Zac Efron Hosts Saturday Night Live

Zac Efron Hosts Saturday Night Live

Zac Efron channels Hollywood legend Humphrey Bogart in this capture from last night’s (April 11) Saturday Night Live.

The 21-year-old actor had fun on the sketch comedy show last night, showing off his comedic side. Zac even poked a little bit of fun at his High School Musical roots, claiming the outside world has no choreography! GASP!

For Zac‘s opening monologue, check out

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Zac Efron – “Saturday Night Live” – “Isn’t She Lovely” – 04/11

Zac Efron – “Saturday Night Live” – Science Fair – 04/11

Zac Efron – “Saturday Night Live” – Young Bar – 04/11

Zac Efron – “Saturday Night Live” – Celebrity Blogger – 04/11

Zac Efron – “Saturday Night Live” – Zero Choreography – 04/11

Zac Efron – “Saturday Night Live” – Army Bound – 04/11

Zac Efron – “Saturday Night Live” – I Am Your Mother! – 04/11

Zac Efron – “Saturday Night Live” – Foot Massage – 04/11
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  • luverofjoejonas



    gosshhhh sooooo sweeet!<3<3<3

  • georgia

    “do we make you horny?”
    yes ;) LOOL x

  • suzy

    he done well.

  • ♥Zanessafan4lyfe♥

    haha he’s hilarious :D
    GO ZAC ♥

  • Stephanie

    i watched it i liked the opening part it was really funny i think it was the best one

  • sabina

    Omg! zac was sos cute! i loved when he made fun of high school musical. it was really funny. :D

  • Amy

    LOL!!!! That was really funny!!!

  • noy efron

    zac you are lovely.
    so funny.

  • Lucy

    Lol i watched that it was hilarious
    I love the train one and the comercial one lol

  • luv ya nessa

    am so lazy to watch it but if it was there is anything about vanessa am gonna watch it but i think there is no thing about her righ ? where is vanessa ??

  • lydua

    part 6 is SOO funny!!! ‘but u still have basketball right trooy?!?’ hahaha

  • lilly

    I thought that Zac was wonderful as the host. All of the sketches weren’t that funny, but Zac was good in everything that he did. He showed how versatile he is, that’s for sure. The funniest was the foot rub sketch. Who wouldn’t want to suck on Zac’s……..uh…. foot? LOL

  • maichi


  • rachel

    Part 8 “pizza rolls” one is my fave!

  • Shirley

    Im gonna watch after this! He is so hot! haha, the suit matches the LoveBug suit! :)) He should’ve been in it.xP

  • elenee

    I love you Zac :DDDD

  • Yum yum

    did anyone notice how much he looked like Jude Law as ‘Alfie’ ? lol

    so yummy.

  • rissa

    he was amazingly funny. i couldn’t stop laughing. i really liked the mom sketch and the one where he sang with kathy lee. hahaha!

  • i

    OMG OMG !!!!
    hes soooooo cute !!!!
    i love him !!

    it was really funny :D

  • meeee

    can any1 tell me what the “octo party??” is?
    it was in the beginning monologue….
    with the fans
    and one of them goes, do u know when the octo party is?
    and he goes., yes, yes i do?
    and then the fan says, is it for ur girlfriend?
    and he said, lets just say its a girl.

    can any1 tell me what they’re talking about?

  • sam

    OMG he was so hot …especially when he was singing in the first skit!!! My favorite was the last one with the foot massage. His face was so funny when he tried to eat his foot!!! LOVE U ZAC

  • zanessa4everr

    he was AMAZING in SNL last night! he did an unbelievable job!

  • lauraaaaa

    definitely the gilly science fair one.
    is was hilarious & german accent was so cute (:

  • sweetnessa

    i love ‘I am your mother’ is so funny
    zac was great in SNL
    i love zac !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://jjj miley

    zac did an amazing job! i liked every single part but my fav one is the one with the mother! LOL!!!!! love’ya zac!

  • http://justjaredjr Jordan

    I think..yep..I wet my self lmao!!!
    I love him

  • sjk

    Zac did GREAT!! I liked the science fair and the hsm spoof best. He really showed great acting chops!! Hope 17 Again opening breaks records this weekend. :)

  • http://justjared shamilah

    Zac lol he’s amazing!!!
    love u zac efron :P he’s sooo funny

  • maichi

    My favorite one is the foot message sketch. (:

  • http://justjared shamilah

    BTW 17- Again was sooo guuurd he did well i watched it on friday
    u should soo watch the movie. he’s soo funny init, & he cries towards the end aww :( lol so cute

  • lilly

    @luv ya nessa:
    This isn’t about Vanessa. It’s about Zac. They are not connected. They are individual people. They don’t have to do everything together. Geez.

  • christine x3

    last one definitely lol

  • zanessa/jashley/ashnessa

    Aha, Zachary did one heck of a show last night, my favorite is parts 2, 6, 7 and 8, they were all so funny, I could NOT stop laughing. He did such a fabulous job. He made me love him even more !! ..If that’s possible. Love you Zachary !! ♥

  • Katty

    I like the one where that girl is chasing the train and he is going to war, that was really funny.. he he.. the yeah yeah yeahs freaked me out tho. I’ve never heard of them, and now I know why.

  • http://justjaredjr zanessa #1 fan

    i laugh the whole time

  • tristan

    wow, he’s a really great actor/comedian!
    all the clips are so funny :]

  • tara

    to answer the question from “meeee” about the “octo” party. he actually said “after” party. There is always an after party for the cast of snl and the host and musical guests.

    PS Zac was awesome and looks hot with blonde hair

  • no name

    i didn’t have a favorite, i LOVED ALL OF THEM!

  • Soni Hannigan

    I think Zac did a good job, I felt sorry for him in some of the skits, but I don’t think he looks good as a blonde. But the humphry Bogart one is my favorite. So handsome

  • Nuria.

    I love you Efron :)

  • trip

    my favourite sketch was definitely “I AM YOUR MOTHER!”

  • nikki

    HAHAHAH i keep watching these on my tv! HE WAS SSOOO FUNNY!!! and SSOOO HOTT!! really like him in short blonde hair and long blonde hair he is ssooo hottt<3<3!!!

  • pop86

    I thought Zac was great. He was up for anything and was good trooper. I like the Pizza Roll skit.

  • Mikayla

    The Gilly skit was definitely the best. Nothing can beat Gilly.
    The weekend update with the blogger person was really funny too, I loved the ‘More like Zac what the eff is wrong.’ That was genius.

  • zefronlover!

    HAHA! i loved him on SNL late night, I think he should become a regular like JT!;) He’s sooo cute and this just shows he can really act, sing, and poke fun at himself! Great face and sense of humor!:D L0L I thought it was hilarious when him and “Kathy Lee” said, “Do we make you horny?” I was like woah! lol it’s funny to hear him say that word only cause Im use to his Troy roll! But I have gotten use to the fact he’s not a 17yr old high schooler haha he hotter now and doning more risky and adult-like things!

    he’s gone from cute-super hott in HSM to yummy and sexy!! woot woot!

  • mrsefron.


    i lovedd the bar scence.
    the pizza roll commerical.
    the foot massage
    & when he was a german exchange student. [ SAWORRY. ] LMAO.

    and the today show.

    i guess i loved them all.

    Zac is really funny & an amazing actor, i think this has opened a lot more doors for him! Go Zac!! <3

  • michelle efron

    zac efron was so sexy!
    i loved how he sang and how he acted
    and everything!
    his german accent was adorable!!!!
    i was like screaming
    and i loved the still shots in between the show
    that was hot!
    “do we make you horny?”
    oh yes zac, YOU DO!
    i love zac efron x123456789one billiontrilliongagillion:)
    yeah i love him a lot!
    hes halarious!
    i loved the foot rub!
    oh and i loved angie: celebrity blogger!!!
    that was freaking funny!
    his hair is gorgeous
    his eyes are gorgeous
    HE is gorgeous!
    -from his biggest fann<333333333333333;

  • ZanessaLuvr

    Yes, i did watch SNL & my fave skits were the ones Zac was on cuz he was effin SEXY!

  • Lucy

    Omg Zac was amazing!!! The HSM scene was so funny!!! x

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