    her body is so Sexy

    ilove you SO much baby V

    You are so gorgeous


    Vanessa you are soo Gorgus!! Love you!x

  • sim


  • Jerk

    #8 How do you knew that she’s refused

    but that was her photoshot .

    thay don’t hve to but the same photoshot in every cover

  • Roxana

    oh she looks gorgeous>>>thank you Jared, you’re the best!!!

  • hannah

    aww, are there any photos/ videos of her in nyc with zac? how do people know she is there?

  • luv ya nessa

    i told u guyz that jashley breakup and no one bilive me but look now >>>>>>>>>>> and vanessa ur soo cool and evrey one say that zanessa gonna breakup soon am not gonna say that not gonna hppen but i hope they are not

  • Aninha baby V


  • danii

    loooooooooooooooooove her ♥

  • ♥Vanessa♥

    She’s sooo gorgeous :)
    She has got a Taser in her purse?! o.O
    I don’t know what it is… but it sounds creepily..

  • maddi

    why does she have a tazar in her purse?
    lol. i can imagine her using that….

    lol shes such a little skinny short girl .. with a tazar??!

    haha i love vanessa (:

  • Vanessa Hudgens fan

    Vanessa Looks beautiful. I think it is sweet tha Vanessa is in Nyc to support Zac.

  • http://jjj miley

    i love the picture! she looks gorgeous! can’t wait to watch zac hosting!

  • eLLa

    @hannah: has pixxs
    she looks so pretty at JFK
    but i haven’t seen pixxs of her w/ zac. although it was reported she was at the studio while they rehearsed.

  • Katty

    Why do I care if Jashley broke up? this is a Vanessa thread. She looks really pretty, I wish I looked like her. I hope she has fun in NY with Zac, and I hope he does well, I’m taping it!

  • Rosa

    GOSH she’s simply STUNNING ..
    maria yup u r right ..
    “So naturally beautiful. Sweet and sexy all rolled into one.”

  • Miss Lautner

    <3 Vanessa
    She So Pretty =]

    Wish I Looked Liked Her !!

    n Good Shes Got Her Self Protected
    A Taser !!!!

  • dani

    she is sooooooooooooooooooo sexyy and hottttttttttt ashley iis ugly

  • awurbii


    i think vanessa’s pretty too, but don’t write comments like that :D. we have to respect ashley fan’s. we don’t need agruments on this post.


    awwww she is soo hooooooooooooooooooooooooot! i love you vanessa!

    and dani.. ashley is actually fine she’s not ugly she’s pretty .. but why are you talking about ashley when this is about vanessa the hottie!?<3<3<3

  • Tini

    omg!! she looks gorgeous!!


    can somebody tell me what a taser is? :o

  • Rosa

    and here r her pix in JFK

    she just can’t stop being so gorgeous !!

  • tizzfan

    thanks for being NICE…. you rock

    and vanessa is gorgeous as always…
    taser is dangerous though…. haha
    i only have pepper spray…

  • Katty


    Where did you read that?

  • Sinaline

    wooooow she looks amaaaaaaaaaaaazing
    looove the piiics and the interview part :)

    so cute that she really went to NYC for zac <333

  • Rich Sugar

    I don’t get why all girls don’t carry pepper spray or tasers. Especially if you’re walking alone late at night from the subway. its just common sense, its a dangerous world.

  • eLLa


    in the comments on teamhudgens under the article of V at JFK
    someone asked if she changed b4 going 2 the 30 Rock studio
    and someone replied saying y was she at 30 rock?
    and the reply was she went to see zac

  • Rosa


    a Taser is a self-defense electronic control device that affects the sensory and motor functions of the nervous system

  • birdie

    She looks lovely. I love that she promotes being healthy, natural,
    and true to yourself. She a strong ,self-suffcient,confident young woman and is a perfect choice for the cover. I’m so excited about
    SNL and I’m so glad Vanessa is there to support Zac, He’s gonna be

  • zanessa/jashley/ashnessa

    Oh thank god for Vanessa. I mean really, who needs make up ? We’re all naturally beautiful. *sigh* She can be so beautiful and sexy at the same time.
    Vanessa is very smart….a taser….that could do good for paparazzi’s.

  • ugh there she goes copying ashley again

  • suzy

    So fierce.

  • marie

    She’s gorgeous :)

  • Rosa

    oh plz for god’s sake ..
    now tell me that ash is the first person ever in this world to wear a bikini on a mag cover ..
    and that every girl that does that after her is just copying her !!

    gee .. some ppl r really weird !!

  • aw

    She looks lovely and that cover pic was perfectly done.

  • zashleyroxzanessasox

    it kinda of funny how Ashley did a cover of a magazine in a bikini and now she doing it. but she do look pretty

  • susan

    she is gorgeous .very focus and talented.

  • Alexis

    If anyone’s wondering..they do sell it in the u.k..

  • ladysdsandiego


    how is that funny?
    ashley is not the first person to do a cover in a bikini. get that through your head.

  • HsM_GiU

    I Love Her!

    Go Vanessaaaaa! :D

>>>>>>> staging1