Miley Cyrus Juices Up

Miley Cyrus Juices Up

While at Robek’s Juice, Miley Cyrus tweets “enjoying the LA sun. getting a smoothie with Brandi and mom [Tish] :)” on Easter Sunday (April 12) in Toluca Lake, Calif.

Minutes before, Miley, 16, said she was “reading the Bible outside the pool.”

Yesterday afternoon, Miley was seen lunched with former boyfriend Nick Jonas at The Village Idiot.

Hannah Montana The Movie debuted at No. 1 at the weekend box office, pulling in $34 million. Wahoo!!!! High five, Miley!

10+ pics inside of Miley Cyrus and mom Tish at Robek’s Juice…

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Credit: GVK; Photos: BauerGriffinOnline
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  • dan


  • dan

    i was 1st by the way
    miley gorgeous as usual

  • Rachel

    shes so gorgeous. i love you miles. youre the best.

  • Madi

    COOL!! 1st

  • Madi

    ok 3rd :P

  • fan1234

    she looks really hot

  • miley is hott

    love her style

  • miley is hott

    miley rox

  • baby shak

    shes so sexxy C=

    no homo

  • billythekid

    Well there is no Justin to be seen, which may add a little fuel to the speculation about whatever may or may not be happening in her life. If Easter had happened a month ago he would have been at church with her, and then at this other place thereafter.

  • truefan


  • Sarah

    beautiful smile !! ^^
    Xo xo
    -from France (Versailles)-

  • sean84

    well shes so beautifull i luv u miley pleez merry me lol

  • sean84

    her mom looks lik my age nd am 30 yrs old lol

  • fan1234

    no justin .. ?

  • Miley & The JoBros ROCK!

    Miley is soooooooo
    cute. So is “Niley” ;)
    Niley is sooooooooooo
    much better than
    Jiley. My two fave stars
    together as a couple
    And if haters have
    a problem…TAKE A HIKE
    and dont come back!
    LOL JK.

  • saudia

    I lovee her outfit! can someone tell me where she got the top from? probably urban outfitters or something … she looks great

  • katie

    @billythekid: i have no idea what’s going on there. i think they’re still together, but i hope their relationship is over soon. justin helped her through a rough time but i honestly think they’d be better off as friends. something is just not right there.

    regardless, she looks happy and beautiful here. happy easter, everyone. :)

  • Miley & The JoBros ROCK!


  • whattttt??

    gorgeouss =)
    and congrats miley! the HM movie was AMAZING.

  • miley cyrus supporter

    miley rocks

  • anna



  • emma

    cant wait for the move yall! :)

  • maggie

    she looks GORGEOUS!!

  • Miley

    HA! Take that reporters!! They were like ” That disney movie is going to come in 2# in the box office. blah blah blah.”
    Now Look! She raised 34 million in the 1# weekend!
    Now what!!

  • Farrah

    Very pretty girl. I love that color on her. And she looks so genuinely happy–her eyes light up when she smiles, it’s adorable.

    Happy Easter!

  • tara

    i hate miley, but i saw her movie today and it was cute :D hahaha
    the best part was when Tyalor Swift sang :D
    i also liek Hodown throwdown :D :D :D



    ~Nick jonas commited a crime…..he stole my heart~


  • jjlova

    She looks so cheery. She’s adorable.

  • zac and vanessa lover!!!!!

    only 34???? omg!! i thought it was gonna make so much more!

    hsm3 made 42. only in the us and 40 international.

  • tori

    i hope she’s talking to nick!!!

  • Victoria

    she is a very pretty girl, and i love her!
    and congrats miles on your movie’s success <3

  • lili

    aww she looks so pretty <3 and look at that smile! her tweets have been kinda cryptic lately, wonder if something happened…? but still she is gorgeous and i’m glad her easter is going well. :)

  • ivanka


    yeah i think the same.. well hsm pulls more than HM i think..

  • billythekid


    You are correct, her mom is very attractive. Ahh, I thought I was the oldest person here at 24, but I guess I was wrong :). At any rate, we are surrounded by a sea of tweenies.

    To Miley (#25)

    Actually the prognosticators had predicted it would fall in 3rd place behind Fast and Furious and Monsters and Aliens, with the outside chance of Observe and Report giving it a run too. They had me feeling the doom and gloom. Of course they were wrong, and they could even be wrong again on the final tally, and I will say why. Friday brought in 17.4 million and based upon that they started to think of 40 plus for the weekend, only to have Saturday come in at around 10 million or so. So they then figured Sunday would be even less and added in another 7 million to come up with the 34 million figure. Their predictions were wrong once and could be wrong again.

    To Zac and vanessa lover (#29)

    Yeah, HSM3 brought in 42 million on it’s opening weekend, and ended up bringing in 90 million domestically, but it took in around 140 million overseas. Hannah is shown in around 60 countries worldwide, but will only open in about 34 of them. I always thought it would do well overseas, and still think so. Japan has some opening date of spring 2010? Why bother.

  • colly(:

    heyyy question i thought miley&perez hiltion didnt get along?
    cause she twittered him sayin happy easter i know she is doing the right
    thing but i was just wondering

    oh btw you guys are much more relax then oceanup people
    they always fight&flip out ova ever lil thing

    haha dont want any drama just giving my opinion(:

  • ariana

    she looks so pretty!

    Her and Nick would be SOOO cute if they got together again, people would be freakinnn!

    i hope they do :D

  • me

    yeah but hsm made 42million in one week
    hannah montana made 34 million in 2 days so the week is not over yet

  • Snowbell13

    It says ‘former boyfriend’
    Is Miley & Nick dating again?!?
    If so,Nick needs to get a brain and come find me cause I would take care of him! LOL! :)

  • Kate

    miley you rock!!
    I saw her tweet this afternoon, and I was like ‘wow, it’s awesome like to know what she’s doing at this moment’
    It’s like, they’re normal people! you know?

    I love you miley!

  • Salpi

    Miley looks very nice in these pictures. I just saw Hannah Montana: The Movie. It was such a good movie with pretty funny and emotional parts as well. I really liked he movie.

    Here is a link to my pictures of Hannah Montana: The movie premiere, Kids Choice 2009, and tons more:


  • Shirley

    Good news, this is what the reviews said:-

    The film has received mixed to average reviews from critics. Based on 65 reviews collected by Rotten Tomatoes, the film has an overall approval rating from critics of 46% with an average score of 5.3/10. By comparison, Metacritic, which assigns a normalized rating out of 100 top reviews from mainstream critics, the film has received an average score of 48, based on 23 reviews.

    On its opening weekend, the film opening #1 grossing $34 million.
    Yay or nay?

  • jessica

    she’s gorgeous

  • Nick from Kansas City

    dont really know much about miley cyrus but she seems real down to earth. im a year older than her, but i saw her thing on E channel. I know this wont mean anything to her but just keep livin the dream miley.

  • Nick from Kansas City

    yo im a year older than you. but it sounds like you living the dream miley. Hope someday you will be in Kansas City again.

  • #29 and 33

    No, HM did more than HSM, because the 34$ was what they had raisen by sunday morning. I read this so I’m not sure it’s true…
    Sorry for bad english

  • Rqel

    alguien sabe cuando se estrena hannah montana the movie en españaaaa?????????????????????????????’

    We love u Miley!

  • Elsa

    where is justin ? X:
    lov’ya miley! ***

  • billythekid


    Ah, people fight and flip out here too; just not happening – yet – on this particular page. Anyhow, I have never heard Miley quoting as saying anything disrespectful of that Perez guy, but every time he opens his potty mouth with regards to Miley, he always starts with sl*tty Cyrus. In my eyes, he is nothing more than a sleaze ball. Maybe she was tweaking him and trying to get him to react negatively to christian sentiment? He wouldn’t come out looking too well there.

    To Shirley (#41)

    True, according to Rotten Tomatoes the film receives only a fair rating based upon however many reviews it takes into account. However, there is another survey of moviegoers that gave the film a solid A and, in the final analysis, that’s all that really matters, since they are the ones coughing up the dough. There is a whole graveyard of films that have been critically acclaimed, though bombed at the box office.

  • jimmy
  • lli

    I’m living in Germany and Miley is wearing my boots
    my favorite boots !!!
    I’m freaking out xDDD
    I LOVE this boots ^^