Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens: SNL After-Party!

Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens: SNL After-Party!

Following his hosting duties at Saturday Night Live, Zac Efron holds hands with girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens and attends the show’s after-party at New York City’s Heartland Brewery on Saturday (April 11).

If you haven’t checked out all of the comedy sketches featuring check, CLICK HERE!

Can you really believe another human being ate Zac‘s feet?!

10+ pictures inside of Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens at the SNL after-party…

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zac efron vanessa hudgens snl after party 01
zac efron vanessa hudgens snl after party 02
zac efron vanessa hudgens snl after party 03
zac efron vanessa hudgens snl after party 04
zac efron vanessa hudgens snl after party 05
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Credit: Jackson Lee; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • Melody


  • listen to mayday parade

    He is SO hot

  • casey

    there soo adorable!!
    best couple ever ( ^ ^, )
    going strong!!! GO ZANESSA!!!!
    LOVE YOU BOTH! mwaahhh!!!

  • aish

    Zanessa rocks Always!!!!!!
    love them

  • hititquitit

    awsome hehe
    i loved him last night
    but i was embarrassed for him idky
    but i loved the today show one i thought he was freddy prince jr
    in scooby doo lol

  • luv ya nessa

    i didnt see the party ? why ?

  • aish


  • hititquitit

    i love vanessa’s jacket btw

  • maichi

    SO CUTE!
    Zac looks hot, of course.
    Vanessa is gorgeous as usual. (:

  • lozzie

    V has a really weird face in all these pics…weird…zac looks hot as usual

  • suzy

    they look good. Zac done well last night.

  • maichi

    Ugh, I love them. <3

  • maichi

    @luv ya nessa:
    I didn’t see it either. D:
    Maybe Jared will post it later?

  • Mandy

    so freaking adorablee
    have been waiting forever for these!!!
    thanks so much jared
    your the best zanessa shipper <33

  • MaryAnne

    she should wear some make up, she does not look good

  • ladysdsandiego

    she looks beautiful
    zac did an amazing job last night.

  • Athenais

    so cute ….

    they are so amazing and holding hands …

  • sjk

    I LOVE her shoes!!!! She must be so proud of him. And how cool for the two of them to share in each others successes! Wonder if they will walk the red carpet together on Tuesday? It is his movie, so it makes sense if she stays in the background. Even married couples do that on the red carpet. Hmmmmmmm…..

  • amy

    they both look AMAZINGG
    zacs really looking hot these dayyss

    and nt to forget bt
    ZAC did absolutely AMAZING at SNL
    so funny

  • http://jjj miley

    vanessa is beautiful and zac is really gorgeous as always! love zanessa and the show! zac was amazing!

  • aw

    Aww so cute. He did a wonderful job and I’m sure she was glad to be there to support him. And man she is really into that jacket.

  • Rosa

    V is GORGEOUS ..

  • daniyah

    OMG i love Zanessa they’ve been dating since they were like 17! i mean LOVE AT 1ST SITE! thats so sweet and TRUE love not like just how people in hollywood flip-flop and break up they actually love eachother. omg they soo cute and perfect!!

  • oth ! (L) (:

    love them :D hahaha the feet thing was the best,, i laughed my ass off ! haha and “i am your moootheeer !” haha !

  • christine x3

    zanessa <3

  • zanessa/jashley/ashnessa

    Oh how cute !! Zachary did an amazing job last night. I couldn’t stop laughing at all the sketches that he did. So proud of him !! I bet Vanessa is too.

    “For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Zac Efron”
    “For those of you who DO know me, thanks for staying up so late just to see me.”

    Ehe, I loved that.

  • trinidad!

    there soo adorable!!
    best couple ever ( ^ ^, )
    going strong!!! GO ZANESSA!!!!
    LOVE YOU BOTH! mwaahhh!!!!!!!

    yeahhh thas true!!

  • luvzanessa

    wow, so great!!!Thanks JR!I love Vanessa & also Zanessa!!!

  • ally

    i cant help but smile every time i see zac and vanessa together.
    they are cuter then cute.
    no words can explain how much i love this couple

  • abby w

    zanessa forever:)))))

  • tee

    I guess these pictures should show that he took his gf to the after party and end all speculation. He did a good job hosting SNL, they both look happy.

  • Kar

    Awwwww love them!!! CUTE she came to NYC to support him.

  • luvzanessa

    Wow!So good!Thax JJ!I love Zanessa so much!Wish have much more photos about them from JJ!^^

  • Katty

    Aw, they are so cute. I hope they had fun, Zac did an awesome job!

  • http://roadrunner Malee

    so cute!
    zac was sooooo funny on SNL I was laughing so hard!

  • lalo

    Damn, they must really love eachother.

  • Faith

    hiya peeps, do join my community for more worthwhile hudgens and other pop news! :D

    your comments and contributions there would be awesome!

  • Kaylie

    Theyre both beautiful people :D

  • Jerk

    vanessa looks so Hoooooooot

  • fkea

    zac looks hot and i love zanessa and Vanessa and zac but in these pitchure she seems a little of idk who knows

  • http://justjaredjr alc

    i really like this couple, they are so adorable together, really in love.

  • Soni Hannigan

    I think that Zac and Vanessa look fantastic. I love these two. And it is so good to see them out and about together. Zac did a wonderful job on SNL.

  • Sinaline

    i looooove them..
    this boy looks sooooooooo good <3
    she looks cute that night buut i looove what shes wearing..

    zanessa love <3333

  • Shirley

    oh cool i guess.

  • meeee

    i luv these 2.
    both are hot and AHMAZING.

  • nikki

    there ssoooo cutttee!! I LOVE ZANESSSA!!! and zac was great at SNL!!!!!

  • kate

    loved it zac was great it is nice to see zanessa support each other through their successes.
    i was mad when national ledger said they were on the brik of breakup and zac wanted to be on his own and to have fun. its great to see that was a load of rubbish. they look fantastic together and so much in love

  • zanessahsmxoxo

    ahhhhhhhhhhhh! love them sooo muchh!! haha,nessa was there XD
    zanessa is love foreverrrr

  • Tiptoes

    they look good together.. did you not believe Zac when he meant he going out with a girl (he was kidding of course) – who else could it be – but his GF, Vanessa.

    good job Zac !

  • pop86

    They looks so cute. He did a great job. Very proud of him.

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